Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Nothing To See Here


James M Dakin said...

Coming soon here, Deplorables put on boxcars to "go to quarantine". First stop, a Polish forest.

Ominous Cowherd said...

The commies would be fools not to take advantage of this to cover up some mass murders. They're evil, but they aren't fools.

Bezzle said...

"Move along, Citizen. You wouldn't want to 'catch' anything."

Peter B said...

This way to the disinfection showers.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese Communist Government is already going door to door in Wuhan, and hauling Chinese people off to quarantine if they are running a fever. How hard would it be for another faceless crew, identities hidden by their biological safety gear, to go out and pick up dissidents on a list? They just won't make it to the same hospital the plague victims use.

Thankfully Hong Kong is not that bad yet. Hopefully it will not get that bad in Hong Kong.

I wonder if they thought of releasing it in their Uighar Reeducation Camps too? The problem is it would also blow back and infect the Camp Guards and the Administration too. Loyal amoral psychopaths like those guards are hard to find.

Aesop said...

"Loyal amoral psychopaths like those guards are hard to find. ."

The Stanford Prison Experiment suggests exactly the opposite is true.

Anonymous said...

Aesop it's been said 10% of humans are evil, 10% are good and 80% can be persuaded.

Sadly the evil ones seem to gravitate to politics and public service where they have POWER over other folks.

No offence to the good police officers, I know personally a few but even they will tell you of bad cops who are more than willing to "Kick *ss" for the sheer fun of it. After all WHEN was the last time a Police Officer's "I was a feared for my LIFE" defense FAILED in Court? Resisting arrest AFTER being Beaten unconscious also has a Free Ticket in Court.

You know what happens to "Good Police" that "Rats" on a "Brother in Blue"?

Same thing that happens to a MS-13 Gang Member that "Rats" on a brother. But maybe the Police will not rape and kill their families also so a Moral HIGH Ground point here. >sarc<

Our Republic is in trouble. Trusted friends are a critical need along with water, shelter and food.

Get busy preparing for real troubles, not just political disagreements.

Anonymous said...

"Loyal amoral psychopaths like those guards are hard to find."

Unless you examine the ranks of law enforcement agencies.