Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Lather, Rinse, Repeat. The *REAL* Groundhog Day.

The economy is booming.*
Unemployment hits record lows.
The stock market hits record highs.
Trump continues to stomp his would-be enemies like turtles at an elephant invasion.
The Democrats make chaos look organized by comparison.
Nancy Pelosi is a senile, bitter old bitch one step from an Alzheimer's home and drooling her oatmeal into her lap until she strokes out.
The communist would-be overlords still want your guns confiscated, and you broke, then imprisoned in a gulag, for your own good, until they starve you to death.
None of the Usual Suspects have been rounded up, let alone strung up.
And the EneMedia at ABCNNBCBS continues to lie about it all, as fewer and fewer even pay them the barest attention.

This is every day, over, and over, and over.
Now I just saved you from watching the news for the next week.

Spend your time doing things more worthwhile.
Like making a comprehensive and thoughtful assessment of your actual local situation.
Like forging local friendships with like-minded, hard-headed folks.
And collecting canned goods. Including the ones that come in OD cans.

Because these are the Good Old Days.

*(Using worthless fiatbux, which works...until it doesn't.)


Charles in VA said...

One exception to that. In just over one hour the Senate is going to vote to acquit POTUS Trump... completely nullifying the Impeachment from the House of Representatives.

IMHO, THAT is worth tuning in to...far more than the SOTU speech. I'll be recording that for playback for the next 20 years. It's going to be glorious AND hilarious!

MTHead said...

It would have been a nice touch if he would have used Soleimani's hand to shake Pelosi's. Put her there bitch!

RHT447 said...

Fiatbucks indeed. When I hear someone complain about this or that being more expensive, I tell them that it is not. It has the same value it has always had. It's just that your money is worth less than it was, and will be, right up to the point when those two words become one.

Charles in VA said...

Article one of Impeachment... NOT GUILTY.


Charles in VA said...

Article two of Impeachment...NOT GUILTY!



To recap,

President Trump was just acquitted of ALL CHARGES!

All you Commies can suck it for five more years!

George True said...

The only fly in the ointment is that Mittens Romney sided with his true compatriots the Dems. His true colors (totalitarian) and his true feelings (hatred of Trump) are on full display for all to see. I fervently hope his constituents in Utah show this carpetbagger the door at their first opportunity.

June J said...

The Demoncrats will never stop trying to rid themselves of the road bump that is Donald Trump. The real test is when there is no road bump in their path to destroy those of us whom they call "deplorables."

Anonymous said...

Taking a new female shooter to the range on Friday

OvergrownHobbit said...

Everything you say is true, and we're working on most of it (I just got a surgery I'd been postponing because the cost and recovery would be hell, but... Better now, right?)

The one part that baffles me is this one:

Like forging local friendships with like-minded, hard-headed folks.

We're on good terms with our nearest neighbors.(As in keys to our houses, care for each others livestock, meals when ill, etc.) Farther out, some church and community friends, ditto.

But how do you "forge those like-minded" SHTF-survival-friendships?

I'm not being snarky. How did you do it? I promise to take notes and study for the exam.

Aesop said...

Slowly, over time.

Friends in little emergencies should be using them as dress rehearsals for bigger ones.

Crew said...

When I looked up OD Cans one of the entries that came up was:

"Can you OD on CBD oil?"

Aesop said...

Charles in VA said...

re: the OD cans. I'm thinking that after the initial 1st wave of SHTF, if you're lucky and skilled enough to survive, there will be plenty of guns and ammo laying around on the ground. I'm sure not going to leave it laying there for someone else to come along and try to use it against me.

Food, water and shelter are going to be much more rare commodities I think. If I had to choose...and I do...I'm spending on long term food supplies and water filtration systems. Meds as well.

Anonymous said...

How do you forge friendships with like minded people? First weed out the not suitable ones. Druggies, folks who lose their self control often, serious alcoholics are also pretty hard to build trusting relationships.

ADVOID folks that want to START Something. That is typical Fed behavior as they are often on a time frame to "produce" actionable results. Someone wanting to do something clearly illegal is also a ADVOID. Randy was shot over a "sawed off shotgun"...

Then ask yourself what do we share in common? What do they say or (even MOAR Important than words) DO that concerns me. For example I have NO Use for extremists. Neo Nazis are just as big threat to me as Antifa.

Then bring them over for a BBQ. Give them free access to "Truth Serum" AKA booze. See how they act. Self control is a GOOD thing. Watch to see how they treat others. They *May* show their "Good" side to you but act the *ss to that other person. See if they offer a BBQ to you and yours.

The HELP them with a project, like maybe yard work. See if they reciprocate WITH OUT you bugging them about it. Good people THINK about other people. TAKERS only take your time and stuff.

Then maybe if they seem to be good decent folks you can start bringing them into your working group.

Don't worry if you have a "Small Group" a rope of three cords is difficult to break Ecc 4:12 is worth reading. A lot of truth there. I'd rather have three or four I can trust than a room full of arrogant people AND Feds pretending to be Patriots or such.

BTW almost Nobody needs to know Everything you do or have. Snoops are NOT good people.

OvergrownHobbit said...

Thank you Anon. I'll get working on that.