Sunday, February 23, 2020

Top. Men.

If some of them seem familiar, you may have met them when they were the
2104 Ebola Response Planning Group. Why break up a winning team??

So, originally, the quarantine camps (and, presumably treatment centers) for those exposed to or positive for coronavirus were supposed to be Travis AFB in NorCal, and March ARB is So Cal.

Which, being both long-time military bases, and former SAC bases, have built in safety, security, and seclusion, plus obviously being airbases, making transport in and out stupid simple, and with the post Cold War drawdown, both bases having ample unused space to erect an ad hoc quarantine camp within the confines.

And then, 50-IQ (I'm being sporting) federal officials with CDC et al got some wild hare soopergenius idea to suddenly move 50 people known to be infected with full-blown coronavirus infection to the former Fairview Developmental Center in Costa Mesa, once a giant campus for short-bus kids, and abandoned for years recently. (Because who wouldn't want to dump a bunch of people suffering this year's probable global pandemic right in the center of Orange County a few miles from Disneyland, instead of on a dingy old military base with SAC-level fences and perimeter security, amirite?)

And then the city of Costa Mesa, in which it is located, got wind of the scheme, and they asked a few teensy questions.

Questions like:
1) The facility has been abandoned and idle for years, nigh onto a decade. The toilets don't flush, the water doesn't run, there's no power, and nothing's been in service for years. So how, exactly, do you propose to get water, power, sewage and waste disposal service, and a few million other things there up and running, in 24 hours or less? Were you going to magically pull all that out of your ass, Uncle Sugar,...or what?

2) What's your containment plan for this? The facility, in the middle of residential neighborhoods, is contiguous to high-density apartments and a public golf course, with two schools nearby. Just wondering?

3) So, if something - anything - happens there once you bring in the infected patients, and someone dials 9-1-1, how, exactly, did you contemplate we're going to respond to the scene of a known international pandemic biohazard site? And where would we take new victims, as opposed to just leaving them right there?

4) What local hospital(s) will be co-operating with and assisting with care there?

5) How were you planning on dealing with the metric f**ktons of biohazard waste?

6) How many people did you imagine you could put there, and for how long?

7) What's your master plan for decon when and if the site is closed down?

And a few hundred other basic and pertinent questions, to which, apparently, the answer from the Black Gaping Maw of Fedholia was, "Fuck all if we know!"

And then sanity made an appearance, and a federal judge stepped in at the request of the city in question, issuing an immediate restraining order on executing any such jackassical "plan", until such time as the feds have the slightest wild clue about WTH they're doing, and how they'll accomplish it, and can explain it all in open court in blistering detail.

The question I want answered is What effing jet-fuel genius thought they could just whistle up a derelict abandoned state facility, and turn it into a biohazard refugee camp and instant hospital, on an effing whim?!?!?
And WTH would anyone suddenly decide that two underutilized former SAC bases were "unsuitable" for people known to be infected with Kung Flu???
This smacks of bureaucratic retards finger-banging the pie because they could, and dollars to donuts, from 3000 miles away, in a windowless bastion of stupidity impenetrable to common sense.
Even using Alcatraz Federal Prison makes more bare sense than this, and it's been derelict for nearly as long, but if anyone is serious, the correct answer is either an under-used military base, exactly as originally planned, or a scratch-built purposefully-designed biohazard facility out in the desert, miles from anyone else, surrounded by layers of concertina containment and a moat.

No one's copping to burping out this asinine plan to dump them into vacant acreage amidst millions of people literally just yards away, which leads one to believe someone in Washington District of Criminals is spilling industrial quantities of blood out of the fresh cleat holes in his own junk right about now.

The inescapable answer is that one of the former residents of Camp Retard grew up, got a job with FEMA or the CDC, and thought moving 50-2000 infected patients into his old Camp Snoopy home would work like a charm. Because FedGov.

Apparently thinking about things like personnel, operations, logistics, and medical basics, not to mention site security, was never thought of. Not once. Not even as an afterthought.

And just to be scrupulously fair, there is probably no place whatsoever in Los Angeles or Orange Counties - none at all - where anyone with more than two functional brain cells (which automagically de-selects 99.98% of government workers out of the decision tree) could or should contemplate placing people with coronavirus, for any articulable reason on God's green earth, that would withstand five seconds' intelligent scrutiny. Unless you were a military biowar planner trying to optimize the spread of the virus in about 0.2 seconds.

Sleep tight, America.
Once again, we've put our biggest dumbasses and @$$clowns right in the lead on this outbreak.
What could possibly go wrong?

And when you start getting all black helicopter about how this started in China, try to remember that their government officials are even less sophisticated and intelligent than ours.


Dear FedGov: Word to your mother:
It's bad enough that you clearly are using baboons throwing darts to come up with your emergency plans, in about 99.99832% of documented actual events.
But it's probably far worse to find out, publicly like this, that both the baboons, and their keepers, are being fed a steady diet of crack cocaine, LSD, and Thunderbird.

Fed Response: The Empire Strikes Back


Roger said...

Okay, its coming. The idiots in Washington and the cretins in China have all failed.
Okay okay. That leaves each of us on our own. N95 & N99 masks are in short supply. Home made from rags etc don't work.
What about folks like me that have a handful of N95 & 99 masks on hand. Not barely enough for regular daily use. What about using an oven @ 160 ( + / - )degrees to 'sanitize' the masks after use?
What say you kind sir?

Aesop said...

It would probably degrade or inactivate the mask, or parts of it, and you'd be re-using a mask that was now ineffective, without any idea that was so.

This is like using a mosquito net with a hole in it.
You're the bait in that design.

This is why a country with all the N95 masks that are made has sealed people in their homes under force of law, until further notice. Nearly half a billion of them, at last report.

red 3215 said...

There's an old saying that "Amateurs study Tactics, Professionals study Logistics".
I guess the DHS Clown Crew is an All Amateur Hour.

James M Dakin said...

I've heard the number of foreign national Chinese in American universities is 360k. How many went home on their holiday? And then came back before the WHO and CDC stopped pimping for Wall Street? Now add in the New Jersey cruise ship that threw out its passengers into the population corridor without regard for the infected. Add in all military bases in all likelihood being only half-way houses. Not to mention the inadequate temperature readings at the airports. It is almost like the US is salting the infected in every location in the US, for maximum effect. I don't wear a tinfoil hate-the stupid is so high there is no diabolical plan. Even if this is primarily Asian male targeted, the flu nationwide even with low casualties should cause mass panic ( to go along with the economy in free fall ). Got wheat?

Ray - SoCal said...

From a quick read, it sounds like our beloved state government was in the middle of this Snafu. And somebody in Ca stare government was unhappy the local emergency types would tell the city of the planned move. And the state has said the same place was unacceptable for use as a homeless shelter.

My wife’s cousin lives a few blocks from there, wow.

Anonymous said...

These are also the same people that will be managing the world's climate because, you know, it's changing or something.

And some will be in the know for the racket that it is but there will be a shit tonne of the types you're describing here who genuinely believe the climate needs to be managed and they're the ones to do it.

I know this because I have a couple in my family. But a secure job, benefits and a pension, what the hell? That's all it is to them.

FredLewers said...

Never attribute to conspiracy what can be quite possibly industrial grade stupidity...
One of the Camp Retard graduates probably rose through the affirmative action ranks and saw it as an opportunity to score lots of givermint gravy train jobs for the home tribe... And if it was an enterprising drone with two brain cells bumping each other, he/she/it might be thinking "I can pull this off and use it to jump start my political campaign. I'm fixing to retire and I need to double dip my pension"...
No public sector drone ever contemplated how to maximize his government employment for personal gain...
With the government in charge, we are well and truly fucked... Pray for a strong immune system. It's your best bet.

Monsoon Matriarch said...

Between the Calicommies and the Fed Deep-staters, why is this decision surprising? What better way to scatter the conservative population of the OC than this? Totally logical, if not totally evil.

Frisco Scooter Trash said...

CDC didn’t want 14 coronavirus patients flown to US—it was overruled

They're just getting warmed up. Our top men are on it. Top. Men.

Peter B said...

Sharing is caring.

Anonymous said...

Aesop, serious question, what if you sprayed your used n95 mask with Lysol then let it dry before re-using it?

Anonymous said...

I'm appalled at the response by governments world wide.

Apparently the Japanese nurses that worked on the Plagueship all have the symptoms of kungflu. But the officials told them "you wore PPE and are highly trained. Therefore there is no way you could have been infected so we're not going to test you for kungflu because you couldn't have caught it"

My favourite though is the insistence on 14 day quarantines because that's what someone (who?) said at the start of all this. Well, we have more information now and it's at the very least 20 days if not more.

Anonymous said...

"Apparently thinking about things like personnel, operations, logistics, ... not to mention site security, was never thought of."

This pretty much sums up any organization of any decent size. Heck, for the logistics part alone most people have no clue about logistics and I suspect that explains why so many people run late and/or don't have what they need when they get to where they are going. Combine this with what most civilian organizations call leadership and why things get AFU becomes readily understandable.

As the old saying goes, shit floats. Explains what gets to top of organizations.

Jim Horn said...

An old observation from a friend: a committee is the only known form of life with six or more legs and no brain.

Bezzle said...

Pournelle's Iron Law of Bureaucracy:

" any bureaucratic organization there will be two kinds of people: those who work to further the actual goals of the organization, and those who work for the organization itself. Examples in education would be teachers who work and sacrifice to teach children, vs. union representatives who work to protect any teacher including the most incompetent. The Iron Law states that in all cases, the second type of person will always gain control of the organization, and will always write the rules under which the organization functions...."

Anonymous said...

Related topic

Coronavirus is also transmitted by fecal matter. It also can infect gastrointestinal cells that have receptors similar to lung cells.

More reasons for hand washing. Keep your bathrooms clean. Floors, fixtures, walls.
What happens when COVID-2019 gets in amongst the Homeless Crowd in San Francisco and the other blue state hell holes?
Let's hope it doesn't. Every week it is delayed will help get us to Summer which will hopefully slow the spread too.

Anonymous said...

This plan was well thought out and nearly achieved. It all makes sense if you remember one thing.

It's all Trump's fault. There, I said it. They will import as many illiterate red menace wannabes as it takes to get elected. They will abuse any intelligence service, rule of law, and judicial edifice to get elected. These people will wipe out as many Americans as it takes to get elected.

The Democratic party, its friends and family appointments and even it's stationary has to go.

Then and only then will it be safe to work on dispatching the Republicans and whatever refuse remains.

This country needs an enema.

millerized said...

Sounds like one hell of a weight loss diet.
Forget South Beach...we've got South Central!

Charles in VA said...

Yeah. I'm not buying that this is due to "stupidity". Not any of it.

It was cooked up in a lab intentionally.

It was probably released intentionally (the anecdotal evidence now points to it see point 3)

It now appears that the US is working as hard as it can to spread this thing.

UN Agenda 21 and 2030 are in effect. One world Government will be the outcome, and it will happen much faster than anyone would have imagined possible when it comes. People will be begging for it.

Bee Ess said...

Re: Lysol
From what i've read, you MUST have an antiviral (virucide) solution, and standard Lysol does not. products like Whizzer and Mar-V-Cide do. Check the label, if it kills SARS and / or MERS, it will be effective on Covid19.

My newly emerging big fear about the spread of this virus is the upcoming collegiate spring break season. Tens of thousands of immunosuppressed (see "alcoholic") individuals travelling all over the country to pack together, swap fluids, and return to their schools sounds like a wonderful experiment. Whats the R0 factor of Covid19 again? Oh, nobody knows yet? Brilliant!

nick flandrey said...

Probably not useful, but I've got a few minutes before going out to meet someone and sell some stuff so I can buy more preps.....

"And WTH would anyone suddenly decide that two underutilized former SAC bases were "unsuitable" for people known to be infected with Kung Flu???"

--this is perfectly rational if extremely cold hearted and practical IF and ONLY IF you postulate a couple of things that aren't outside the realm of possibility.

--DOD knows the true transmissibility and lethality of WuFlu
--DOD believes they will end up islanded in the midst of a pandemic
--DOD believes the sick are doomed anyway and wants the potential mission degrading infectious people GONE DADDY GONE.

--read John Ringo's The Last Centurion for one way that could go.


--the decision maker is compromised by China Inc, and China doesn't want to burn alone.
--so the observations that so far they've been acting as if they want to be SURE it spreads to every corner of the world reflect their true goals.

OR maybe it's both....

Perhaps more useful, there are still lots of masks available on ebay. They will cost more than they did in the store, but they are available.

The next shortage seems to be hospital grade cleaners and anti-viral disinfectants. I've spot checked a couple and they are sold out at the man'f. They are ALSO still available on ebay and might be available on the shelf locally.

Food and water, water filters, fuel and alternative cooking methods are all still available locally and at normal prices. In Italy a day or so after Giuseppe Buonuomo became aware of certain changes in his life??? Not so much. ACT NOW.

Consider stocking some meds you might find useful for treating your fish or other livestock. Telemedicine will stay up for a while no matter what happens, so you won't necessarily be without guidance, but if you don't have it- you don't have it.

You will want to decon when you get home if you do continue to go out. The old standbys of plastic sheeting and duct tape, gloves and bleach, spray bottles/garden sprayers (get the kind specifically for bleach as it will destroy normal sprayers pretty quickly)and turning the back porch into a dirty zone will go a long way toward keeping your home clean.

There is some evidence the Sweet and Sour Sicken lives in feces. Make sure you can maintain hygiene under whatever conditions you expect.

AB soap is going to be in short supply at some point, hand sanitizer too.


NB- anything you think you might want or need that only comes from China you should probably move up your schedule to acquire. That sort of thing usually ends up in a distributor's warehouse but those stocks will be running out, no matter what happens with the KungFlu. I bought some surveillance cams I had my eye on yesterday. The order filled from stock. That's not gonna be true forever.

MTNBOY said...

So here is the Feds response to the city of Costa Mesa. Sounds reasonable. NOT

SWVAguy said...

Aesop, out of curiosity, do you think UV would be effective in killing any pathogens on an N95/N99 mask? Reason I ask is I have a dual mode CPAP cleaner that disinfects the tubing and the mask using UV and/or ozone.

Matt Bracken said...

I know for a fact, from several well placed sources, that it's in Florida. Including some just admitted to a top university teaching hospital's isolation ICU "hot box," but Florida is using the BS excuse of "patient confidentiality" to refuse requests for information about such patients. Nobody is asking for their names, just the fact of their infected status and hospital admissions with the COVID-19 diagnosis, but for now, official Florida is mum.

Matt Bracken said...

"Aesop, out of curiosity, do you think UV would be effective in killing any pathogens on an N95/N99 mask? Reason I ask is I have a dual mode CPAP cleaner that disinfects the tubing and the mask using UV and/or ozone."

The key thing to look for is microfilter HEPA cloth.
This includes new vacuum cleaner bags, like the ones I just ordered from Amazon. You can make your own masks, you just need to start with legit HEPA cloth.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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For other uses, see HEPA (disambiguation).

HEPA filter with functional description
High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA),[1] also known as high-efficiency particulate absorbing and high-efficiency particulate arrestance,[2] is an efficiency standard of air filter.[3]

Filters meeting the HEPA standard must satisfy certain levels of efficiency. Common standards require that a HEPA air filter must remove—from the air that passes through—at least 99.95% (European Standard)[4] or 99.97% (ASME, U.S. DOE)[5][6] of particles whose diameter is equal to 0.3 μm; with the filtration efficiency increasing for particle diameters both less than and greater than 0.3 μm.[7] See the Mechanism and Specifications sections for more information.

HEPA was commercialized in the 1950s, and the original term became a registered trademark and later a generic term for highly efficient filters.[8] HEPA filters are used in applications that require contamination control, such as the manufacturing of disk drives, medical devices, semiconductors, nuclear, food and pharmaceutical products, as well as in hospitals,[9] homes and vehicles.

Anonymous said...

I'm in San Antonio. I was ***thrilled*** to no end to hear a couple of weeks ago that the Fedtards were sending a bunch of "potentially" infected to Lackland AFB. Yeah, I know, parts are isolated and they can secure a single hangar.


But that doesn't matter when 6, count'em 6 of the "potentially" infected turned out to be ACTUALLY infected (for now - let's see what happens in a week or 2) and 5 are "in isolation" in "a local hospital" with the other one at "at different local hospital in isolation." Stupid fuckers, keep them all in one freaking place, and limit the damage if/when you fuck up the isolation thing!

The real joy was that I heard this on the way to one of the bigger hospitals to visit my mother (who wasn't in Lackland or China, btw), who has a lingering pulmonary infection that the dumbfucks only just figured out on Friday (after over a week) was "early stage" pneumonia (after a fucking WEEK it is "early stage?" - I'm not a doc, don't play one on TV and didn't even stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night, but she's had the same symptoms for a week and a half! I call BS). Now the genuises (genuii?) gave her a test for viral pathogens, and we'll find out the results tonight. You know where my mind went when I heard about a viral test, even though the odds are exceptionally small that she has the Kung Flu.

I'm seriously thinking about swiping some of the N95 masks hanging on her next door neighbor's room.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 12:16

"What happens when COVID-2019 gets in amongst the Homeless Crowd in San Francisco and the other blue state hell holes?"
Possibly Kalifornia becomes a Red State?

Seriously, I hope not, I don't wish that on anyone (except certain terrorists and tyrants)...but hope isn't a plan. I have an uncle trapped behind the lines there (his wife, a retired nurse, won't leave at least until her 95-year-old father dies, if then).

Annie Oakley said...

They tried this in Anniston Alabama Friday night. Anniston is a town of about 22,000 people. Why they wanted to bring some of those victims here is beyond me. The mayor of Anniston and others said no.

Now I'm not accusing anyone of anything, but I just notice patterns.

Alabama had a statewide outage of the EBT/SNAP cards Sunday and Monday. Coincidence? Don't know.

Here is the latest update.

John said...

I did some reading on controlling regular CV transmission and there were 2
things that stood out. 60% or above alchohol burns it to destruction and drying
out causes the virus to fall apart. Food for thought.

Unknown said...

Feds and State tear into Costa Mesa:

nick flandrey said...

Guys, seriously, buy some masks that are rated and approved.

search ebay for "Safety Works Respirator" and you'll find N95 masks with exhaust valves, for very reasonable prices. There are others as well.


A note on usage, all the 2 strap masks will go on better with less chance of breaking a strap loose if you 'pre-stretch' the straps just a bit. HOLD the end of the strap (pinch it) where it meets the mask and with your other hand, gently pinch the strap. Slide your fingers along the strap to GENTLY stretch it. Do this from both ends toward the middle. In my experience, with many of the masks that are NOT 3M, the biggest failure mode is to pull the strap loose from the mask when putting it on for the first time. Not a big deal if your employer is handing you masks for free, but a bummer if you are paying $2 or more per mask. This puts more of the tension from the stretch in the middle of the strap, and less on the attachment point. Follow the rest of the fit instructions on the package, being sure to mold the nose bar to your own face.


The Kansas Infidel said...

I subscribe to Another Voice of Warning (AVOW) and just received a text update from them:
[AVOW] CDC formally says now is the time for businesses, hospitals, communities schools & individuals to begin preparing to respond to coronavirus.

Well, gee Beaver, thanks for confirming your fucktard status. The CDC and WHO keep reminding us that gubberment kills more people than anything else through their incompetence, stupidity and resulting incompetent and stupid policies.

Anonymous said...

"Aesop, serious question, what if you sprayed your used n95 mask with Lysol then let it dry before re-using it" may not prevent the Kung Flu, but wearing it would prevent you from getting laid on the short term....

Aesop said...

Serious answer: You'd be huffing Lysol, which isn't recommended.
And it probably wouldn't work, except to degrade the filtration of the mask.