Saturday, January 11, 2020

Ouyay An'tcay Ixfay Upidstay

Well, unless you use a big enough hammer.
I've attempted, earnestly, logically, and at length, to point out the 57 ways Richmond is liable to turn into a shit show. The Tard Army apparently likes the taste of shit sandwich, so they're ordering a double-burger. This is why they're the Tard Army.

Absent, in every reply in opposition, was any actual explanation of the following:

Who's organizing your goat rodeo?

Why are they doing it differently than every other year before this one?

How effective is it likely to be now that you've lost the majority of your entire state government?

If you know it can't work to any good purpose, why do it?

What is the benefit of threatening your own violence at an alleged "peaceful" rally?

Why walk into a venue where you control nothing, and risk everything, when the best outcome you can hope for is that it doesn't explode in your faces, to the detriment of your purported cause, and risks injury or even death to your nominal supporters?

Why would you make your most potent national appearance a suicide mission?

Zero answers to any of that have been given, because to focus on the obvious foolish, stupid, and borderline insane mission would be to admit that it's all that and a bag of chips, on even the most cursory examination.

When it blows up, with a greater than 75% likelihood, you will change minds.
You'll get all the uncommitted Norm the Normies to go from wishy-washy unsure, to dead-set against you, and lose your state forever, and the argument from here on out.

Your "sanctuary" counties will start to slip back the other way.

Uncommitted people who'd have sided with you when you seemed grassroots sensible, will see you as nutroots deranged and dangerous.

Well played: Fucktards.

But let's be fair: some of your aren't fucktards at all. You're doing exactly what your Soros- and three-letter-agency-funded handlers hired you to do. Those folks will miraculously be nowhere handy when it goes pear-shaped. And then, some of you will actually want to follow them next time, because they've BTDT and got the T-shirt. Google: controlled opposition, will ya, FFS? Sweet suffering Shiva, the FBI was doing this in the 1960s. They wrote the gorram manual on it. You could look it up!

And so, because the Bubbas nominally running this aren't any brighter than the buffaloes in a buffalo jump, they will merrily and cluelessly run you all right over the cliff. But they'll pay their rent for another month or two. Their subsequent legal bills, not so much.

Some jackhole accused me of profiting from warning you to try more logical and sensible resistance. I write no books, sell no ads, and make not a dime or anything else from putting out more smarts in the last week than some of you could gather if you doubled your IQ every day for a year. It's purely pro bono work, in this case casting pearls before swine. Fortunately that's a miniscule fraction of who reads this blog, but those of you who own it, go big and loud.

Stampede on, fucktards. What I will get is laughs, tinged with a minimum of sadness, when this almost inevitably does nothing, and far more likely explodes in your faces, as you jump up and down on it. Darwin will have his culls.

Here's the all-time classic example of what happens when Useful Idiots toting guns show up to do something they know nothing about:

Go, Tard Army! Keep working on this! It's coming loose...!

I've laid out two options here. I'm nine states away, amazed that a population that nailed down 90+% of their state now wants to set themselves on fire in public rather than calling a time out, and stopping this rush off the cliff, but you're the ones who'll live (and perhaps die) doing stupid things to no good purpose. And the ones who'll live under the consequences of the Second Pickett's Charge. It's no skin off my ass if you're suicidal, and wish your entire lives to be useful mainly just as a cautionary warning to brighter people elsewhere. (Like Malheur was.) As you will. But you get to choose, and you get to own that choice. ROWYBS.

But every day you gallop another league closer to the cliff, and the calendar's pages flip relentlessly, and the only thing you'll provide for me and a dozen other bloggers asking you to stop thinking with your big heads instead of your little ones is a punchline the next twenty times I need one, for how not to be dumber than a bag of rocks.

IQ is destiny.
Yours isn't looking very promising.


{Common sense and logic in reply is always welcome, exceedingly rare though it is.
Dick-measuring replies in Comments will be deleted into the ether, or scathingly mocked, solely at my whim. Enjoy your brief ejaculatory spurt of internet glory. I especially love it when really tiny-minded cretins accuse me or anyone else of doing nothing but typing, by doing nothing but typing.}


Phil said...

I have two words for these short sighted individuals.
Pig Trap.

Aesop said...

Good point, Phil.

Maybe I should have written this in Pig Latin.
I'll change the title, anyways. Maybe someone will catch on.

Old NFO said...

Sadly true. And I hate to see it, because I know a number of the VCDL folks. They are good people.

15Fixer said...

I had been in favor of JUST the VCDL people that have been doing "Lobby Day" in the past, continue their program as in the past. No one from outside of Virginia; no armaments of any type, just briefcases or folders; just VCDL people that have worked with each other for years. But the more I consider the complete single-mindedness of the DemonRats who now think they have the mandate to ram through their agenda, I have to encourage a complete embargo of "Lobby Day." Call it off maybe 2 days before and let just the Antifa crowd with their handlers show up (what if they gave a war and nobody came) and beat on each other. Rats going cannibal. Their is NO reasoning with demonrats. There is NO compromise, no common ground, no shared customs, courtesies, or beliefs. It's their way or the highway. "Lobby Day" because it just is not a winnable fight. It is not winnable ground. (Enter your Sun Tzu maxims here) Richmond is a lost cause, but Virginia is not. jm2c

Anonymous said...

Telling them what you plan on doing then attacking in a straight line across an open field, really? Like Dirty Harry"s partner looking at the back end of a shoulder fired rocket. Wow! Pray for hearts and minds to be open to the truth, that the lies and liars continue to be exposed. Patience is a virtue!

Anonymous said...

I pray this doesn't end like it certainly looks like it's going to. I can't see any upside whatsoever for the good guys.

Groman said...

As Ol’ Remus has stated; stay away from crowds.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say, all I can do now is "HOPE" it's not a train wreck and we all know ( most of us anyway) that hope is not a course of action. I'd be delighted if the whole thing were called off, but I don't think it will be. If the pig trap turns out to be set up the way you and Bracken describe the only smart thing is to come about and sail away IF you can. Sorry to mix metaphors.
People always carried on Lobby Day and if such were to be prohibited that would be enough of an indicator
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

Flip the smart thing to do would be to allow the VCDL crew that normally shows up and lobby day with slightly larger ranks than usual to least have their appearance noted. But have demonstrations in all the local sanctuary counties on the same day at the same time that would be the best in my opinion..

Anonymous said...

Why does everybody seem to THINK this Buffalo Jump will not become a NATIONAL Anti-Gun, Anti-Militia, Anti-Patriot Problem like the raid on Harpers Ferry?

Well Played on NATIONAL MEDIA (mouth of the Democrats eh?) almost every Joe 6 pack will SEE that Patriots-Militia are DANGEROUS CRAZIES Not to be trusted with Guns..... What a SUCCESS for the Deep State and their face people the Socialist-Democrats.

Governor Blackface irritated a ZIT until it's good and PROUD and now the lancing (popping for non-medical folks).

Clearly the Government is WELL Aware of this event, very public knowledge and their lackey's postings on this list SUPPORTING this Buffalo Jump seems to indicate THEY ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO IT.

Nothing like ID'ing every semi-serious troublemaker in Virginia eh? If not for elimination today but for the future ID of OTHER Troublemakers via the Cell Phone Net works our daily lives create.

Praying for our Republic

15Fixer said...

Aesop, this article from Free North Carolina has some information and event updates. Scary.....

Matt Bracken said...

Thanks, Aesop, for trying to head off this predictable catastrophe in Richmond.

To know just how bad it is, here in a video linked at Bearing Arms, somebody named Cam Edwards interviews Phillip Van Cleave, boss genius of the VCDL Buffalo Jump Brigade. It's worth a listen, you can scroll past the most boring parts. In it, PVC says he thinks that 100 buses and more than 100K 2A supporters will head to the Virginia Capitol on Jan 20.

>>VA Dems Declare State Capitol A Gun-Free Zone
Posted at 3:06 pm on January 10, 2020 by Cam Edwards

This brainiac advises that it might not be a good day for open carry, so concealed pistols will be a better choice.

My reaction: concealed pistols like the bikers had at Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco TX, when the U/C SWAT snipers opened up on them? Result: nine dead bikers, mostly from police sniper head shots, 20 badly wounded, 177 bikers arrested, all held on million dollar bail, jailed and bankrupted.

But I'm sure it'll turn out a lot better when 10-100K (many armed) angry citizens attempt to storm the Richmond Kill Box, overwatched by VSP, FBI and ATF snipers on top of every building.
The Richmond Kill Box:

For anybody interested, who missed it, I wrote about this at American Partisan a few days ago, title "Richmond: The Mother Of All Buffalo Jumps"

Pickett's Charge 2 is right.

Matt Bracken said...

If anybody cares to check the Richmond Kill Box photo, you will note that the Federal Building is only 2 city blocks from Capitol Square, so all the FBI and ATF agents (including 100s more brought in from out of state for the event) can just walk over to the Buffalo Jump.

The Richmond Jail and PD are just out of the top of the image on the other side of I-95.

Also note that the Richmond Convention Center and Richmond Coliseum are just a few blocks away as well, so if mass-arrests result, they can just march the arrested over for triage and holding while the prison buses are rolled in.

And if this is not enough, check out who the Boss Fed in Richmond is:
FBI National Press Office / March 8, 2019
David W. Archey Named Special Agent in Charge of the Richmond Field Office

FBI Director Christopher Wray has named David W. Archey as special agent in charge of the Richmond Field Office. Mr. Archey most recently served as a deputy assistant director in the Counterintelligence Division at FBI Headquarters and was assigned as the FBI senior lead at the Special Counsel’s Office. /snip/ Mr. Archey returned to the Baltimore Field Office in 2010 as the supervisory special agent for the counterintelligence squad. In 2012, he received the Office of the Director of National Intelligence Award for Excellence in Counterintelligence Operations. In April 2013, Mr. Archey led the Baltimore Field Office’s counterintelligence and cyber divisions as assistant special agent in charge. He was promoted to section chief at FBI Headquarters in September 2014, where he oversaw the Global Section in the Counterintelligence Division. Mr. Archey was then named deputy assistant director of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate in October 2016.

Archey probably plays poker with his pal Peter Strzok and other coup leaders. Both are SES-grade FBI deep state counterintelligence pros. Archey must be licking his chops at the chance to finally expose and smash the dangerous domestic terrorists of the evil white nationalist movement.

Our side is just so stupid, it just about makes me give up.

The matador waves the red cape, the brave but stupid bull charges at it, and gets a sword in the neck.

That is the short version of Richmond, January 20.

Matt Bracken said...

For die-hard Johnny Rebs, I created a meme comparing the successful Mosby's Rangers to the catastrophic Pickett's Charge.

Please note that Mosby's Rangers used partisan tactics on their own ground, and were incredibly successful out of all proportion to their numbers. They were not defeated and did not surrender, but disbanded on their own terms a few weeks after Lee's surrender to Grant.

Remember General Lee? He thought it would be a good idea to mass his dwindling forces and march them out of their home ground into enemy territory in Pennsylvania, to give them Yankees a good whupping and teach them blue bellies a lesson and end the war with a Southern victory.

It did not work out that way. Gettysburg was a disaster, notably Pickett's Charge, and Lee's armies never fully recovered, leading to eventual defeat and surrender.

Learn, people, learn!

Pickett's Charge, Part V

Desert Rat said...

This is like being tied up while watching your brother play Russian Roulette with four chambers loaded.

Anonymous said...

Need to follow what Aesop is suggesting. That will Elevate this to national attention which right now the mainstream media is trying to avoid discussing it or purely spinning it it. Once it's at a national level you'll get more discourse on it and Trump can actually make a comment on this. Right now he can't really do anything

Matt Bracken said...

Exactly. Your low-IQ but high-testosterone brother.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Matt, this opportunity is ripe for the Deep state to take advantage of. I don't know why people can't seem to recognize this. They only need to look back a few years at what happened at Bundy ranch and provocateurs that were there. Not to mention your example of Colorado and the Twin Peaks Restaurant.

Matt Bracken said...

And I feel we are helpless to stop this Pickett's Charge / Buffalo Jump, led by dimwits and alphabet agency provocateurs.

Anonymous said...

folks do you understand what the mainstream media is looking folks do you understand what the mainstream media is looking for here? They want photo opportunities of gun nuts in battle rattle doing stupid s***. They will get what they want by instigation or provocation. At that point, you will have lost. Don't fight a losing battle it's very simple.

Anonymous said...

I've said this before and I'm going to say it again here, northrim and Fairfax are failed government. They have failed to negotiate a position on gun control which is what they should have done in the first place now they don't have the consent of the governed they failed to represent and they failed to address grievances. Aesop plan well serve as the backbone to escalate these matters on a national level and in the courts. North room and the legislature need to be made to look like the aggressors. His plan allows the ability to leverage that perspective and change the frame on the whole matter. What you need is a linguistic kill shot. Which candidates can use when running against them and can be used in the media leading up to this. That would be as follows, the governor and lieutenant governor has failed to represent the state as a whole they have lost the consent of the governed they are failed. They have resorted to a tyranny of the majority as a means of government. That is not what they took an oath to do. Any aggressive actions they take will demonstrate that exact framework. That is consistent with mr. Bracken is saying and and Aesop as well.

Desert Rat said...

"This is like being tied up while watching your brother play Russian Roulette with four chambers loaded."

It means that I am sitting here 2000 miles from an event that has the very real potential for consequences on a national level while the people directly involved are gambling with the odds very much in favor of their enemy and there isn't a damn thing I can do about it. And because the consequences have the potential to be rather dire there is a fair amount of anguish involved as I watch what I consider to be good advice being ignored in favor of hope that sheer bravado will somehow pay off even with ample evidence based on past experience that there is a high probability this will turn into a disaster.

I have no idea what you thought I meant but, to paraphrase Karl Popper, "It is impossible to speak (or write) in such a way that you cannot be misunderstood."

stormsailor1981 said...

when I first read about the January 20 meet in Richmond, I had serious doubts that it will be a peaceful demonstration. There are so many variables from other groups that cannot be controlled like the neo-nazis and the klan, either showing up would paint the entire event as extremist. The possiblity of infiltration by non-government and even government assets to create incidents that would tag all gun owners as extremist or domestic terrorist. The area of operations is automatically a perfect ambush site with all ingress and egress controlled by the same teams that so successfully pulled off the Charlottesville disaster. I think nobody should show up and instead show up at your county courthouse and show massive support for your sheriffs and your county and local boards that declared themselves 2a. This would strengthen your local ties and bolster the confidence of your city and county officials that have truly represented you in this obvious attempt by Northram and the lunatic left, champion the people who will be facing a variety of legal actions by letting them know that you have their backs. And send a message to Northram and his big money supporters that you are no stupid enough to engage them in their ready made ambush. Let them try to bus in antifa to your county or city with your own sheriff and deputies, and militia, now that is the situation you want, not the Richmond ambush.

Anonymous said...

Right, distributed protest. Next best thing would be to arrange for demonstrators just outside of the Richmond boundaries but close enough for media to attend but too distributed for ambush.

Matt Bracken said...

The "distributed protest" just out of the Richmond Kill Box is a much better idea, but it won't happen.

The buffalo jumperss are going to charge at the state capitol like moths heading for a giant purple bug zapper light.

Anonymous said...

Ok, now I get it. Thanks.

Wes Rhinier said...

Any Response to T.L. from Matt and Aesop?

Anonymous said...

Let's see Matt...there's enough time for VCDL to change course. I'd be willing to bet Phil has already seen this thread.

Anonymous said...

Anyone here have an opinion on the involvement of Oathkeepers and Stewart Rhodes? Part what they are describing is consistent 3Aesop's longer term plan but they plan on being at the buffalo jump.

Anonymous said...

This is really quite simple....the Statists/Leftists have a sympathetic State media organ now with the corporate dominant liberal media.

This is a media event.

THEY control it.

The only way "they" will back down is if enough of them fear for their lives and their families lives should they point guns at our families should they attempt confiscation.

How are you going to do that when YOU are in jail or bankrupt for attending a "hate" rally?

Aesop said...

Just asking: When has Oafkeepers accomplished anything but a press release?
Did they protect anyone in Charlottesville?
Ferris Beuller...???

Anonymous said...

Can't win this war in the media anymore anyways...see above.

Anonymous said...

You will definitely lose if you give the MSM what they want. Dont be stupid.

Anonymous said...

And just in case any of you don't think of his not going to become a national issue, mr. Bloomberg just decided to pump 1 billion dollars into the general presidential election race for 2020. Paint gun control won't be part of that as a platform? Don't think they'll be plenty to Virginia as an example? Don't be stupid

Anonymous said...

Not against the far left end of the spectrum but the soft squishy middle is where influence can be leverage. That's who the images of gun nuts in battle rattle will send the wrong impressions. That's who needs to be persuaded. Stop being stupid.

Anonymous said...

What is it that is different this year than has been done in the past Lobby Days? I know it seems that there will be more people at this one for sure.
Serious question because I have no idea what they did before now cause I had never heard of them.

Anonymous said...

The difference you ask? Well if you been paying attention the difference would be the 8th gun control bills of extreme nature being proposed for the first time in Virginia. That is the primary difference other than the volume of crowds expected. If he's not figured this out by now once again I had to question your intelligence.

waitingForTheStorm said...

I attended the first Tea Party rally in Houston. I saw several uniformed officers with cameras circulating through the crowd. With the prevalence of cell phones, every one carrying a cell phone will be identified by the chips in the phones via on-site devices capable of pinging every device in the crowd.

For me, that first rally was lesson learned.

I agree: stay away from the crowds.

Anonymous said...

The involvement of Oathkeepers guarantees the involvement of 3 letter agencies. They've been infiltrated for years.
You have to wonder at the short sightedness and stupidity of those planning to attend this fustercluck.
I hope nothing bad happens, but if it does these fools should be frogmarched off the nearest cliff.

Anonymous said...

I know about the gun control bills idiot.
I'm asking what is the VCDL doing differently this year than in the past. THAT is the question.
I am not in VA so don't know what happened in years past.

Anonymous said...

And you base that assertion on what? Internet rumors??

Anonymous said...

Too many posters seem to be misunderstanding the criticism. Vcdl is not the problem but rather the risks inherent with this years venue that has not existed in the past.

Unknownsailor said...

"I'm asking what is the VCDL doing differently this year than in the past. THAT is the question.
I am not in VA so don't know what happened in years past."

What is different this time? Lobby Days before this were primarily limited to local VCDL members showing up, maybe in the hundreds, talking to their own local representatives. No nationwide media coverage, and limited media profile.

This year's Lobby Day has turned into a huge gathering of every goober and idiot under the sun. The risk of infiltrators with unknown intent is sky high, and thanks to the huge media profile this year's meet has generated, every Antifa idiot who can travel will be there to do their usual thing in opposition.

Look up the background of the run up to Charlottesville. Then compare the conditions on the ground there to the conditions on the ground in Richmond. Note the many, many similarities: Unfriendly city government, known deep state actors in charge of Federal response, event planners with no plan, no vetting, and seemingly ignorant of the gigantic risks they are running.

Aesop has posted some things the VCDL organizers should be doing, if they were serious about this. VCDL is not doing anything remotely like them, in fact, they seem to be totally relying on the competence and dispassionate enforcement of the law on the part of the local authorities.

The people involved with Charlottesville did the same thing, and they blew their own balls off so badly that their movement is all but extinct.

Once is happenstance, twice is enemy action, and the VCDL seems totally bound and determined to lead the way into prison time, public cancellation, and shooting the movement they say they support in the back with a double barrel 10 gauge, with both barrels.

Anonymous said...

Leaving out the dumbass " Oooh, teacher! I haven't been paying attention! Tell me what VCDL did on earlier Lobby Days cause I'm too lazy to look", I'm afraid that we will watch the tragedy unfold just as Aesop and Matt have predicted.
God help us all.
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

Well Look on the positive side >Sarcasm Tag for the dull witted here<

When they need TARGETS for the SOON TO BE PASSED RED FLAG LAWS BECAUSE of this Idiot Parade on the 20th THEY will be SO Busy Red Flagging all the Cattle that PAID 35.00 each for tickets for their BOXCAR to Hades that the rest of us can scramble to respond properly to this situation.

If your unsure WHY they will KNOW you were AT the Event read the other posts. I'm NOT Interested in repeating it again.

Don't WORRY Folks THEY Don't NEED to go house to house. SO your Glorious PLANS to deal with dem "orcs" @300 yards etc. as some have called them will not work well.

They can SEND you a Letter telling you to present yourself AND the following weapons and ammo YOU BOUGHT using a Credit Card OR Proof AND THREE Witnesses of the loss or destruction of the same. You will have 3 days to comply and after that your ENTIRE Electronic Life will STOP. NO Banking, NO Credit Card, Letters to your Boss that your a Felon and must be fired OR THEY too will be Punished, No Health Care, NO Electricity at your home. I expect in a month or so you'll have nothing much to eat, probably homeless and your family will hate having no electricity.

In Short You and your family will become NON-Persons with out legal rights as understood under the Constitution.

BTW the 3 witnesses will be ON the HOOK IF the LAW chooses later to check your home and AO using all the high tech tools they have and so I'd be CAREFUL "witnessing" for others friends.

I tell you this not because it's simply common sense. No need to get the National Guard involved as even Governor Blackface is unsure of their loyalties.

IF your going to be stupid LIFE IS HARD. Think HARD on the road your choosing and make realistic plans on how to survive as a Non-Person if your going to be a Rebel. Even General Washington's family had to FLEE their home as the British Burned it. Do you expect BETTER Treatment from Socialist-Democrats???

Wake up folks MAYBE the VCDL has been sold out? Happened to many Other groups....


Anonymous said...

Oh I almost forgot. Remember the Patriot turned Traitor known as Benedict Arnold?

If you read history HE was Washington's right hand man for getting things DONE for the Revolution BUT something happened.

(Insert Paul Harvey's voice here) NOW the REST of the Story. Seems the Continental Congress had NO Money. No REAL Money at the time Gold and Silver coin. So they issued Continental's that were IOU's to be paid AFTER the Revolution was won in the Spanish Milled Dollar. At first they were honored BUT Congress (surprise, surprise) KEPT Printing MORE IOU's until General Washington told Congress "A Wagon load of Continental's would scarcely buy a Wagon load of provisions".

Remember the stories of shoeless, starving American soldiers freezing at Valley Forge?

BTW the British HAD NO Trouble feeding and supplying their troops as the Colonists were HAPPY to accept REAL Money.

NOW Back to the story of Benedict Arnold, His British Wife said to him "Dear, It's a GRAND rebellion and all that, BUT they are NOT Paying you and Bill Collectors are beating on the door". Thus for love of his family and their REAL Need for REAL Money he sold out to the British.

Why did I make you read this story?

When your family SEES what Happened to your buddy Johnny and his now Homeless Family over that VCDL event WHAT do you THINK they will be telling YOU about such foolishness? Maybe your own family will CLAIM the Amnesty Program as NOT to have their beloved Husband in JAIL or worse over a rifle?

I tell you this SO you can make Realistic PLANS and Work THAT PLAN! Choose your road and get ON with it friends.

7 days and a WAKE UP before the VCDL "Festivities" on the 20th puts ALL of us under the Gun sights of an unrelenting foe the 3 letter agencies-Deep State and their DISPOSABLE Face People the Socialist-Democrats-RINO's and other professional leeches.

I suspect that THIS Event WILL Affect far more than the state of Virginia. I know several other states CURRENTLY pushing for Red Flag Laws RIGHT NOW. I wonder how many silver coins it cost the Deep State to have so many folks WILLING to Pay 35.00 to GET in The Boxcar to hades?

CowboyDan said...

In April 1916, they had what is called the Easter Rising in ireland. The Irish Republicans declared independence from England and started a fight that lasted less than a week.

The leaders of the rebellion were captured, tried and sentenced in military courts. Within the month, they all were dead, one being hanged, the rest shot by firing squads.

Prior to the rising and the execution of its leaders, most Irish people had no real interest in being a free country. Life was hard enough and they had to make a living for their families.

Making martyrs of the leaders turned the Irish people against the British, and in favor of the idea of Irish independence. The irish Revolution began within a couple months, lasted almost three years, and freed twenty six of thirty two counties from British rule.

I have no idea what’s going to happen next week, but I hope the authorities don’t get trigger happy. Killing whatever leaders they may have may, as earlier commenters have said, shut down the movement and give credence and encouragement to the gun grabbers.

It also might well backfire on them and turn people completely against the idea and start a war that few people are ready to fight.

Please pray for our republic, and for me, a sinner. May God have mercy on us all.

Anonymous said...

They'll only do that if it can be easily spun to make like the gun nuts started it and the authorities had no choice. That is the risk we are warning about here. Let the vcdl go ahead and do what it does every year but the rest of the protest must be distributed outside the kill boxes.

Anonymous said...

Otherwise, you are begging for them to illicit any angry response or action from otherwise peaceful gun owners. That is what the media will looking for. For gods sake don't give it to them.

Anonymous said...

The VCDL emails in my inbox give NO indication of any thought or consideration to anything possibly going awry. They note bills have already been submitted and there is now a prohibition on carry inside the statehouse.
NO mention of contingency planning. Now they could be planning all kinds of stuff (I pray they are) but I'm not seeing any indications.
From where I sit a couple of time zones away this is shaping up to be Little Big Horn and I can do nothing to influence the outcome
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

Yeah I get them too and the same thoughts which led me here.

Frank said...

for another perspective

Anonymous said...

Do we have a lose / lose / lose situation here? Even if the buffalo jumpers don't show up? With an "Iron Triangle" of interlocking media, police state, and a funded paramilitary antifa complete with provocateurs, didn't C-ville show that the opfor can create any narrative they want?
Perhaps the best we can hope for is that the VCDL people stay home and save their own lives?

Anonymous said...

I don't think vcdl can call it off completely at this point nor should they. However, they can redistribute the less organized elements to the periphery of Richmond. Make the MSM and vsp go to them instead of walking into the kill box. The normal vcdl contingency can go to the capital like they do every year. They also need unified messaging about the VA legislature being a failure of political discourse on this issue. They have resorted to tyranny of the majority instead which is a lurch towards illegitimate government. That will set the stage for what Aesop suggested. Failure to allow redress. Those words need to be hammered home in front of the MSM and NOTHING ELSE. Also need spokesman who understands The Dillon rule as well to explain why it doesn't apply to inherent rights like 2A /13th. Just saying it's unconstitutional will not work because Blackface will claim that Dillon makes whatever laws they pass constitutional. It does not. There is a vast differ between enforcement of speed limits and that of a citizens right to protect themselves.

Anonymous said...

The above message is crucial and needs to get to Van Cleave at vcdl and possibly Stewart Rhodes as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt take a look at my last post on this thread about the proper messaging for the 20th and the periphery strategy.

Matt Bracken said...

>>>Anonymous said...
Hey Matt take a look at my last post on this thread about the proper messaging for the 20th and the periphery strategy.<<<

I think it's too late. The buffaloes are on their feet and starting to move.
Thousands will head to the Richmond Capitol like moths flying straight at a purple bug zapper light.

Over on WRSA, a few of the more inflammatory "accelerationists" (my term) gave up their real game. They consider the C-ville disaster to be a victory, "a necessary first step." They are hoping for even "better" (worse) in Richmond. And interestingly, these mopes are also Hitler-lovers who blame every ill on Da Joooz.

That's all anybody thinking about heading to Richmond needs to know about how they are being played from both ends.

Both the neo-Nazis and the deep state feds want a disaster.

Anonymous said...

Good grief...those are probably Soros operatives.

Anonymous said...

Please ignore the naysayers! Make your way to Richmond.

We'll be waiting for you.

Your friends,
Wally Malvone and Bob Bullard

June J said...

What a goat fuck that was at WRSA...the usual idiots and morons must have been orgasmic having an open forum for their tired refrains.

Anonymous said...

EFAD...very clever.

Anonymous said...

6 days and a Wake Up AND there is NO WAY to STOP this idiotic Gun Rights SUICIDE PACT?

Governor Blackface FOR PRESIDENT then you IDIOTS.... HE Will be the HERO of the Leftists for forcing the "unstable and dangerous gun nuts" into such an effective TRAP. He could probably RIDE this VICTORY even this late in the Democratic race into Leadership.

Friends if you don't have critical items put away where an easy search cannot find them as well as plenty of non-refrigerated foods, water, materials to repair your damaged homes like plastic sheeting for leaky roofs and blown out windows well....

Once it gets REAL and Spicy Lowes and Wal-Mart will be pretty low on these items.

I've tried to use logic, I've tried History and still the CATTLE are PAYING for their SEAT IN THE BOXCAR...... Wow, just wow....

Anonymous said...

Speaking to those that have ears to hear (should have been said in the previous post).

Water is so critical, just a day of hard work with out water leaves you weak. Day two almost helpless. Ever wonder why the Drill Instructors were so savage about drinking your %^&*$# water Soldier??

Yeah I'm good I got a well AND a Generator said someone I know. Yeah I said 220 VOLTS? Silence..... Some 99% of portable home generators WILL NOT run a Well Pump.

Aside from that NOTHING like a Loud Generator Beacon telling everybody you have power when things go dark.... Your going to become POPULAR buddy, like a free beer keg popular until the keg is dry.

One of the FIRST things Feds like to do when there about to storm a building complex is shut off the electricity. One of the first things to FAIL in Spicy Times is the Electricity.

Think about it. This WILL be on the Quiz in about a week.

Are YOU SURE we cannot force some BRAINS into the VCDL and stop this idiot parade?

Anonymous said...

Well I keep hearing we can't vote our way out of it. Since we can't do anything let's don't. Did you hear the Chiefs won yesterday?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:09 do you NOT READ the comment that have SOLID DO ABLE plans that WILL WORK to clear out some of those Democrats and give the rest of them pause about their electability?

OH YEAH, reading and understanding are TWO different problems.

IF all the Cattle GET a Refund on their BOXCAR Seat and send it towards someone capable (maybe even the VCDL) we can remove some of them from their gravy train and THAT is how you get a Politicians ATTENTION.

Oh BTW did you hear? The Tyrants BANNED Firearms aside from Lawmakers and Police from the Capital area.

So AFTER you disembark from your PAID FOR CATTLE CARS into the welcoming arms of the Police metal detectors THEN you can have your 1st Amendment Rights to Peaceably Assemble to present your grievances to the Government.

Of course that Assumes that the Police don't ALLOW Antifa and Co to assault you vigorously as they are wont to do to disarmed folks. AND the MEDIA will be EAGER to Show How Violent YOU are defending yourselves WITH Heavily Edited "Live" (really 1 minute delayed) TV.

IF VCDL does what they did LAST Year and keep all the extra "Attractions" out of it AND MAYBE some Courthouse "Armed Peaceful Assemblies" OUTSIDE the Feds-State Police-MEDIA-Antifa KILL ZONE they will SEE our strength IF THAT WAS YOUR INTENT.

Choose your Road buddy. I'd say wisely but from your comment above that would be a waste of time.

Aesop said...

It's hard to tell somebody their head is up their ass, because they can't hear you when their head is up their ass.

Anonymous said...

Sad but TRUE Aesop!

Did you READ the posting from the VCDL from 13th January (YESTERDAY) when they "Stood UP" to the Gun Grabbers in Richmond Sate House?

SEEMS that expressing your views before the Gun Grabbers MEANS NOTHING.

SO Why does the VCDL STILL want good folks to PAY 35.00 for their Seat in the BOXCAR as so SHOW UP on the 20th Buffalo Jump as to make it EASY for the Gun grabbers-MEDIA-Antifa-Feds INTELLIGENCE COLLECTION and all that???

HEY VCDL WAKE UP! Get that money from Good Folks and HIRE LAWYERS to snarl them up in Court. Far better than harming all those good folks that trusted you before the Boston Massacre 2.0 Richmond VA Edition.

Well on the POSITIVE Side >Sarcasm tag here< at least the Gun Collection Teams AKA Red Flag Teams will have PLENTY of targets so the rest of us can get SERIOUS about securing our Logistics for the Spicy times. Got a safe water supply?

Praying for our Republic as you so properly pointed out in scriptures in an earlier posting that you cannot Pray for Folks that INTEND on doing stupid things.

Anonymous said...

Some are claiming that West VA is inviting the VA VA sanctuary counties to detach from VA and join WVA. I dont know if this is accurate or fake news. Here is the link:

Anonymous said...

If true...and make no assertions that it is...that scenario would be consistent with my position that VA is now a failed government resorting to tyranny of the majority.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone verify this??!

T-Rav said...

I hate to burst bubbles, but if the situation of the secessionist movements in CA is any indication, the VA state government would have to agree to said counties breaking away and joining WV. Which will happen on the 31st of never.

DAN III said...


Reading the remarks here it appears you commenters are a strong slice of that "bend-over-and-grab-your-ankles" mentality that pervades the firearms-owning community. You folks are doing as much damage to gun owners as the communists in Richmond are doing and planning to do.

Rather than support those folks who are planning to do SOMETHING to counter the commies in Richmond, you keyboard warriors attack, denigrate and belittle those in the firearms community with your incessant ad hominems and namecalling.

Those of you making remarks attacking VCDL and their supporters are no less than Quislings; no better than the scum politicians ensconsed in Richmond. In "patriots" are pitiful.

Aesop said...

My job isn't to support morons pursuing stupidity because they can't think of anything brighter to do.

Somebody who owns guns, who's a moron, is still a moron at the end of the day.

VCDL has done good things before now.
That won't make gravity magically non-operative when they run right over the cliff.
Like they're planning on doing.

If all anybody has in response is "But they're doing something", please post the full sentence of that defense "But they're doing something futile, stupid, and pointless."

That kind of pigheaded foolishness is its own reward, especially when I can point to half a dozen people who've offered solid, well-thought out suggestions for things they could and should be doing, none of them stupid, futile, nor pointless, and none of them setting themselves up for failure after they're in over their head.

This is a TardEx, and it was from the get-go.
People who don't know WTF they're doing are why our side can't have nice things:
Too many retards trying to be generals, and too many loyal cretins following them blindly.

If anybody is butthurt about that truth, I urge them to pull their panties out of their buttcrack, untwist them, and re-think it through.

We don't need any more Boston massacres, and we don't need any more Charlottesvilles and Malheurs.

"Stupid is as stupid does." - Forrest Gump

Anonymous said...

Ah is DAN III a Chicken Hawk from out of state? OR maybe someone lacking enough READING Skills to notice PLENTY of good alternatives that HAVE A MUCH GREATER Chance for Success WITH LESS RISK to the Older less able VCDL members?

Or maybe someone who is looking forward to the fun? I've read the Op Orders of the VCDL just a moment ago and if I wrote Op Orders like that in the Army my SGT Major would have destroyed me before my Sergeants.

Some good points about securing your weapons, Like Antifa and thugs will not simply Break your Windows to STEAL all these COOL AR's they expect to be in those cars? GEE LIKE YOU TOLD EVERYBODY where the GUN Cars are parked??

And don't let folks get you into an argument. Good luck with that GIVEN the HOT Heads I've read for the past few weeks here... Want some Flying Monkeys with that DAN III?

Some comments about a Designated Defender if trouble occurs. But NO Rules of Engagement to reduce the change of getting Butchered by the MEDIA with "Live" (but really delayed 1-2 minutes for EDITING) to SHOW WE WERE the Aggressors and thus as Crazy and Dangerous bunch of Gun Nuts as they keep telling Joe 6 Pack.

NOTHING about dealing with medical emergencies, nothing about protecting the weak and injured if Antifa starts attacking LIKE they DID in C-ville.

Nothing about how to distance yourself from extremists like the KKK and Neo-Nazis that will show to get there "Attention Whore Fix".

If I choose to dump a jerry can of gasoline on myself and set myself on fire I AM DOING SOMETHING. WANT TO JOIN ME DAN III? HEY you DID SOMETHING right?

Like setting oneself on FIRE Not anything useful unless like the Arab Spring it was INTENDED to start a major Violent Social Movement like the "Hero's" of C-ville.

carolinaTURTLE said...

So, Anonymous at 6:43pm is disagreeing with DAN III, but is he/she/it the same Anonymous at 4:26pm? or 4:30pm? or 4:41pm? When you post something, is there not a link that says "Name/URL" like it appears for me? And even if you don't get that option, you could always sign at the end with *whatever* like a few other commenters will do...

Anonymous said...

Nope, not the same one.

DAN III said...


Wow ! So good to read your clandestine, tough guy, derogatory remarks regarding my opinions. The fact of the matter being all your tough guy premonitions, crystal ball forecasts, along with painting Virginia VCDL folks with that broad brush of infantile rhetoric....contributes little if nothing to this thread. Your ranting and denigrating my remarks is indicative of YOU doing SOMETHING....i.e.,employing the same vitriolic message against my commentary and as you most likely learned from your ANTIFA brethren.

BTW....IF I had been your Sergeant Major you would have been banished to permanent range maintenance cleaning out the latrine pits and keeping shit paper stocked therein !

Perhaps you could make better use of your vitriol if you would direct it toward the communist Northam and his like-minded supporters in the Virginia Politburo ensconced in Richmond, eh ?

In the words of Al Capone:

"You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone."

DAN III said...


Thank you for acknowledging my initial comments. Although I have agreed with many of your rantings over the years I cannot agree with your constant berating of folks posting comments that are in less than 100% in conforming to your train of thought.

Some of your alternate suggestions to VCDL's 20 JAN 20 get-together are certainly viable. However, your denigration of folks defending THEIR rights in a manner THEY decided on, only adds fuel to the potential fire of the 20 JAN Richmond activity.

I learned some years ago not to counter or challenge remarks or essays you post. No matter how correct some poster remarks toward your commentary may be, should you interpret said remarks at anything < 100% in agreement with you,you'll respond with ridicule and acrimony. It is your style. Hell, it is your blog.

I consider you to be extremely intelligent, hard working and a master of the written word. Regarding this VCDL/Richmond topic, my basic disagreement with you and some of your devoted followers, are the numerous efforts to bemoan and ridicule those making efforts and plans in contradiction to your opinions and beliefs.

You're no dummy. However, you're not perfect. Just as I and those you disagree with are not perfect.

Keep up your blog as I do somewhat enjoy much of your commentary. I just do not always agree with your thoughts 100%.

Anonymous said...

Dear butthurt Dan III maybe you and Austin Mike need to meet up. There that is insulting Mr. Tough Guy.

IF you cannot take mere WORDS OF WHAT USE ARE YOU WHEN STEEL IF FLYING? I've BEEN in flying steel still have some in my body along with many pretty bits of ribbon Uncle Sam Gave me.

Have you KEPT UP with the New? Seems Governor Blackface has shut down your "Armed Assembly" for the 20th? LOOKS like the KILL Box I was yelling about is clear even I HOPE to the MOST DENSE IDIOTS. BUT those VCDL FOLKS WILL STILL Sit in those PAID FOR BOXCAR SEATS to go into the Idiot Zone....

The TREE Is Known by it's Fruit and so far the VLDC IS NOT a Tree Of Liberty unless the fertilizer needs to be EVERY PERSON IN THE USA KNOWING THAT WE ARE CRAZY and Reckless Gun Freaks.

As far as your tough guy quote: Al Capone DIED IN PRISON and as I expect your a FED or a Chicken Hawk never to be seen on the dangerous Kill Zone you will be safe from the results of this Goat Rope.

Sorry Aesop if I stomped too hard in your house.

DAN III said...


Just as I expected of you, your response to me is indicative of the arrogance of one who was/is a commissioned officer in the broken U.S. Army.

Thanks for pointing out Mr. Capone passed in federal lockup. So what ? I knew that. Just as I believed you would latch on to my use of Mr. Capone's quote to attack my remarks. Capone's quoted remark was as applicable today as it was then. Regardless of his being remanded to a federal jail by the federal "justus" system.

Your remarks here have me asking myself...."Where would this keyboard kommando have been on 19 April 1775 ?" Certainly not defending colonist's with musket & ball at Lexington Green or Concord bridge.

Your presentation here and thought process is pitiful. You crack me up ! Hahahahahahaha....

Aesop said...

Take it somewhere else guys.

Pecos said...

It appears the rally was well attended and peaceful. Can we expect a follow up post and analysis?