Monday, November 21, 2022

You're Doing It Wrong

Someone did some back-of-of-the-envelope calculations and figured that to replace half of their multi-billion dollar advertising revenue with $8/month subscription fees, Twitter would need TWENTY MILLION paid up annual subscribers.

 Maybe true, but largely irrelevant.

Anyone interested in understanding things should be looking at things from the other end the situation, and doing some entirely different napkin math.

1) How much of this pull-out is whiny woketard virtue-signaling chickens coming home to roost, when it turns out they were squandering hundreds of millions of their company dollars on a venue that's 90% Lunatard bots auto-spewing Green Deal talking points, rather than reaching actual, y'know, breathing spending CUSTOMERS? I don't see this as anything but butthurt 20-something cubicle warriors getting out one step ahead of corporate finding out they sold real cows for magic beans, and trying to save their own hashtag ricebowls, before they get bounced onto unemployment. Musk is doing for fake social media what FTX did for crypto. With a flammenwerfer, and a smile.

2) If Twatter was always a vaporware venue of mostly non-existent Leftard troll accounts, why would anyone advertise there?

3) How much ad revenue does Musk need to generate to keep the lights on, after cutting employee deadweight overhead by 75%, overnight?

If Musk purges the bot accounts and fake like checks from Twatter, and transparently shows his users are 100% real, then puts them on an untouchable worldwide Starlink service that can't be censored by any government, and simultaneously purges all the Lefatrded wokeholes and useless eaters from his own payroll, he gains a commodity that no one else has (ask around about how full of b.s. Arbitron and Nielsen ratings are, if you ever want to push over two other houses-of-cards): a transparently legit and unblockable way to reach real people all over the world.

The dumpster fire in question was the Twatterverse before Musk started throwing the deadwood into the dumpster. Now the dumpster fire is the woketarded  minions suddenly aflame themselves, on unemployment, with future career prospects largely centered on either the retail food service or custodial maintenance fields.

Boo frickin' hoo.

Counting Musk out to lunch so soon is largely on par with telling people Trump could never get elected president in 2015. Elon may be a little off in many ways, but he didn't inherit his wealth, or bumble into it. I'd cut him a bit of slack.


jason said...

He needs to make it run faster. And be ordered chronologically. Otherwise I'll never use it.

Anonymous said...

Slack? Hell, for the first time I'd consider joining just to support Musk's effort
Boat Guy

GuardDuck said...

Yup. As a friend posted earlier:

"The current administration just had a press conference about Musk. They claim he’s a poor manager and over his head with Twitter. They point out he’s going to fail because there’s no way you can run a business with 2/3 less employees.

Keep in mind Musk was able to cut $7400 million off the cost of each space flight with 11,000 less employees than NASA.

Boring Co. Just bored and completed the same distance as the Seattle underground project in 60 days that’s taken Seattle 4380 days with a quarter of the workforce. Never mind the $1280 million less in taxpayers money.

Something tells me this administration should STFU!"

T-Rav said...

I don't have much invested in the future of Twitter, financially or otherwise. (Actually, nothing financially.) But, the success of Twitter under Musk would be an unmistakable signal that it pays for corporations, especially Big Tech corporations, to avoid wokeism like the plague. And that's an outcome we should all root for.

Anonymous said...

“They point out he’s going to fail because there’s no way you can run a business with 2/3 less employees.”

Tell that to people that lost there jobs to automation and the Silicon Transistor God people whore-ship

Anonymous said...

Or ya know, he could just charge people a subscription for their precious checkmark AND charge advertisers to advertise on the page AND cut unnecessary staff.

Tim said...

Wait until he finds a way to make twitter a pay platform like PayPal. He’s making twitter into a better platform for sure. Long form video, etc is just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Here's some career advice for the fired crying weenie Twatter woketards:

Learn to Code.


How any company could survive this long burning $4M/day is beyond me.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Aesop, I do find it fascinating that amount of time that Musk is being "allowed" to demonstrate profitability has been greatly compressed in the expert echo chambers compared to the run time most companies are given to get going and show a profit (good heavens, he has owned the thing for a month at the most). His history to date, as you point out, does not seem to suggest a habit of making huge financial errors - although in this case, the damage once he got in may have been far more than was advertised. Burning $4M a day can hardly be considered a successful company.

I do think he has plans just beyond "fixing it" - to use the trite phrase, he may very well be playing chess where his detractors are playing checkers.

Anonymous said...

GuardDuck, excellent post, this is exactly why small business is essential to UssA economy.
The mustard seed……
Wonder how many producers have had enough and are on the sidelines ?
Hint, a bunch…..

John Wilder said...

Also gives me a convenient list of companies not to buy from.

Anonymous said...

Musk? My gut tells me you scratch him and he bleeds totalitarian.

Musk didn't buy Twitter, he bought the political secrets that are imbedded in Twitter. He just has to tease them out.

He fired those people so that they couldn't destroy those secrets.

Musk is building a movement, a social-political machine that trumpets freedom, but to what end?

Aesop said...

I could care less what he bleeds.

You could still count his financial and business mistakes on your third thumb. I'd think long and hard before counting him out of doing Twitter on his own terms.