Thursday, November 10, 2022


"Kherson Oblast is Russian territory forever."

forever: adverb 1. six weeks (Russian)

Russian Army moves another 23 miles!


Yet another in an endlessly long line of bummers for Vladophiles.


Winterborn said...

"We're advancing in that direction. Again! Quickly!" (Points behind trench lines, into far distance)

Zeihan had a great point on this today as well. Kherson goes down, so does the water to Crimea canal

Ukraine will soon be able to cut water flow to Crimea canal. Which means they cant grow their own food. Bridges are almost totally down. NO rail transport in. No imported food, little grown food, will have to evacuate the peninsula BY CAR as the bridges are either down or unable to move trucks and no rail…. Or suffer 1980’s style famine in Crimea. Rough times ahead for about 2.5 million Russians in Crimea. The logistics on this are ugly indeed. Now they could start running barges around the Black Sea, but there sure are a lotta mines out there, and drone boats. And bad stuff in the water.

Hell, anyone see that poor bastard that went swimming off the beach in the summer and set one off? He’s still raining down.

Another article/note/history thing I read on the subject over this year, Russia performing about to usual form when starting a war, lose azz, general winter helps, they come back, lose again or steamroll. And they tend to fight until they can’t fight anymore or lose about ½ million troops. Whichever comes first. Well, that 2.5 million number up above seems a bit more interesting. General Winter either has entered or is about to enter the chat at this point.

John said...

And the tanks they have left are the ones with a reverse gear.