Friday, November 18, 2022

A Perennially Inconvenient Truth

 h/t Theo Spark

The OP doesn't source those numbers, but I have no reason to doubt them. I first saw official FBI stats that backed this up in about '89, in either National Review (When WFB still ran the joint) or American Spectator (I forget which), when they were both still actually conservative house organs rather than RINO rags.

They noted that without black crime stats, the American violent crime rate was lower than Luxembourg, and that if you also factored out Latino violent crime from the "white" numbers, the crime rate for the other 70% (then) of America was lower than Liechtenstein.

Which also tells you why everywhere south of Brownsville and the entire continent of Africa are permanently basically nothing but sh*thole countries always waiting for the next disaster headline.

The rate above is actually even lower than it looks. Realize that over half of those US gun deaths (at least for whites) are suicides, and that many whites shot by another are shot by latinos or blacks, not other whites, and without those deaths, the white death rate by guns functionally drops to numbers that barely even register on that graph.

We've had gun control in America that has worked flawlessly, every time it's tried, long before 1934: we call it PRISON.

The best way to keep guns out of the hands of bad people, is to fill their hands with cell bars instead.

Remember that the next time someone starts sobbing about how unfair it is that Latonkwaneeto or Chuy are still doing almost 50% of their time before getting a shot at parole, after their seven-body crime wave was pled down to concurrent sentences for improper discharge of a firearm within city limits, and littering.

No points for guessing what open-floodgate illegal immigration and no-bail no-prosecution for less than mass murder D.A.s are doing to violent crime and murder stats, but people will start to clue in when every city from Maine to Maui is just like Chicongo, Philthydelphia, San Franshitsco, or the District of Criminals. The only real check on that now is 40+ states with must-issue open- or Constitutional-carry laws.

Committees of Vigilance didn't spring up for no reason the last time, and it won't be for nothing when they return, either.


Anonymous said...

"....after their seven-body crime wave was pled down to concurrent sentences for improper discharge of a firearm within city limits, and littering."
What a great simile!

smelter said...

I have a variant of the derivation on
one of your cities. My source material has
San Franshithole as an acceptable alternative.

It was a colloquialism used by Naval Personnel
at Mare Island Naval Shipyard.

Anonymous said...

similar data: Look at the body count for Chiraq on HeyJackAss! dot com.

4.5% white and other (Asians, Pacific Islanders, Native Americans etc.)
77% Black, balance Hispanic

Anonymous said...

There will never be Committees of Vigilance or widespread vigilanteism in our modern US.

Too damn many cell phone videographers and too many security cameras. The police will investigate and will use forensic evidence to track down the people that did it. Between electronic surveillance and Law Enforcement snitches, any group of vigilantes will be infiltrated as soon as they form. Just ask the Proud Boys and the Bundys. Anyone attempting to supplant professional law enforcement will be hunted without mercy. If not by the local cops, there are plenty of glory hungry Staties and Feds.

This is not 1850's San Francisco, where the mob just disappears down unlit side streets and alleys; with no state or federal cops and lazy and corrupt local cops that didn't care.

If it does get wild? It will not be vigilantes, it will be feud and vendetta.


Aesop said...

A Committee can be as small as it needs to be.

It took a week to find Dorner, and he sent them an engraved invitation.
The DC "snipers" took weeks, in one of the most heavily-surveilled sections of the entire country outside NYFC, and they were idiot amateurs, making shots with a .22, mostly at under 100Y.
Law enforcement and The System isn't built to handle vigilantism with any sort of intelligence behind it, unless one waits around and hands out press releases.

Sherm said...

Except for the use of a cannon (nice touch) San Francisco was more noise than substance. The area around Virginia City and Bannock, Montana took it seriously with the initial outbreak of self-help ending the careers of 21 criminals. A few years later, when Butte wanted to clean things up, a few direct messages sent dozens if not hundreds packing. Deer Lodge, down the road a ways, heard they were coming and put armed guards out to encourage the herd to keep on moving.
There'll be a few Virginia Cities, a few more Buttes, a Deer Lodge or three, and the rest will flow downhill to Chicago, Detroit, et al.

elysianfield said...

"There will never be Committees of Vigilance or widespread vigilanteism in our modern US."

Anonymous...don't be ridiculous. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE wanting to form such committees would have no trouble finding willing'd need a large venue with lots of parking.

...Course, at least 10 percent would be federal agents...and another 20 percent state and local law enforcement.

How to identify the agents? Charge high dues...suspect those that can afford to pay.

Pat H. said...

When serious talks of reparations occur, how are blacks going to avoid paying reparations to Whites?

Night driver said...

"...and unheard sound from an unknown distance and direction..."

'Bout the only way it happens early on. Later it will get MUCH more personal.

Dan said...

That chart right there is what is known as an "inconvenient truth".

Anonymous said...

Aesop said...
A Committee can be as small as it needs to be.

Like I said, Feud and Vendetta.

But the bigger point is They WILL Be Tracked Down by Law Enforcement.

They got Eric Rudolph. They got Dorner. They got the DC Snipers.
They got Vicki Weaver. They even incinerated 20 children at Mt. Carmel to get David Koresh. They got a bunch of losers they set up to pretend to kidnap Governor Whitmer.

They will get the "City-Name Vigilante" too. Probably within days, maybe weeks or months.
But they WILL GET HIM. Likely from some Ring surveillance video of his face and clothes three blocks away that matched a fleeting glimpse of his clothes in the cell phone video from the scene of the "Vigilante Action."

Vigilanteism will be portrayed as just another form of political terrorism. In practice it will be slow motion suicide by cop.


C said...

Dat's rayciss Aesop.

That was painful to peck out.

Every single time we get a GSW in my little county you can narrow it down to one of five neighborhoods. It's like clockwork.

Jonathan H said...

Hold fake meetings for those who can afford the dues and real meetings for those who can't...

Seriously, vigilantes will still act, alone if need be, and there are ways around .gov surveillance if one is determined and careful.

If you dig deep into minor news items you'll find that vigilantes are already acting in small ways and the media and government are hiding it, presumably because freaks them out.

Aesop said...


Deep down, in places they don't talk about, law enforcement is scared sh*tless of the random sniper, disciplined enough to randomly act out a few times a year. A guy who pops someone once a quarter could go unnoticed for decades, and probably never be caught. Now imagine 20 of them, Or 100.

This is how water cuts a hole in granite. One drip at a time.

Anonymous said...

Paging Henry Bowman...

G-man said...

The 2020 numbers:

Page 20, figures 7 and 8. These account for the victims of homicide, and those successful at suicide by firearm. The disparity across categories is stark, and when you cross-reference the perpetrators against each category data available elsewhere, and ‘conveniently’ left out of this Johns Hopkins analysis)), in the highest rate categories the number is largely self-inflicted.

Aesop said...

As has been the case for some years.

As in 1989, white gun violence is at levels below the rate for Leichtenstien. Maybe lower than levels on Christmas Island, or Disneyland.