Monday, November 14, 2022



If conflict is unavoidable and you must engage, do it on your terms, not your enemy's terms. One mark of a great soldier is that he fights on his own terms or fights not at all. - Sun Tzu, Art Of War

How some people survive to reach adulthood is a mystery for the ages.

For those more plentifully supplied with political acumen than the average amateur punditry, kindly bear well in mind that the entirety of the hype-men pimping the current tulipomania that "DeSantis Is Political Jesus!" are either the paid minions of the Democommunists media mouthpiece empires instigating a "Let's you and him fight" scenario, or else the RINOs still trying to wash the soil out of their underpants from the sh*t-frights they suffered the last several times they tangled with Trump either in the primaries, the general elections, or day-to-day politics during his administration. (Bitch McConjob, call your office.)

They're not pimping DeSantis now because they want him to win and believe him the best choice for the presidency. They're pimping him to the public because they feel he's the candidate they'd most like to run against in the primaries or general election.

Learn a lesson form the Trojan priest Laocoön in Virgils Aeneid:

"Beware of Greeks bearing gifts."

In plain language, stop lapping up the boob bait for the Bubbas perpetrated by the same Never-Trump RINOs and communist pigs that have put the republic in its current predicament. None of them are your friends, nor have your best interests at heart, and listening to them won't do you any favors.

And when you parrot them, your Never-Trump panties are showing.


Does that mean I think Trump will win in 2024?

No. I think you saw your last mostly free election in 2016, and even that was an unplanned accident. 

I also think that if he secures the nomination, it will mean Trump's run, and the massive election fraud that will ensue, will be the Scottish terrier that pulls the curtain away from the men hiding behind it, busily pulling all the levers of hokum and horsesh*t dumped on you nonstop since at least 2015, such that everyone will see the undeniable truth of it.

And at that point, we can get down to the rat-killing, with 20/20 vision, and clear consciences.

It's going to take that to kick it off. Nothing less will avail.

And at that point, much like Rodney King in the Los Angeles block party held in his honor, even Trump himself is liable to argue against doing it. It may not even be the majority opinion of the land by that moment.

But as anyone born here and over the age of 40 can see, this isn't the America in which we were raised. At some point, we're either going to reset that course, or resolve to live forever as bondslaves in an endless dictatorship.

I would not counsel adopting the latter course. The retirement plan sucks.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps they want DeDantis to run to prevent Florida from seceding and DeSantis leading a massive secession movement of the other states.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's totally it.
Because secession worked so well the last time it was tried...

June J said...

Does it really matter who the sacrificial "R" candidate is going to be that loses to whatever empty chair is put up by the "D" side of the uniparty?

John in Indy said...

Look at who of the DemonRats and RINOs are pushing DeSantis and others against or as an alternative to Trump.
McConnell, Schumer, Ryan, and the rest of the usual suspects aren't just against Trump, they are against us, traditional free Americans, because we stand in the way of their totalitarian goals.
DeSantis is a good governor, but he is used to working within a known system.
Trump is the only one whom I know of who would at least try to break the grip of the Uniparty on our government. He did not succeed, due as much to internal sabotage and mal-advising as external political enemies, but I know of no one else who would or could try to do that.
I have tried to support the electoral system, and VOAT HARDER, but the steal is in again, and voting has now become ineffective.
Prepare while you can, there are few remaining options, and fewer good ones. Trumps' existence and work has revealed the names of many of those who want to see us destroyed. They have names, places, associates, and interests.
As Admiral Nelson said, "No Captain can do much wrong if he places his ship alongside that of an enemy."

Old Surfer said...

"Because secession worked so well the last time it was tried..." Maybe it just wasn't done right last time.

Anonymous said...

"Real communism has never been tried."

Anonymous said...

Re: secession; Mr. Lincoln settled that. Once you're in, you're in.

C said...

Let's see how it goes when the Fed doesn't have the evils of slavery banner to rally around. Not to mention hordes of starving Irishmen to draft. Mexicans, hajis, and Africans will not be n adequate substitution. As much as I want to agree with Aesop: The whole splitting up the country won't work because we can't just divide things up with lines on a map. I'm hard pressed to come up with a solution. Short of the Spain's plan 1502-1609. Fighting to a stalemate and expelling all the commies is a nice dream. Unfortunately I still think it's going to be RwandaxBosnia.

Anonymous said...

Since I do find you have a biblical Christian understanding, and you are quite knowledgeable and well informed, why do you apply the word of truth selectively? From reading your blog for years, you don't seem the type who subscribes to easy believism of Christianity being about prosperity like Joel Osteen version of modern laodecan church, but you have the poison of the golden calf of Christianity + American flag, God and country, which fail the true spiritual..Christians are strangers and pilgrims in this world , David even in his palace confesss to God , he us a stranger, Abraham did not care about land and prosperity, he dwelt in a tent, the same was followed by his son isaac...they didn't care about the politics .Daniel in Babylon refused to obey kings edict in the strange land to be praying towards Jerusalem even if it meant death... He also didn't care about politics.. Joseph didn't want when he ressurects at the return of Christ to wake up from dust being sorrounded by pagans , that is why he instructed his bones to be carried out of Egypt when God rescues his people ...all this saints of God were heavenly minded. What I'm I trying to say Christians are never involved in revolutions it evrn thinking about them...or even engaging with those who promote them.. it could be true your zeal for your country is good and you are just ignorant promoting such Which to God is a lesser sin to outright rebellion. But this is the verse that God warns against revolutionary minded people, thoughts or actions

My son, fear thou the Lord and the king, and mingle not with them that are given to change;

Anonymous said...

You don’t have to be over 40 to see it, I’m 37. Raised in what used to be a lightly populated and very red county outside of Atlanta. Not so much these days.

I’ve disagreed with you about a decent number of things but I still come back and read what you say because I respect you and I like your writing style. Trust in elections is inversely proportional to the length of elections. All of this is utterly absurd, so what next? What’s the spark? Any guesses?

Stealth Spaniel said...

I'm so digusted with voating.....It is all an exercise in narcissism. Nothing is going to change until it changes abruptly and completely. So, rather than be this frustrated over an entire ridiculous ritual, I am going to wait for the starters pistol. It will be easier to live that way.

Dan said...

The 2016 election was relatively honest because the commie left believed their own polls saying Cankles The Killer was a shoe in guaranteed winner so they did not turn on their election fraud machinery....and lost. They will NEVER make that mistake again.

Trump may or may not win the nomination in 2024. Won't make a difference. He couldn't beat Pedo Joe in 2020 while he had the HUGE advantage of incumbency. There is NO WAY IN HELL
he wins in 2024...or ever again. BOTH sides of the aisle will conspire to keep him out of office. Whoever wins in 2024 will win because they are the CHOSEN WINNER who will be INSTALLED via the lefts cheating machine. There will never be an honest election in America....EVER. TINVOWOOT

Aesop said...

I've never said splitting the country up was the answer. The lines this time are within blocks, and within households. This civil war will be house-to-house and room-to-room within those houses. That's a recipe for a split that will echo for a century or more, if the country -or the world - lasts that long.

@Anon 20:13,

If you think no Christians weren't involved in revolution, you probably need to repeat American History 101, starting about 1600.
Tell the class why it was the Pilgrims (and the Anabaptist, etc. etc. ad infinitum and any fifteen other Protestant sects came to the New World.
Jonathan Edwards revivalism was no small spark to the War Of Independence.
See also the abolitionist movement and its impact on watering the seeds of the Civil War.
I have no use for anyone so heavenly-minded they're no earthly good. Neither has any generation from 1600 until now.

This republic, as originally founded, was the best possible place for any religion, and was explicitly founded and structured to maximize personal liberty based on a common Christian understanding of God's best design for man.
"Endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights" wasn't just words on a page.
"Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but give me liberty, or give me death!" still rings down through the centuries, as does "Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God."

Ask Christians in China if they'd rather live in Shanghai or Springfield. Ask Christians in Cuba if they prefer Havana to Miami. Ask people who lived in East Berlin if they liked things better there, or in Milwaukee. Let me know what those polls reveal.

God didn't give men sound minds and strong arms to live in slavery.
"Let my people go!" is the one immutable command of God to human authority, but for anyone who disagrees, Havana is a few hours paddling south from Key West.

Commands given to a people awaiting the birth of a savior, nor to those in an infant church seeking to spread a message, are not automatically commands for all people in all ages, especially not millenia after that savior has come.

@Anon 8:47P,

Next? More; worse.
Spark? No idea. Except that it's a virtual certainty on a long enough time line.

Yeah, pretty much in the same place.
My only concern with Trump is that he won't be controlled opposition, nor more boob bait for the bubbas softcore RINO porn.
But he's not the savior, and never was. He's the match to the fuse.
That was always the point.

Aesop said...


Trump doesn't need to win. He needs to run, to rub the Left's nose in the steal.
The open question is going to be how many times do people want to sit still for Clown World and banana republic.
Your guess is as good as mine.

Dan said...

The left couldn't give a rats ass how much their noses are rubbed into the steal. ALL they care about is
they succeeded in stealing the elections they wanted to steal. There is NOBODY remaining in any position
to hold them accountable for their crimes that they don't own outright. We saw this in 2020 when numerous lawsuits regarding the fraud were filed.....and promptly dismissed by the judges who couldn't even be bothered to look at the evidence. Anyone noteworthy who openly states there was fraud is quickly destroyed by their media whores. Look what they do to Mike Lindell. Just're a nurse, licensed in Kali. Wait till Gruesome Newsom gets a law or edict passed that punishes nurses for claiming elections aren't honest....just like they punish medical people for telling the truth about the dangers of the poison jab they are trying to kill us with. No.....We are WAY past any point where there is anything that can be done about the lefts open criminality and abuse of least not legally. Any remedy will have to be extrajudicial and of the vigilante variety. Nothing else has any chance of making any difference.

Aesop said...

IDGAF about the Left's reaction.
(Which, 11 times out of 10, amounts to monkeys throwing feces.)
I'm worried about the Normies plodding along like the "This is fine!" dog.
They need serial taser applications to the genitalia.
That's what Trump brings.

Accountability comes from the barrel of a gun. - Sam Adams, probably

You think TPTB want to futz with my license for badthink? Bring that.
"In a sluggish economy, never, ever fuck with another man's livelihood. So if you're smart, like I think you're not gonna make me come back here." - Guido the Killer Pimp, Risky Business

Extrajudicial? Vigilante variety?
Those conditions are acceptable. When can we start?
Asking for 100M friends.

DrDog said...

Sorry to break it to everyone, but 'The Fix' starts in the schools. By the time that a child reaches majority they --
* Are poor in math.
* Writing is at best 6th grade level.
* Cognitive reasoning stalled at 9th grade.
* Capitalism is the evil of the world.
* Transgenderism is rampant.
* The kinder are digitally cataloged starting in 1st grade. The Dims have the stats before they are even able to vote. Ballot harvesting will occur the day they get that HS 'diploma'.

Your children will soon not even have the skills to detect the steal let alone fight against it. The simple fact of the matter K-12 is but a Dim voting factory. You pay for the service to be used against you. Homeschooling is your only defense so long as its permitted.

Anonymous said...

Or, as the Eagles said, "you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave".

C said...

I know you never said that. I want to agree that a split wouldn't work. It's hard to. I could have worded it better.

Anonymous said...

When can we start you ask.......

As soon as you call for your ride.

That motherfucker Bert

Anonymous said...

Dr. Dog,

Civilization can't wait a generation or more to unfuck education and teach Johnny to read and think.
Society's gonna get a crash course, at the speed of muzzle velocity, and if it hasn't happened in less than a decade, I'll be shocked.

Anonymous said...

There haven't been that many totally honest elections since 1860...probably none..Big city vote fraud has been a thing since the 18th century...But the advent of no-ID and mail-in voting has opened the gates to wholly fraudulent elections...

Anonymous said...

More like rub the right's noses in the fact that our "democracy" is a bad joke, let's try something else...Maybe like the original Constitutional Republic?

Anonymous said...

You are correct.

Aesop said...

Anyone who thinks the standard is 100% purity is retarded. That was never possible.

But to steal an election used to require that it be extremely close.

Now, they can jack the lever from one side all the way over to the other, and other than the ham-fisted obviousness, no one can see it if they're determined not to look, and it needn't be anything like "close" to successfully be stolen.

Aesop said...


"Commies: Your ride is here." - Gen. Augusto Pinochet

C said...

Because imposing communism on everyone and (currently) wanting to be left alone are the same thing. No slaves anymore. So what would be the excuse to drag confederates back into the fold? Nothing ever gets settled. You just try again later.

Anonymous said...

I don't kneel. Bad knees to go with a stiff neck.

Elmuertonegro said...

Unfortunately all true. They control the indoctrination camps from day 1 to 20 or more years later. As one who trains graduate students, I can tell you they come to us as unquestioning believers and the conditioning is highly resistant to truth.

miforest said...

nonesense . desantis was helpped along by the DC power as a way to fight trump. his policies are good , but he is not a rebel in any way

Anonymous said...

Probably not as bad as you think, C November. As you say, slavery was key, but not because it mobilized the North. It was because it kept the Europeans from supporting the Confederacy. There are lots of countries that would not mind seeing US taken down a notch. So even if the new gender-fluid military decides to throw in with Sodom on the Pacific, I expect to see care packages of AKs or even FAMAS.

Not that I want things to go that way, but if it's going to happen, better it take place before my grandkids have to get in on the fighting and dying.

Anonymous said...

Aesop, the Bill of rights and the U.S constitution is not in the bible, when the bible was being written the government's were ruled by absolute monarchs we are saying people who God calls to be faithful and obey him even governments All authority comes from God submit to rulers as you submit to Christ , they were operating under worse regimes than any in modern times . So when God tells you in 2022, fear God and honor the king. it's 1 Millon times under a much better regime on human rights than one who would have you beheaded and all your property taken by the state. Man lost his rights at the garden of Eden. When the Jews disobeyed God and we're lax what did God do to them to bring them back to him, he would send them to exile to be put under slavery.. because man lost all his rights at the garden of Eden..Did God consider their rights then? Any good that you enjoy is because of the mercy of God , America is not special that is why it can turn to complete shit .. because God doesn't owe any person the talk of unailenable rights they are not in scripture. That is why the golden calf called God and country is a delusion.. The American flag + Christianity= false Christianity

Aesop said...

If that's supposed to prove anything, you've cluelessly missed the point.
OF COURSE the BoR and Constitution aren't in the bible ("Jane, you ignorant slut!..."), the point is that the Bible is in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

When the Bible was being written, the governments ranged from absolute anarchy "every man did that which was right in his own eyes" to absolute despotic dictatorship, and everything in between. None of them are God-approved nor even recommended, and to claim otherwise does violence to biblical scripture.

If you wish to twist Bible verses wildly out of context to demand that people ought to bend over for every dictator that comes along, best wishes with that foolish plan, and enjoy the boxcar ride to the camps.

If you think Christianity requires me to jump into the Colosseum facing lions with nothing but a firm resolve to taste bad, your Christianity is as bad as your common sense, and both are seriously defective.

You screed is all over the map, so suffice it to point out that even Jesus rebuked Satan by pointing out "Do not put God to a foolish test."

Until such time as God returns to rule earth in person, governments are instituted among men. As long as that is the case, anything man may make, man may alter, without need of special revelation from the Almighty.

"Inalienable rights" refers to rights no human has the authority to take from any other man. Conflating that as if it applied beyond time and space to the hereafter is quite simply jackassical. If that comes as news to you, get a refund from your Sunday School teacher out of the collection plate.

This isn't a golden calf discussion. It's trying to pass off nonsensical delusions as "scriptural". That doesn't pass the smell test.
If the government demands you curse God and deny revealed truth, must you be faithful and obey that?!?
According to your perverted paraphrase: yes.
According to every example of actual scripture: Hell, NO!

Jesus said his kingdom was not of this world. While on trial for his life before the Roman governor.
On the day when that kingdom comes down from heaven, I'll obey the government without qualm or question. Not before.

Until then: "In God we trust. Everyone else: We watch their hands."

Anonymous said...

Won’t be room for his coffin in the back, need the space for party favors. Unless you’re willing to ride clown car style.

That Motherfucker Bert