Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Potemkin Military: Chapter 2,075

 Like We Keep Telling You Dept.:

Behold! Russian military excellence explained, in 20 minutes:

Fielding as front-line gear such things as 130-year-old bolt action rifles, pot metal and foam body armor, cardboard and plastic helmets, broke-dick 60-year-old rust-bucket tanks, and endless further examples of Russian endemic corruption, manufacturing mendacity, and bureaucratic incompetence all combine to explain Russia's underwhelming military performance since February. It also explains where those Putin-crony oligarchs with mega-yachts found the dough. And belatedly, why, with a nominal 5:1 advantage over NATO in tanks at the height of the Cold War, the Russians still felt inferior and under-armed. It was because they knew 80% of those tanks were vaporware, and the 20% they did have other than the annual May Day Parade dog-and-pony show examples were total p.o.s.

The main differences between Putin-philes and Cubs fans are that once every 108 years, Cubs fans have something to cheer about, and the Cubs never tried to take over Indiana.

If Mack Sennett had written the script for the Moscow Military Morons, he couldn't have done any better serial comedy.


John Wilder said...

Some of the photos/vids I'm seeing are sheer WWI level.

Michael said...

Aesop as you have told us the truth about Russia being corrupt, idiots, poorly trained, retreating everywhere and gear is shit.

Tell me why they are a THREAT to the Mighty US Lead and Equipped NATO?

Anonymous said...

Question -

If Russia is this bad, why can't Ukraine put them away?

Or is it as I've maintained from the beginning that there is no winner here?


BigCountryExpat said...

Interesting take showing jus how hollow the reality of the equipment is. -Something- hadda pay for them yachts. Only thing I will take issue with is them using the Mosin Nagant 91/30 Rifle...

Yeah WW1 Tech... BUT
Outside of the Springfield 1903A4 there hasn't been a better long distance tack driver ever made. I owned one and even as a -baseline- field model I was regularly able to shoot .5MOA with the thing at 100 yards. with iron sights... Not meters... YARDS

Given that perfection is hard to improve on, BOTH sides have been using the 91/30 on the reg. Hell, like the Krainians are also fielding fucking MAXIMs FFS. Rechambered to 7.62x54R but still, even older than the Mosins and STILL bringing the pain. Brandon The AK Guy on Youtube did a great vidya on the Maxim b/c of this... check it for "Maxim"-mum coolness (sorry couldn't resist the pun...

Anonymous said...

Alas, history. None of your BS is aging well, Nursie.

Your buddy AeSlop may or may not be stupid, but he is a duplicitous bullshitter about the Kraine and Rona for sure.
He indulges in the antivax narrative (now) and preaches and it, but here is a sample from his past maniacal rantings:

"If you decline the shot, and subsequently get infected, and then pass it on to others, especially those susceptible to serious illness or dying, however, you should be dick-punched for forty days non-stop, and then flogged around the fleet a couple of times, before being allowed to mingle in society again just like every other @$$bag f**ktard who brings their crud to work, or sends their kids to school, when they're sick, and they know it.
In lieu of flogging, if a suitable whipmaster is unavailable, I would accept staking the miscreant out naked between fire ant hills, slathered with fresh honey every other day, for not less than a week.

6) That said, even if it's not mandatory for my job, I'd probably still get the vaccine (I like the Moderna non-GMO one more than the Pfizer sub-zero version), because while I'm not in the critical zone, I'm near enough, and for ten months now, I'm working with actual ragingly infected Kung Flu patients daily at bad breath distance, and the opportunity to block getting sick or dying, and cancelling out stupid people's dumbass lifestyle choices, with a couple of shots, looks like a pretty good tradeoff. Once I'm immune, all y'all can be the biggest dumbasses on the planet once it doesn't affect me, and at that point, IDGAF. Which is a pretty good reason for anyone who wants the vaccine to get it, once they have the opportunity."

That, like much of Kraine rantings will not age well, and there are many other examples such as his screeching that MASKS WORK. A narcissist with sycophantic followers does not benefit anyone.

Aesop said...


Because they are led by an aging and delusional megalomaniac dick-tator, and they possess intercontinental nuclear weapons with demonstrated functionality.
But you already knew that.

Did you have any serious questions or comments for a change, or were you just whacking off to the sound of your own fingernails on the chalkboard again?

Aesop said...


No argument on the Mosie's capabilities, but going up against modern combatants using one isn't anyone's first choice.
And by next year, Ukraine will be selling a lot of them, frequently fired, but only dropped once.

Aesop said...


Russia is this bad, which brings them to peer equality with Ukraine.
They're managing to lose, slowly, after initially not winning very much, and even more slowly.
That's what an even match looks like.

"So the rule for use of the military is that
if you outnumber the opponent ten to one, then surround them;
five to one, attack;
two to one, divide.
If you are equal, then fight if you are able.
If you are fewer, then keep away if you are able.
" - Sun Tzu

BigCountryExpat said...

"...by next year, Ukraine will be selling a lot of them, frequently fired, but only dropped once."
Sure AF -hope so- Have you SEEN the retarded price points on those fucking things these days? Uber-Stupidly overvalued. I paid $120 for mine (new in prehistoric cosmoline or the rooskie equivalent... took -forever- to clean it up) and $120 at the time was a wee over market price, but then again, mine was in never-shot condition with a 1944 manufacture date... starting bids on Gunjoker: $699 and up... with one priced at starting at $3500... FFS these people are fucking stupid...
Jes' Sayin'

Aesop said...

@Anon 12:12P,

Alas, context.
You left out from your selective quote that that was my position when the vaxx was unknown, before it was available to the general public, and before there was any VAERS data whatsoever.
So you got me: I believed the entire medical system wouldn't be bastardized top to bottom in order to break the initial promises, prior to actual evidence or after-action, that it was to be
1) an actual vaccine, developed, vetted, and tested as thoroughly as the last 200 of them in recorded history
2) not an untested experimental DNA-altering gene therapy, which had
3) skipped almost any human testing entirely, with all data that would have indicated its massive dangers scrubbed from all info dumps.

So, you busted me: in December 2020/January 2021, I was not, in fact clairvoyant and psychic. How stupid of me.
And then, you cleverly left out that as soon as I started getting more information from the early adopters, and VAERS data started spiking like a moon launch, and the news was uniformly horrifying, I passed that information, and my own reservations, onwards every single day afterwards.
Which is why I did not get the not-a-vaxx, and told everyone in creation to similarly refuse it, to any extent necessary.

You being so much smarter, perhaps now you'll be good enough to link to your own psychic revelations before it was ever released, and the sources you consulted, and post a link to your and their perspicacious prognostications from the same time and date as mine, or earlier, and your exhaustively-researched and loudly related warning signs that all the stops would be not just bulldozed, but deliberately nuked from orbit, and that every single medical and scientific roadblock erected over a hundred years to anyone pumping two-thirds of the country full of death serum would actually be deliberately and consciously obliterated, all in order to kill millions on a slow-roll, while using the effort as cover to steal a national election?

What's that?
Of course you won't.
You cannot.

Because you had no fucking idea two years ago either, and were too busy then telling those of us stacking the dead bodies from the actual disease that it wasn't really happening, because you hadn't died from it, and neither had anybody else from the night shift at the Piggly Wiggly in Bugfuck, East Cakalacky County, or at the Hooterville Cow-Tipping & Sheep Fucking Club.

You're still a jet-fuel genius, with 20/20 hindsight, and in a couple of months, you'll be explaining to us all how Russia was obviously never going to win this insane adventure, because you know as much about military affairs as you do about epidemiology: fuck all.

Well-played, Brave Anonymous Internet Blowhard. You deserve the sites that will have you. because they're almost as smart as you, a bar so low it cannot be measured with existing instrumentation.

But I'm really curious: Did you install a window in your bellybutton to see where you're going, or do you have bat-like radar to help you travel around with your head so far up your own ass?

Asking for medical research purposes.

Aesop said...

I feel for ya.
Have you seen what idiots are asking for high serial number late-war stamped-trigger-guard Garands? Beat to sh*t from Greece and Korea?
I'd have to take out a VA loan.

RegretLeft said...

I keep an eye on a few pro-Russian (even pro-Putin, to a degree) but based bloggers; you can see some interesting Russian social media videos posted by recent Russian mobilized troops at the front (with English subtitles). There was group recently with harrowing tale of being under artillery attack - their offices deserting them; wet, cold, hungry, totally lost at night in a forest. Specifically, re: body armor - they reported "some of us only got paint ball armor"! - They were sure trying to put on a brave face but concluded by begging their relatives in some small town to drive out and rescue them.
= = =
On board with your war take; but glanced above quickly; there were, in fact, plenty of medical and research voices starting spring 2020 speaking about the near certain dangers of a Covid vax - there was a track record for and known dangers of the mRNA tech; long standing concerns about respiratory vaccines disabling immune systems (pathogenic priming); Moderna's mRNA cancer med was dropped early in trials due to extreme lethality. etc etc

You are obviously to be commended for changing your views based on vax outcomes and I do not fault you if you were unaware of that 2020 discussion but it was out there.

Anonymous said...



Aesop said...


No argument about mRNA vaccines in general, but TPTB were less-than-forthcoming about the fact that every single vaccine released was to be mRNA gene therapy, and in fact most sources right along took it for granted they would develop a traditional killed-virus vaccine, which was exactly why everyone figured it would take years, not months, to develop an actual effective COVID vaxx. And to put the fine point on that, what we got wasn't what we were promised, and that is also exactly why it doesn't work.

Aesop said...

@Anon 2:04P

1) She misspoke, obviously, because she knows fuck-all about the military, as you do.
2) The fact that she said "Ukrainian military officers" should have been a clue. Ukraine has never had "100,000 military officers." Ever.
The US military, at nearly 10x the size of Ukraine's, only has a bit more than twice that number.
3) If you paid attention to more than other retard bloviators on the net, you'd know that the 100K number being bandied about of late is the NATO estimate of total Russian casualties since this started.

If Ukraine had lost half its armed forces, which is what 100,000 of anything dead would look like for them, Vlad would be in Kyiv, looking for Zelensky, to stand him up against a wall and shoot him.
Not retreating across the Dnieper, and trying to keep a fingerhold on the Donbas by throwing in every press-ganged conscript swinging dick he can find, with no shoes, no socks, and museum-piece tanks and rifles, and having to shop at Norks-R-Us and IranMart for functional drones.

Your parakeet score for repeating things you don't understand is 10.
Your IQ score for not understanding them is 2.
Grade: F+.
Well done. Your 0.5 GPA makes you the valedictorian of your pledge class, Flounder.

And yet some people still wonder why their anonymous unsigned shit-for-brains comments keep getting shit-canned as a total waste of time and bandwidth.

Old NFO said...

Everything of any military value has been sold to the 3rd world to pay for 'luxuries' like food, shelter, and heat...

BigCountryExpat said...

Garands? Duuuuuuuuuude I am -so fucked- on a Garand... met up w/Borepatch who recently got a VG-EX grade CMP Garand... the weapon was EPIC and GORGEOUS, and ABSOLUTE high end example of the Civilain Marksmenship Program Garand...

Where I'm fucked for it is Wifey took to the Garand like a fucking fish to water... bitch outshot me AND Borepatch like a champ... she now INSISTS that I get her next rifle as a Garand... Le Sigh... such is the Hell that is my Wife/Life...$2500 anyone?

One bright spot... the broad was an absolute natural with it... putting nickel sized patterns in targets at 75 meters... IF I were to get one in her hands, I -know- that she can stack bodies all. day. long.

Part of it is she's 6'2, 200 pounds of pure Amazon Garand Wielding Pinup Worthy Beeeatcha... and yeah, she read this and wholeheartedly agrees LMAO

Plague Monk said...

Three brief remarks:
I've seen some people "allegedly" fundraising for the Ukes at the larger gun and militaria shows in western Ohio since late spring. I want to donate to them, but I don't trust them since I can't verify their status. The Plague Nun and I donate to DAV, and I always drop a few 1s for the vet groups at the shows. The Uke groups want larger donations and actively discourage smaller donations, unfortunately.
I'm surprised and disappointed at the vehemence of some of the bloggers supporting the Russians, and the descent into name calling. Most of the time these people are amusing, but on this subject they seem to be foaming at the mouth in anger toward anyone supporting the Ukrainian people, and you in particular. I don't get it, but I admit that I'm not good at understanding people...
I see the Putin-ese fanboys are still consuming the swill from the Faker, I mean Saker, particularly the comicbook magnate. That includes a few writers that on other subjects are mostly sensible(i.e, they agree with me...LOL). I've dropped from my surfing list a few people that I had been following for many years because of this.

Tucanae Services said...

Hey, I have 2 mosins, long form and carbine. Both are great hunting rifles but it would have to be the last choice for field combat. The other bitch is the mil spec ammo is caustic and will eat a barrel if not cleaned within a reasonable time frame.