Friday, November 18, 2022




Anonymous said...

Hardcore Intensity?

Been There, Done That. Got the paychecks. Don't want to do it again. We only worked 16 out of 24 and 72 hours a week because that is what the feds limited us to.

That Brute Elon canceled the daily catered lunches!

be603 said...

Gideon, winnowing down to his 300.

Anonymous said...

Musk is right.
The Butthurt Brigade is wrong.
Fuckem and feed them fish heads.

Anonymous said...

According to the mainstream media, Twitter is about to "Suddenly Blow Up and Stop Working!" any second now. CBS News piously says it will "stop all Twitter engagement."

I think the media is just begging and pleading for someone, anyone to Cyber Attack Twitter. Will they get their wish? See their competition die?


Karl said...


Suz said...

OMG!! Twitter workers will have to do "hardcore" work!!! Gasp!!

They wouldn't know what hardcore work was if it bit them on the ass. The rest of the real world is completely familiar with the do more with less attitude that is standard in the business world. Just ask any nurse or other medical personnel about "hardcore work environments" that were experienced in the past say 2 years.

Twitter workers need to stop whining, grow up and get a real job. Cause they are living in a fantasy world. No one--absolutely no one--needs Twitter...we all lived quite well without it for one will miss it about 0.02 seconds after it is gone. Folks that think otherwise are just beyond stupid.

Justin_O_Guy said...

I woulda thought scraping the leeches off would have left the place at Least a little off balance. Apparently they really didn't DO a damn thing For the company.