Saturday, November 19, 2022

Your "Come To The Jesus Nut" Moment

"Pay attention, meatheads. This is the M-114 155mm towed howitzer. It dates back to WWII. Its nickname is 'The Pig'. It's called that because the rumor was it's made of pig iron. It's not. It's made of steel, and it rusts, but it is definitely heavy as hell, as you'll find out one fine day when you try to move it in a field of mud. You see this nut here? That's the Jesus Nut. Whatever else you do, you'd better make damned sure that nut is secured in place, rust-free, and safety-wired in place, as it is here."

"Uh, Sgt.? Why do they call that the Jesus Nut?"

"Pvt. Smuckatelli, they call it the Jesus Nut, because if it ever comes off, you better pray to Jesus you're nowhere nearby." 

True story. But like most parables, it has a wider application. And I told you that story to make the following points.

Some @$$hole (which is the kindest thing anyone's probably ever called him) decided that what the internet desperately needed, was his brave anonymous prognostication and fortune-telling of everyone who reads this blog, and anyone that readership might consider like-minded, chiefly by reading the tale told from deep inside his own diaper spackle. Which mainly consisted of chickensh*t. Besides giving that the appropriate mocking, I nonetheless read such nonsense most days, provided it isn't from one of the few wastes of skin and oxygen pre-selected for auto-delete by an add-on program. I do this just in case the usual retards too chickenshit to post here under their own names may accidentally stumble onto some greater truth, or really, any worthwhile thought, probably without realizing it.

There was, in fact, no such thing there, which left me shocked for all of about zero seconds. What there was within, however, was a revelation of the poster as a self-loathing little cretin, whose mewling whinge was, in so many words, condensable down to 

"Waaaaaaah!!!!! Life sucks now, but I haven't done anything, because everybody else hasn't done anything, and that's why nobody's ever doing anything about that. Waaaaaaaaah!!!!!!" 

Well said, Brave Anonymous Troll.

But your fundamental error, typical of mindless sheep, is to assume anyone else's actions are necessary for you to act in any way, shape, or form. You would be the sort of jackass to let a bear eat you if no one else was smart enough to run away first, to show you how to do it. Best wishes with that plan.

How it really works, for people with a spine and a set of testicles, is that they simply decide what has to be done, and they go do it. With or without help.

No one knows your name, Brave Anonymous Whiner, but hundreds of thousands to millions know who this guy was, and what he accomplished all by himself:

Millions who'll never read your screed with anything more than scorn, disgust, and gales of derisive laughter have read what this one guy wrote:


Millions more who couldn't give a wet fart if a meteor ended you with a sizzling squish don't know the name of a single one of these guys, but they know exactly what they did:

And a like number know, without a single hint, exactly what this is, who built it, and what he did with it:

Every one of those people was heroic in their own way, at their chosen moment, in ways your pathetic and feeble (your words) whinging will never accomplish, because they figured out what needed to be done, and they did it, without anybody else holding their hands, or giving them permission. Usually just the opposite, in fact.

You can't figure that out, let alone do it.

But even you aren't completely useless: your exact bassackwardness can serve as a negative example, and teach other people to succeed, simply by not being like you.

And the way they're going to do that, is because they, unlike you, realize that life and society, in a complicated modern world, is absolutely chock-full of actual Jesus Nuts: single points of failure in a complex system that makes all the problems you're worried about blow up in the faces of your would-be overlords.

Stop me if you've heard this one...

If somebody goes after world leaders, they'll be hunted to the ends of the earth. Unlike some idiots, all of us know that.

But the guy who goes hunting the transformer a block from an important building, whether it's the Capitol, the Senate office building, or city hall, is probably never going to be found. it's just as illegal, mind you, and the federal attack dogs will bust a gut looking, but nobody can be everywhere, and the failure nodes on this civilization are literally legion.

No one can shut down the border, singlehanded. But imagine what happens if someone pulls over the traffic control boxes for the last five intersections before and after the border checkpoint?

Not advocating anyone should  do that, because after all, it's illegal (kind of like stealing elections is illegal), so it's baaaaad. So definitely don't do that. Even if any yahoo with a pickup truck and 50' of tow chain could git 'er done, times five, in about 15 minutes.

They also could find the water main for some important edifice of your would-be overlords, spin the water valve shut, and pour in 100 pounds of Ready-crete on a Sunday, so that it sets up good and hard by Monday morning, and there's no bathrooms or water there for days. That would be mean, evil, and highly verboten.

Is there a bank that's so woketarded they need a reminder of where their bread is buttered? Do not, under any circumstances, shove a metal credit card shape into the ATM slot, wired to a car battery, or a welding arc generator. That might damage the bank's property. It would be serially bad to hit 20 or 50 ATMs in a single night like that. Don't do it.

What's that, you say? The local college is a hotbed of woketardedness and Antifatarianism? How curious. Imagine the hilarity when someone drops a few tons of dirt and rubble in front of the student parking lot entries in the pre-dawn hours of a Monday morning, with caution signage and orange cones, and signs their work with the anarchist "A", some red and black posters, and a couple of rainbow warrior flags. Stick it to the manchildren, yo. Represent.

That's four small examples of what a slender thread life runs on, in a nation filled with soft targets, none of which require ammunition or body armor, let alone James Bond levels of gadgetry to pull off, yet no one will be shooting at the person doing it, and at 3AM, most will never even know it's happened.

Everybody's noted the literally hundreds of fires at food processing plants the last couple of years. Why should the WEF have all the fun?

That's all I'm suggesting might take place.

Brighter and motivated people could make a list of people, places, and things, that are the Jesus Nuts in any number of enterprises, none of them with Secret Service levels of protection. Wondering about whether the lemon is worth the squeeze? Call Mr. CARVER to do an analysis.

Someone serious would probably try to pick things that hack off and hamstring TPTB, without pissing off the Normies. If you find the right leverage point, you can move the entire world.

Someone so inclined could make a list. Scratch off one target every couple of months. Start small, and easy. Go forth randomly. Don't ask anybody, Don't tell anybody. Now it doesn't matter what "everybody else" is up to. Just what you decide to do. Which leaves only the same two questions that have always faced you (not you, Brave Anonymous Keyboard Do-Nothing, but the people not you, who aren't too chickenshit to do something, and smart enough not to fedpoast what they did last summer):

(Which, incidentally, is why one of my memes is worth hundreds of your snivveling whiny wet-diaper screeds.)


The Violator said...

Some text on a screen doesn't scare me and fame is for keyboard commandos.
Nobody is willing to do anything because they are still comfortable.
Even outsiders are laughing at the "muh guns" posers in XXXL tacticool gear as the country swirls down the drain.
As long as the message is out there who cares who gets the credit.

FredLewers said...

Those that know don't talk and those that talk don't know.

FredLewers said...

But the real key to success is gathering Intel anonymously.
Get useful intel,
Don't leave a trail....

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Do unto others, then split.
One doer who keeps his mouth shut is worth a hundred whining posers.

Jonathan H said...

And those who don't care about getting the credit, or who don't expect to get it, are the ones who make the country run (or make changes to it).

Stealth Spaniel said...

I am so impressed with your level of character, silliness, and spin! Great ideas start with good research. Kind of like baking; it's all in the proofing. Well done, sir.

Dan said...

Lots of theoretical targets. Sadly most of those targers will cause grief to people who are NOT part of the problem. The people who ARE part of the problem will be part of enclaves much harder to affect. As for ATM's. They are favorite targets of malcontents. Thus almost all of them have built in cameras....and often other cameras situated close by. Remember that important fact.

Anonymous said...

If you are not part of the solution....

You may wind up suffering alongside the parts of the problem...

Nice that TPTB decreed masking..

Justin_O_Guy said...

You would be the sort of jackass to let a bear eat you if no one else was smart enough to run away first, to show you how to do it..

I enjoyed reading that. Plenty more of that post,too, but that,, that is summathat stuff that leaves a mark.