Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Fake, But Accurate

If the margin of fraud can't be beaten in mid-term elections, with a functional moron in the White House, 20% inflation, and gasoline going for $5-$6/gallon, sufficient to keep a vegetable out of the PA Senate seat, flip that chamber by nearly every seat in play, and pick up 20-40 House seats, it's impossible to accomplish ever.

Banana Republic is now forever. Stevie Wonder can see the fraud from space, FFS. (h/t WRSA)

This wasn't a Red Tsunami that didn't materialize, it's one that was crib-strangled by pre-planned fraud in linchpin cities and states, and multiple leaking incidents make it clear that the fix was in when Democommunists weren't particularly concerned by it months out. Elections no longer matter to them, and they've seen to it, to a metaphysical certainty, anywhere it's remotely close to even. The only "victories" are in places where it's still a 40-point blowout. Cock-a-doodle-doo, fanboys, but your battleground states are purpling up nicely, between illegal aliens and fake piles of copy center ballots.

You saw your last real election in 2016 (and that was an accidental glitch), the caterwauling from that lasts unto the present moment, and you won't see another one this side of an ocean of tears, rivers of blood, and mountains of bleached skulls.

Move your attention to getting ready for that certainty, not into cheerleading or sportscasting the next Harlem Globetrotters-Washington Generals game. Those results will now be baked into the cake, forever.

Write this lesson on your hand with a Sharpie if you're liable to forget it.


T said...

"If the margin of fraud can't be beaten in mid-term elections, with a functional moron in the White house, 20% inflation, and gasoline going for $5-$6/gallon, sufficient to keep a vegetable out of the PA Senate seat, flip that chamber by nearly every seat in play, and pick up 20-40 House seats, it's impossible to accomplish ever."

There's another possibility: there are now enough indoctrinated voters, thanks to the publik skool sis-stem, to elect those who promise them "rainbow stew and free bubbleup".
They don't understand that there is no free lunch, and that somewhere, someone has to pay for all those "free" things.

It's depressing.....😢

Aesop said...


If the communists had this in the bag by honest means, they wouldn't bother with steals.
Ergo, they don't, and they know they don't.
And they aren't leaving anything up to chance.
They learned what can happen with free elections in 2016, and the lesson was driven home.

June J said...

There wasn't any way to vote ourselves out of this. Elections are just political circuses for the entertainment of the elites in power.

Charlie said...

Yes they cheated.
No, we are not surprised at all.
What we were doing Monday, is what we are today.
Stock up, load up, hunker down, and wait.

Skyler the Weird said...

Our Oligarchy is saved!

elysianfield said...

Well are you ready for the next step? Civil issues? It has been long suggested that there would be no general uprising so long as people are well fed and relatively comfortable...grasping tightly to a thread of their diminished lifestyle.

Full bellies and a warm place to weather the outrages daily occurring? Yeah, they have to do something about that. How about food scarcity, energy prices spiking (if available) and 87 thousand new IRS Agents? Fed promises pain. Dem's promise a long dark winter. Posse Comitatus laws no longer sacrosanct.

The shot-callers WANT you to take it to the streets. They NEED a national emergency to bring the old culture into line

My solution? Pilates and Yoga. Limber up, so that you can kiss your ass goodby.

Sorry if this thought "harshes your mellow".

T said...

The engineer in me is curious as the the exact mechanism of their spoofing.

Aesop said...

Multiple incidents of people caught with car- and truck-loads of blank ballots weeks and months before the election, coupled with electronic voting machines, with no record-keeping function, and trapdoors in software big enough to drive anyone smaller than Stacy Abrams through, would more than account for the sudden, widespread, and strategic underwhelming payoff on Selection Night.

The media keepers of the mythos on both sides of the Uniparty have a more-than-vested interest in not rocking the boat too hard, so they're already out in force proclaiming "Hey, I guess we just struck out...", rather than whispering "Hey, WTF??? We had double-digit polling leads up until Tuesday morning, and suddenly we're down by 11 points from that?? Like hell!"

They got brought to heel after 2020 as well, and don't want to break their own rice bowls. Fuckers.

You're going to hear story after story as people discover 300 ballots from one address, 400 dead people voting into their hundred-and-teen-age years, and 500-vote batches from people living at vacant lots, and yet nothing will come of any of it. It's now set in concrete.

Skyler the Weird said...

Even the Democrats must've hated the President of Earth. They found votes for Warnock but not for XM-1 Abrams.

Marty said...

Michigan voted to enshrine drop boxes and mail in ballots in its constitution. And they also voted to prevent people like Mike Lyndell from looking into those elections. Only government officials can investigate election results from now on not private citizens.
I wonder why they bothered, since they can steal elections with impunity, I guess just because they can.

It past time to be worrying the elections,and in a way that's comforting. Because the US' death vigil is over, and now we can get on with the wake. And the final services for the US.

checkers said...

A question to fellow citizens?

Just what would it take for you to vote out the democrats in particular,, and the powers that be in general? What about 40% inflation and 10$ gas? What about 60% inflation, and no gas? What about a 5 year wait and permission needed from your government to just take a vacation, and even then the travel has to be offset with the carbon credits you have accumulated by eating bugs?
The list goes on.
Asking for a friend.

Aesop said...


What makes you think they didn't vote out democommunists and TPTB in general?

"The Devil's first miracle was to convince the world he didn't exist." - The Usual Suspects #votesteal

Steve said...

Going to lay the blame squarely in "our" lap. We didn't teach the children well. We bitched and complained and meme'd and got snotty with each other....but we didn't do anything about training up the next generation. We just expected them to "want" freedom. Kinda reminds me of the underwhelming reaction the Iraqis gave us when we invaded their sand pile; to supposedly release them from their "bondage" .

Aesop said...

What you mean "we", paleface?