Friday, November 25, 2022

X-Box Call Of Duty vs. Real Deal



Anonymous said...

Maybe because the magic supply system shows up with fresh batteries for your equipment, hauls away your wounded and dead,brings food and ammo?

NOW Remove electricity from your field hospital and supply system, OH and the fuel pumps for your magic supply helicopter.

Now what hero?

10 support for each shooter.

Logistics, it's a thing.

Aesop said...

No shit.

Now show the class what logistics on the Ukrainian army have been affected at this time to the point of hindering their operations.

Hand-waving is great, until it turns out what's being done has accomplished fuck-all, except demonstrating one side's complete lack of tactical ability, and to cement the people you're trying to conquer into being willing to suffer anything to defeat you.

The US has faced four enemies like that in the last century. We are 1-3 against them.
The sole victory of the lot took four years, 50% of the national economy, 8% of the men in the nation in uniform under arms, half the national war effort of a fully-militarily-mobilized nation (like you won't see in your lifetime, including in Russia, short of actual Armageddon), and, oh yeah, nuking them into submission. Twice.

Bombing campaigns alone have never won a war in recorded history since the Wright Brothers took off from Kitty Hawk.

Anonymous said...

You might try that bullshit story with some people here, but I remember the Iraqi’s losing electricity, oil and transportation. As in history books, truth is what the writer reflects to the audience.

T. Rose

Capt. Bobvious said...

So, Iraq's now a western democracy, because that campaign "worked", huh?
History: F.
Strategy: F.
Tactics: F.
Good work.

If the other field marshals Aesop mentioned could recollect that the power infrastructure that matters right now is in Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Germany, the UK, and the US, none of whom are or will be cold, dark, and blacked out any time soon, maybe they'd figure this one out all on their own.

JimR said...

I am sure the civilians in Kiev are comforted by your assertion that their lack of power and heat is of no consequence.

Anonymous said...

That Iraq campaign worked? Bwahahahaha !
Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan All worse off then before big green arrived. However, Afghanistan does have $80 billion in the finest U.S. Armor that paper tiger left behind. Didn’t even attempt to drop MOAB’s on them.

How did that Iraqi campaign work out for the sanctions on the Iraqi people? 576,000 of their children killed by the lack of food and medicine, not to mention their elderly that died from that campaign for those sanctions.

Since the western supported Ukraine coup in 2014 Ukraine has murdered between 14,000 - 16,000 of their fellow Ukraine countrymen in the eastern part of the country, an ethnic slaughter because they speak Russian. Kiev passed a law forbidding the Russian language.

Putin asked Kiev to stop bombing that area and killing the innocents, they didn’t so he moved in after begging the West for an ironclad guarantee of safety for those people and for Russia not to have missiles with a five minute flight time to Moscow. His tactics are no different than the West bombing Serbian strategic areas and killing at least 1,500 civilians. But I guess that area in Europe probably doesn’t qualify for western civilization democracy by your standards.

The goal is capitulation, and to keep NATO out of the area. If I were Putin, I’d place nuclear weapons 90 miles off the coast of the United State. Jack Kennedy isn’t in office and this country has no leader equivalent to him.

You talk like you think you know history, and you think the American continent isn’t going to go dark? How did those wind generation plants out in West Texas work out? Froze up for days and people died in Texas because they wouldn’t allow the coal and gas plants to go online to generate electricity. Not that it would have mattered because it was so cold that gas stopped flowing out of the well heads.

Good luck with your utopian dream of FUSA.
Send your sons and another 80 billion to Ukraine. White men killing white men for over a century has worked so well.


KurtP said...

Because behind the wire SeaBees had your compound set up with generators, showers and A/C for your strongback tents.

Aesop said...


You're the one saying that it "worked". If you can't keep track of your own position in the discussion, I suggest you re-appraise it.

The whole point is that killing civilians hardens resolve it, never breaks it.

Not once in over a century of trying. Didn't work against Britain in WWII.
Didn't work in Germany or Japan in WWII. Didn't work in North Vietnam. Didn't work in Iraq. Didn't work in A-stan. Isn't working in the 'Kraine.
Clever readers might spot a trend.

Oh, and Ukraine was bombing the Donbas because it was full of RUSSIAN-infiltrated airborne and Spetnaz troops, dressed in civvies (and wearing Russian airborne T-shirts!) since 2014. You could look it up. Don't want to get bombed? Stop trying to steal countries on the cheap, and hiding amidst the civvie population. Boo fuckin' hoo for Vlad and his minions taking it in the shorts.

Putin broke his own "ironclad guarantee of safety" to respect Ukrainian sovereignty when he seized Crimea in 2014, then doubled down by moving into eastern Ukraine immediately afterwards. Oops. History doesn't go the way you think it does just because you read your news off the TASS newsfeed. Actions like that have consequences, and Vlad doesn't get to attack, then complain because he's taking shit for it for 8 years.

In what is evidently a newsflash to you, Russian boomers have been operating close enough to the US to preclude intervention since the 1970s. If Vlad wants to end all civilization North of the equator, there's nothing stopping him but the knowledge it includes himself and his entire civilization as well. That, and some guy with a loaded pistol within 10' if he gets twitchy. Crying nuclear "Wolf!" stops working after the 27th he does it since February.

America may well go dark, but that has more to do with Emperor Poopypants backstabbing independent energy policy non-stop since 1/20/21,a and idiotic watermelon (green on the outside, red on the inside) fifth columnist moves here at home. Perhaps you've read about it.

You're the captive of your own bassackwards narrative, can't spot the obvious contradictions, and it's made you lose your mind.

Almost like civilian infrastructure has nothing whatsoever to do with combat effectiveness in a war zone.
Maybe you could call the Kremlin, and have them update their doctrine.
Putin's 57-D chess isn't working out as well as he planned.

Capt. Bobvious said...

Hey, Aesop, one of the anonymous posts is just Michael trolling you. He's bragging about it on Filthie's blog. Thought you ought to know.

Aesop said...

I get it.
I wouldn't want to sign that sort of codswallop either.