Friday, November 4, 2022

Vaxx Amnesty?

 We've made our position clear on other blogs, but for the benefit of anyone who missed it, a commenter wondered our position on the call from some woke Karen at Brown for a general amnesty for the Vaxxholes and their societal-wide Covidiocy of the last two years.

Let's be clear here:

Carte blanche forgiveness en masse for the power-drunk Karens who killed tens of thousands of our relatives and friends by putting the infected in with the most vulnerable populations of uninfected, denied a million or more medical practitioners the ability to use common sense or any alternative and efficacious treatments for Kung Flu under penalty of professional suicide just to line their own pockets, then killed tens of thousands more with multiple forms of worse-than-worthless Not-A-Vaxx (whose death toll will grow inexorably until it rivals and surpasses the Holocaust or Stalin's and Mao's Purges combined, which toll will be ongoing for every day of your lifetime), destroyed the greatest economy in modern history on a wholesale scale, wiped out entire sectors of that economy and erased entire chains of businesses, employing tens of millions of people, pirated a national election, illegally installed a senile selectee, inflated the currency to near-collapse, gutted the military as we approach a time when it would be most needed, and attempted to completely subjugate the world's foremost free republic under the boot of totalitarianism, forever?

That's what the guilty are now asking forgiveness for perpetrating, in their headlong drunken quest for mere riches and absolute power over the entire nation?

Upon 0.2 seconds' mature reflection upon such a monumentally asinine suggestion, we can speak no more eloquently than the late great Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, when asked if the world should forgive Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait:

We will say no more on the question, and suggest the choices - between individual garrotes, firing squads, ad hoc wire and lamp post executions, scaffold hangings in job lot batches, or whipping their skin off with barbed wire and setting them alight with gasoline whilst still alive - are best left to the wisdom and expedience of the local populations most directly affected. All will be perfectly acceptable. Dulce et decorum est.

The vision that should haunt the Vaxxholes' every thought, whether awake or asleep, from this day until their final moments on earth, is this one coming to fruition:

'Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.

Which explains their screaming hissy fit over the coming Red Tsunami.

This sentiment is shared on a widespread basis.

What happens when a Karen from Brown University floats the idea of Amnesty?

From WRSA today, among a host of similar thoughts and memes:

D'accord, mes amis. Looking like a long, cold winter for Team Vaxxhole.


Virginia Granny said...

Dear Aesop,

And didn't I read recently that the flu shot this year (and something else, but I forget) is/are being made using the same "not-a-vax" mRNA technique? I'd already decided that I wasn't getting a flu shot (again - didn't last year, either, with no issues), so no immediate harm, but certainly a foul.

IMHO, this can't be good. What say you, sir?

Aesop said...

Unless you're part of a test, this season's shots are traditional shots, not mRNA.
(Ask and research, if in doubt.)
The idiots at Pfizer et al want to bring mRNA tech from COVID-19 to all vaccines, which will mark the moment when I won't get any more.

T said...


If the idiots at Pfizer do that, it will leave the market wide open for other companies to produce traditional flu and other vaxxs.

Tucanae Services said...

Oh hell no on Vaxx amnesty. The whole article and some of the wailing from the left as well is a sign of victory against them. But there needs to be a mopping up operation, a series of tribunals, and public hangings at the foot of the Washington monument. These people cannot be permitted to slither away to attempt it again. And much more important, the hangings should be televised to send a signal to others to not even try -- again.

Plague Monk said...

My doctor, who has been very good now that she's off her kill-shot kick(which was mainly pushed by the lead doctor in the practice), told me that the current flu vaccine is a traditional one, but not effective at all. Lead doctor requires that she offers it to all patients, but my doc said that less than 1 in 10 of her patients are getting it. FWIW...
Plague Monk

Aesop said...


One would hope so, but that's only true if they were trying to help people with the COVID not-a-vaxx, or the annual flu vaccine now, rather than trying to thin the herd, which presumes facts not in evidence.

Aesop said...

There's no way to tell how effective it is until a get ways into the season.
In an average year, there are 600+ strains of flu.
If any year's vaxx is effective against 2/3rds of those strains, it's a good year.
If it's effective against 90%, it's a GREAT year.
Bad years have been from the teens, on to single digit effectiveness.
This year, it's far too soon to tell.

Jonathan H said...

How often are there"good" or "relatively good" years? And does it vary depending on where you live in the country?

I haven't gotten it for a decade since I never saw a difference from years I didn't.
Plus, I now stay away from doctors as much as possible.

Stealth Spaniel said...

F*** every Karen and her minions for even begging for amnesty! To death by Ceasar indeed! Every doctor and nurse and 12,000 other medical personnel who were hounded, harassed, and tied up to be vaxxed should have a new Personal Revenge Day on those assholes. "Why do you carry a machete with you, Jacob?" "It's my PRD and you're first on my list." Kaiser Hospital took out ads touting their "heroes" for all the world to see. Then, they wholesale fired anyONE who would not submit to an experimental drug. I remain a pureblood simply by dodging, ignoring, and slipping away. And that is what a BigBox was demanding. Hell, at this point I am afraid to get a tetanus shot. Let's see; fatal disease caused by a specific bacterium that enters the body through wounds and characterized by respiratory paralysis and tonic spasms, or death jab? Medicine like this is what will bring back witch doctors. I am so disgusted by how many rolled over for BigBux and Power. Off with their heads!!

elysianfield said...

I am prepared to forgive all those complicit in the Vaxx promotion.

...When the Jews forgive Hitler.

Pat H. said...

Someone else said it, I support the idea completely.

We don't want a Vaxxer Amnesty, we want a Vaxxer Nuremburg trial.

With hanging as a punishment.

Aesop said...

@Jonathan H,

Every year it's literally a crap shoot.

Based on the previous years' major strains, they try to guess which way various strains will mutate.

In vastly simplified terms, say last year we had African G, Asian O, European J, and American X.
So they try to guess which way the next years' mutations will go.
Call it African H, Asian P, European K, and American Y.
If they nail it, the shot is 90+% effective, mitigating or preventing 550+ strains of flu out of 600+. Good times.
But if we get African F, Asian N, European I, and American W strains instead, the shot may only be 8% effective on the 600+ strains of flu in the population at large.
I've gotten the shot for about the last 15 years, and I've had instances where the flu hit me, and was gone in less than a day, with minimal symptoms, because the shot worked.
I've also had years when they guessed poorly, and I got the flu twice despite getting the shot, because they guessed poorly.

(There was also the year when the labs fucked up, all the virus vaccine batches failed, and there was NO flu shots, and TPTB ran PSAs that scared the shit out of parents, so they made their kids wash their hands, and stay home when they were sick. As a direct result of people not being their usual selfish slobbering jackasses, it was one of the mildest years for flu in recorded history. Remember that when people tell you pandemics can't be prevented with common-sense precautions, like washing your damned dirty hands.)

Getting sick for a week or two is such a miserable time for me, it's worth the chance it might not work well to get the shot, because side effects from a killed virus are about nil. And if it works well, it's better than a kevlar vest.

That's not the case if they bastardize it with their goddamned mRNA guinea pig testing on my genes, and if they go that route, I've gotten my last flu shot.

Since they can't palm this one off on emergency circumstances, there will be no wiggle room on full safety trials, but given the track record and honesty of Big Pharma and TPTB in government, with credibility at -1000, I doubt I'd trust them to ever be honest and truthful again under any circumstances, unless they decide it's unsafe, and shitcan the whole idea.

Time will tell; I'm not optimistic.

Aesop said...


I agree, but only on the condition that it includes summary executions by hanging ten at a time on the quarter hour around the clock for several months for the ones at the top, and working downward. After the first 100,000 or so, including Fauci, everyone with a medical license at the CDC, the senior editorial and executive staff at every major network and newspaper, and every culpable government minion at the federal, state, and county levels, we can start talking about life in prison on a rebuilt Alcatraz Penitentiary for anyone left after that.

Ordinary street-level Karens could get out in maybe ten or twenty years, as long as they wear a yellow swastika constructed of syringes in silhouette in front, and the word "Vaxxhole" in 3" block letters on the back of their coats, whenever they venture forth in public. Lapses punishable by public flogging, followed by a week in the public stocks.

Let the punishment fit the crime.

John in Indy said...

My internist / GP has a correspondent doc in Australia, and they trade info on which variants they are seeing, as the flu seasons are sequential. Last year and this year, he said that there was a mismatch, and I did not get them.
Pureblood, as much as I can be with the meds I take, as I already have had clotting problems, so just Hell No.
John in Indy

Nautigal said...

“What are YOU prepared to do?”
This fucking vax put on the childhood schedule? For the purposes of shielding these psychopaths from any liability? BABIES??
I’m just a chic, with two baby chics. And I have been asking myself where the “good guys” are for QUITE some time now.
THAT’s not a ‘red line’ for you?
For fucksake. Go ahead and call me a fedposter or whatever. I’ll fess to who/what/where I am.
Apparently there is no line. Because it has been crossed like an autistic kid scribbling all over it and I’ve been hanging on to so many of your blogs - philosophical, political, cultural, societal, prepping…
It just feels like any other psy-op!
They just keep creeping, and nudging, and destroying our society but any day now, somebody’s gonna eventually say, “this line and no further!!” but it never happens!
And now they wanna death jab our children and all you guys are like “puttin up more ammo and bean cans! But damn if they go too far!” Dafuk is too far?? Not that?
What the actual fuck is too far for all you guys? I know you’re here.
Don’t answer. Just ask your goddamn selves and get your shit together. Or write another blog post, I dunno.

Aesop said...

The short answer to that is always: "You first."

The longer answer begins with "Putting something on the vaxx recommendation list isn't the same thing as requiring it of parents and kids at gunpoint." Because it isn't.
Sooner or later though, the persons trying the latter will be known personally to whomever they're trying to victimize, with local names and addresses. And like popcorn, nothing happens until the first kernel goes off. Then a few more. Then a lot. Then it's everything.

I would suggest that before you get to that last resort, it's something you're as prepared to undertake as you can possibly get. (And even then, it won't be enough, but you must still try.) Because there are no do-overs once that Rubicon is crossed.

Ask the Jan 6 panty-raid ass-clowns rotting incommunicado in a DC jail or federal prison how things work out when you half-heartedly half-wittedly half-ass it.

"If you're ever stupid enough to pull a gun on a man, you'd better be smart enough to use it." - Pa Clanton, My Darling Clementine

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Aesop, I will note that I received in my e-mail box today a generous offer from CVS to participate in a clinical trial for flu vaccines using "mRNA technology". So the balloon is already up, apparently.