Saturday, November 5, 2022

In Case Anyone Was Wondering

 h/t Chief Nosewetter

Where The Problem Is... it's probably those first three letters.

They're up to 28 shots before 2 years of age.
What in blistering f**k?!?

24 more from age 2-18? 52 shots, total? Srsly?!? 18 of those are flu shots. That's nucking futs. IIRC, I had maybe 6-8 vaxx shots, total, before hitting boot camp (after college). Including tetanus twice, and smallpox, which isn't even given anymore because it was wiped out worldwide in the 1970s.

Pull your kids out of public education, and tell your pediatrician to shove about 90% of that bullshit right up his own ass. They've clearly lost their minds. And a shit-ton of that could and should be pushed back to far later in life than the toddler years. If ever.

That's before we even add the current Mengelian recommendation to give kids the COVID Death Vaxx, despite brighter countries' medical experts banning that optional idiocy forever.

FFS, they've given live (weakened) polio virus in the OPV vaccine, which has a risk to a small number of kids they absolutely know will get the disease, because they figure the risk is worth the overall benefit to the community. Which is fine, except for the kids paralyzed for life by it.

I'm not anti-vaxx per se, unlike Jenny McCarthy-level nutters (vaccines have utility, and wiping out smallpox worldwide was no petty accomplishment), but pumping this quantity of shit so often, and so young, has long since crossed the line into sheer lunacy, and has a lot to do with how you ever got to Covidiocy now. This nonsense should've been nipped in the bud about thirty years back.


docfromjerusalem said...

I agree

kurt9 said...

If they had stayed with the childhood vaccine schedule of, say, 1975, there would be no problem today.

Landroll said...

Not disagreeing with most of your comment but I believe at least one case of smallpox was discovered in Southeast Africa. We can be assured that the biological labs of the various countries with war germ labs maintain smallpox virus...just in case you know. There is also quite likely viable smallpox virus in graves in the far north.

Plague Monk said...

Yet the vaxxholes are still pushing for lots of unneeded shots, as I found out yesterday afternoon. I went into a local grocery well known for being woke, and as soon as I entered the store I was accosted by 3 people; one from the health department, one assistant store manager, and one fleabotamist. They asked me if I was vaxxed, and I answered that I wasn't, and had no interest in the kill shot. The health lady told me that for the good of the community I needed to get four separate shots. I politely declined once more, yet they persisted.
Bad move, as my kindly wife was at home with the flu, so I channeled my inner Silverdeth and told them that my brother and I disagree on the proposed amnesty. He wants to feed all of the vaxxholes into a Morbark, whereas I, being a medievalist at heart, would prefer to burn all of them at the stake. The looks on their faces was worth the aggravation, given that I fleshed out the details in grisly fashion. The healthy lady looked as if she was going to lose her last week of meals...
The store was not running any Muzak, just public service propaganda about everyone needing to get the needles. I no longer shop at that chain, but they had an open branch of my bank, and I wanted to cash a check for services rendered before I go to a show this morning. I'm investing in precious metals, such as those offered by S&W.
Plague Monk

Paul M said...

I am also not against proper vaccination, being born in 1960 our parents, then us, trusted this was for the best…but this is beyond all rationale. Any doubt why the “peanut” allergies and autism rates having skyrocketed? Pump a bunch of “CDC and AMA recommended” junk into our young and the reasons become clear. The Not-A-Vax showcased this with people dying from odd medical manifestations suddenly showing up and VAERS off the charts, yet it does nothing to stop transmission or infection. People have become sheep to the money hungry evil-doers.

We are being played (well, some…certainly not those of us with an operating brain.)

Tucanae Services said...

I was born in 1951 and all I ever got as a kid was the polio and smallpox vaxx. I don't remember any deleterious effects of not having any of the other injections. Hell, I had a flu shot a decade back and it threw me for a loop worse than if I had contracted the flu. Have not had one since.

SiGraybeard said...

One of my earliest childhood memories was when the Sabin polio vaccine came out and you drank it instead of getting a shot. Polio and smallpox were all I ever had.

After a bad bout with the flu over the Christmas break from work (that I had to work through) I said, "I think there's nothing left to learn from the flu" and got a shot the next year. I've gotten one every year since then (around 30 years). Not so far this year. When they started talking doing mRNA flu shots, forget that stuff!

Aesop said...

This years' shot is original recipe quadrivalent.
The reason I get them is because even if work poorly one year, you're getting acquired immunity from four more strains, without the bother of getting your ass kicked by the real thing over and over. Over a 20 year span, that's 80 strains that your body can defeat, which is quite a bite out of hundreds of possibilities.

But like you, the minute they switch to some frankenbrew mRNA crapola, I'm done getting them for life.

They can experiment on hamsters, not on my genes.

Aesop said...


The last cases of naturally-acquired smallpox were all in the late 1970s in Africa. ('75, '77, or '78, depending on whether you ask WHO, the CDC, or the BBC.)
Of course it's bio-stocked by the major players in their arsenals, but it's been eradicated in the wild since before 1979, the only disease in world history AFAIK to achieve that distinction.

RSR said...

A few years back and not having dug into this issue, eyes opened when hospital wanted to give our newborn the hep b one just after birth -- a sex and drug virus not present in our household. We declined and said we wanted to consult w/ pediatrician first.

After lots of research and reading, came to the same page as you Aesop.

Best, most balanced book i've seen on the subject is Dr Paul thomas' vaccine friendly plan, and there's his approved plan as a pdf you can download at no cost.

Thanks for raising this issue!

John said...

This simply must be rethought. Wonder what the total bill for all that is?

Justin_O_Guy said...

The Amish don't Jab. Depending on the source, which is always the case, they have either No autism or much below the statistical Norm of Jabbed society. I know I never saw an autistic kid in school. I'm soon to be 68,for some idea as to the years I was in the Indoctrination Centers. A search of Amish autism yields enough stuff to think about. Naturally sNopes says some do jab the kids and they do have autism. What they don't say is whether or not the cases of autism were in the jabbed. Funny thing that. I think the ADD,ADHD stuff is likely connected to the onslaught of jabs. And now, the people who do the deciding for the parents have unanimously decided that kids gotta get the experimental covid jab,which looks like an ongoing series of Boosters until, hell,IDK, Something happens. They die?
We are supposed to be okay with shoving an experimental injection into our children after watching the rise of myocarditis and the Doctors are Baffled, died suddenly, died in her sleep, reports??
How many times have you seen the advertisement to join a class action lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company because their FDA Approved drug had killed enough people to get them in trouble?
But this Experimental Jab is supposed to be accepted even while anyone who has eyes can see it is not safe and it is not effective.

To quote Nancy Reagan
Just say No!

T said...

Here ya'll go:

Devil Tongue said...

Aesop, if I may, I would like your view on receiving blood at the hospital? I had to have major surgery last month and checked the "NO" box on the form to receive blood if I needed it. My surgeon was beside himself, YOU CAN DIE, yep doc I can I'll be going out as a pure blood. Am I being too paranoid, as I have reverse surgery next month. Thanks in advance for any response. Regards.

Aesop said...

Look into autologous blood donation. You donate your own blood to be used for yourself if needed, beforehand. If they don't use it on you, it goes into the general population donation bank. This far out, you could probably pre-donate at least 2 units before surgery.

Devil Tongue said...

Great idea, Thank you, Sir for your time.

The Overgrown Hobbit said...

Any chance of doing dedicated donations for specific people if one is a pureblood Type O? Asking for a friend.

T said...

Here is Louisiana's vaccine requirement's for public schools. Note that the list is MUCH shorter than the CDC's recommendations, and Louisiana uses the IPV polio vaccine.

Aesop said...


You'd have to check with the actual hospital doing the surgery. It'd probably be treated like autologous donation: used for the friend if needed, and reverts to the general blood bank if unused.
No blood bank will turn away a donor for anything less than a bona fide disqualifying condition; the shortage of blood for transfusion is perpetual.