Tuesday, November 15, 2022

It Needs To Be Said


Put any butthurt and reservations aside for a minute and consider: Nothing in that meme has changed. Not. One. Thing. If anything, it's worse.

Cheetoh Jesus is still pissing off all the right people, on both sides of the political aisle, and causing them to shriek at frequencies only audible to dogs.

The convention of people with a serious shot in 2024 about whom you could ever say that could be held in a Volkswagen Beetle, and probably inside a phonebooth, and includes no other former POTUS, nor (R) candidates for same, since ever.

The cast of characters on the Right, even the non-RINO Right, all wants to be gangsta, until it's time to do gangsta sh*t. Then they're all AWOL. As usual.

Trump has Been There, Done That, and Got The T-Shirt.

The new bar for entry is "Has your house been raided by the FBI?"

Call me when anyone running next time has the balls to get into that club and come out standing up.

The next Selection will still be a formality. That's baked into the cake even now.

But the revelation of that fact is going to black pill one helleva lot of Norm Normies out there. And believe me, that needs to happen.

So give the Leftards a lit M-80 enema. Because you can.

And that's why Trump should be the nominee, for the same reason the World Trade Center should NOT have been made a hole-in-the-ground memorial, but rather should have been rebuilt exactly as it was, except with a Patriot SAM battery put on top of one tower, and a 100-foot tall bronze hand with the middle finger extended, facing exactly towards Mecca on the other one:


Change my mind.


Nori said...

Excellent post. By 2024 they’ll have raided your house,shot your dog,raped your wife and put your children on a Dizzknee Cruise to whichever Pedo Island is currently fashionable.
Assuming humanity makes it thru 2023,of course.

Anonymous said...

NOT gonna try to dissuade you, Brother. Hopefully if DJT gets the nom, it will be through a vigorous set of debates, he needs that to strop the blade.
While I'm hopin, I hope he makes better choices for Veep, AG, SecDef and the rest. Dude should NOT be taking counsel from the dead elephant party.
I'm pretty sure this is all gonna be rendered moot though; the commies stole it once, now twice. We'll be using the last voting box by then.
Boat Guy

John Wilder said...

Question: does this stave it off, or speed it up?

Night driver said...

NUTHIN ta disagree with, bro.

WISH he'd just STARTED with "The Plum Book" and gone down each column on each page and fired them all.

Night Driver.

Termite said...

You know,

If perchance both Washington DC and NYFC were to disappear in a pair of blinding white flashes, the source being American in origin, about 75% of our political woes would be solved.

Just sayin'....

Anonymous said...

McCarthy was just re-elected as the House Republican leader.

It is a big bipartisan club. We ain't in it, and we will never be in it.
They made sure none of our midterm candidates had a chance. McConnell sent the money to Lisa Murkowski so she could beat the Republican Candidate in Alaska, rather than McMasters or Laxalt.


Anonymous said...

I think MSM is pushing for De Santis run, because he is more predictable than Trump. De Santis can be reasoned with and is a politician after all. Trump will not play the game the Dems want and that infuriates them. The Left will continue to hound him by any means necessary and attempt to decide that running isn't worth the damage caused to his family and himself. He is plenty rich, plenty old and should be all accounts be enjoying the sunset of his life. Who needs that ****.

Anonymous said...

Keep Desantis in FL.

Let him increase the FL national guard in numbers and based-ness. Take full control of all FL organs. Continue to give the middle finger to .gov. Now be more aggressive.

Be a beacon/model to other States like MO; OK, IA, TX, AL, AR etc. Develop a compact with those states to increase length, mass and strength of the aforementioned middle finger while the left/leviathan/deep state.gov attempts to run two wars overseas at the same time.

This is an organizational cudgel with actual leverage that does real damage.

Keep Desantis in FL.

Brian_E said...

Magic 8-ball days:

Ask again later, the answer is unclear.

Anonymous said...

That big hand needs to be holding a blt while giving the single digit salute.