Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Happy Selection Day!

Today's the day we find out if there's any possibility to outvote the margin of theft.

Enjoy the circus.


T said...

IIRC, mathmatically it gets difficult to spoof the votes if the real margin is greater than 2%.
The solution is to win by such a large margin(5% or more) that it can't be realistically spoofed or challenged.

We can dream, right? 👀

June J said...

With voting machines mysteriously not working all over the country, it seems these two questions are more relevant:

John said...

I haven't looked so far at the results, but my trust level is low. They're very good at cheating.

Jonathan H said...

My expectations is that the Republicans will likely take the house, because throwing dozens of elections, many in states with good electoral procedures, is hard.
The Senate, on the other hand, will probably stay Republican since it would only take fraud in 6 to 10 cities, to throw the whole chamber, similar to what it took to steal the presidency.
As a side benefit, most of those cities can also be used to throw the governorship of the state, which has many additional benefits.