Tuesday, November 29, 2022

I'm Sure It's Just Wild Coincidence


Just a random anecdotal sample of patients over the four-day:

58♀  Stroke-that wasn't-a-stroke, Dx with Bell's Palsy - Vaxx x3

61♂ Sudden cardiac arrest, massive coagulopathy - Vaxx x 3

15♀ Chest pain x 2 months - Vaxx x 2

42♀ New onset Bell's Palsy - Vaxx x2

24♂ chest pain, elevated troponin - Vaxx x 2

Total ER-wide COVID patients - 1:  94♀ - Vaxx x 3, slight SOB, totally stable

Total ER-wide unvaxxed COVID patients - 0

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, when my vaxxed co-workers start dropping. Oops. too late:

One nurse, on shift: 36♂ Chest pain, tachycardia, elevated BP, became a patient mid-shift. Vaxx x 3.

That's after screening out any cases where meth or any other illicit substance use was onboard as a factor. I also don't know what my co-workers dealt with, so that's only my 4% of our total patient load.

And we're just one hospital in the county, seeing maybe 2% of the daily patient load.

Nothing to see here; move along.

Looks like I'll have job security here until I'm 90.

FTR, pre-COVID, a diagnosis of Bell's Palsy happened maybe once a month in any ER I've worked in the last quarter century. Currently, it's daily to every other day. Wee uptick, wot?

AFAIK, the staff is about 25% unvaxxed nurses, but there's not a single unvaxxed doc. Gonna be a bitch until they start training pureblood doctors, from a vastly reduced pool, maybe a decade on from now, once we start losing docs.

Factor that into your Boogaloo calculations, kids. It's going to be a bumpy ride.


Skyler the Weird said...

They'll import unvaccinated Docs from the Caribbean and West Asia like the Brits do.

kurt9 said...

I'm not vaxxed, but have reading about this on various blogs with various estimates of expected mortality and morbidity tolls. These range from mild to catastrophic, with the credible estimates being 3% (1 in 30) of those who got the shots.

What is your estimate of death and serious disability rates?

Termite said...

One nurse, on shift: female, 36 Chest pain, tachycardia, elevated BP, became a patient mid-shift. Vaxx x 3.

Is she a "chubby tubby", a smoker, or both?

Anonymous said...

Most of the new Drs. I've seen seem to have very East Indian names, so...

Survivormann99 said...

In D.C., during the height of the pandemic, yard signs appeared saying, "Thank you, Dr. Fauci." (These were probably the same people who had virtue signaling signs in their yards that I have seen around here, e.g., "No human being is illegal" and a litany of other Leftist bullshit.)

In five years, Fauci will be seen as the fraud he is. His history of involvement with the development of the virus will likely be exposed, along with all of its warts. Fortunately for Fauci, given his age, he may not be around to suffer the ignominy.

Tis a pity that Republicans did not win the 51 votes they needed to take the Senate. Doing so would have unleashed Rand Paul to expose and eviscerate Fauci and the hacks that run the CDC.

All is not lost, however. The focus will be on the House now, so standby for the shit storm to follow when millions of Americans will have no choice but to confront the reality of how badly they have been duped. Living in ignorance and/or denial will no longer be possible for "the man who has not been paying attention."

Aesop said...


None of the above.


Of those mentioned, the full arrest will probably become an organ donor inside a week.

C said...

My significant other got the first round of vax after getting pressured into it by her previous employer. Symptoms were so awful she refused the second dose and got another job. Got the Covid a year later and said having it was milder than getting the vax. I didn't get the vax. The flu was way worse than the Rona. Eight hours of body aches and the sniffles. Right as rain a day or two later.

Greg said...

I had just been established with a local doc when he dropped dead at his clinic at the ripe old age of 48. Massive coronary, he was airlifted to a cardiac center, but was declared brain dead a couple days later. I figured I'd never know if he was "vaxxed" or not, but that was before I tapped into the "little, old, church ladies" info network. According to hot rumor, he was three days post booster.
Pro tip: That LOCL grapevine network is a resource not to be underestimated. They know everything about everybody in a small town, and I've seen them sitting quietly in a restaurant, hoovering up every word around them. I do my best to be on their good side. One of them just gave me a couple jars of peach-jalapeno jam. Mmmm-mmmm-mmmm!

Stealth Spaniel said...

"15♀ Chest pain x 2 months - Vaxx x 2"........THIS is how fXXd up our society is now. At 15, I was already working at AT&T as an operator and thought my part time money was ENORMOUS. Therefore, I could pay for gas if someone 16 had a license, and a borrowed car to go to the beach. That was the ladder of success-not being in a hospital with chest pains!! What a disservice our youngsters are getting and no wonder Mother Nature is so crabby. Most 15yro's do not belong in a hospital. Fauci did the same thing to HIV+ patients; they were his experiment species with his Dr. Mengele inspired "medications". He never paid a price there either.
Job Security until at least 90. That is the blessing of being a nurse. At 85 you can apply at WhatNot's Dr. Whistle Clinic and if you are fairly current, upright, and mentally sharp-everyone will embrace you like the Second Coming. When my mom retired, she had doctors and clinics calling her for years after. If your progeny wants a recession/depression/TEOTWAWKI proof job-then nursing is it. (It is to my regret that I embraced pharmacy.) Doctors? Maybe....if they have a loveable personality and are not pushy or arrogant then they are considered "useful". But nurses are there 24/7 with the patients and real quick they figure out who is buttering your bread, so to speak.

Aesop said...


The hardest part was asking them about the patient's vaxx status, both regular and COVID, without making it come out, "So, how long after your second Covid vaxx did the chest pains begin?"

Which was, point-blank, exactly what I was asking.

I doubt the penny will ever drop for folks like them until it reaches the critical mass of Camp Lejeune water advertising. Probably sometime about 2025.

The Old Guy said...

Speaking of which, Aesop, where did you experience Boot Camp?

Aesop said...

Which time?

There are several answers to that, but the one you're probably looking for started at about 2100 Local on a Monday at 32° 44' 19" N, 117° 11' 35 W. The CinC was named Reagan. I was in the 3rd file, 5th set of footprints from the front. IIRC, I didn't crap for three days. Nor need to.

Anonymous said...

I haven't transported a non vaxxed COVID patient in at least 6 months. Now remember I only work a 24 hour shift twice a week but we still manage a fair amount of calls here in rural MO we are approaching 6000 as we speak. I am seeing a lot of exacerbation in those with comorbidities and being vaxeed, ie.. COPD pneumonia and the like and the common denominator is the shot. Lots of arrhythmia as well where there is no history before. Mortality is up here too. Just observations from the guy who drops them off to you.


Anonymous said...

That looks to be pretty close to the front gate of Pendleton.

Old NFO said...

That is truly scary...

Aesop said...

@Anon 2:48P,

You're only off by about 35 mi.

Anonymous said...

My nsg school, class of ‘75, graduated 49 women and two men, one of whom was me. Worked 28 yrs in ER, then 20 in Endoscopy, where old ER nurses go to ‘retire’, then actually retired for my 71 birthday at the end of May 2020.
With the vax mandate coming, they couldn’t pay me enough to stay.
I know your “age 90 job security” comment was literary license, but if my hospital was the norm I no longer recommend nursing as a career choice.
SP RN Emeritus

Anonymous said...

‘Post hoc, ergo prompter hoc’ hasn’t gone away. Yet we remember they useta be called the ‘Medical Arts’, back before big pharma and big gov took full control, when correlational observations exactly as you point out were part of the foundation of practice. One can design a ‘scientific’ study to prove or disprove most anything one is paid to, yet reality is the final arbiter of truth.
Aesop, your site is of great value. I don’t sometimes agree, but it’s always good for thought.

John Wilder said...

Know two folks, J&J, within a month of each other multiple bypass around one year out. Don't know of boost status.

Aesop said...

@Anon 8:38P,

As I noted, it's anecdotal, and could be fallacious if that were the entire sample size.
But as the patients who arrive are random, when it becomes 5000 events, it's not anecdotal correlation. It's predictive.

We've been getting a lot of sort-of strokes for months and months.
We're seeing chest pain in age groups that shouldn't have cardiac issues, and it's turning out to not be drug-related.
Kind of like all the non-flu and atypical pneumonia URIs we saw the two months or so before COVID made an official appearance.

These are things you can't unsee once you notice them.

LSWCHP said...

My mother almost died a couple of months ago. She had shortness of breath, and was told it was anxiety and prescribed anti-depressants. A sharper doctor eventually diagnosed her with blood clots in the lungs after she had to be transported to the hospital in an ambulance.

Her brother, my uncle, was also experiencing difficulty breathing, so my Mum urged him to get checked out. Lo and behold, he has blood clots in his lungs.

Last week I saw my 24 year old niece, who works as a trainer for professional athletes, so she's as fit as anyone could possibly be. She looked like shit, and when I asked her how she was, she said she'd been sick for a couple of months, and a few days before she'd been diagnosed with myocarditis.

And at my old workplace, in the last half of 2021 five staff members died "suddenly". Like in mid-sentence.

A colleague of my wife's died a few months ago after having a stroke and a heart attack.
She was an athletic woman in her early 40s.

Anybody who tries to tell me any of this is normal can kiss my hairy arse.

Anonymous said...

Yep, exactly.
Trust what you see, not what ‘they’ tell you!

lpdbw said...

Can anyone give me advice how to find a PCP who is unvaxed or at least open-minded?

Normal search tools aren't giving me much joy; I think they actually skew me towards vaccines rather than away. Bastages.

My current PCP works for the same healthcare org that fired me for not vaxxing. As I posted elsewhere, he's "A mask-wearing slave to his student loans, the drug companies, and Standard Of Care, who continues to push statins despite their proven hazards and increase in all cause mortality."

Anonymous said...

So, several years ago the powers that be in Chin had a closed door meeting and posed the following question: How can we kill enough people in america to render the country ineffectual & unresponsive in such a way that most of them don't notice?
Every industry was tasked to develop sometimes insidious sometimes overt ways to degrade the vitality, economy, health & confidence that america possesses. We are sadly at war with that country. Have been for some time. If only they would have bombed pearl harbor or something. But no, they were patient enough to do things like sell socks at costco that turn into boa constrictors after a few washings. Not lethal by itself but in the aggregate effective.

Anonymous said...

Of those mentioned, the full arrest will probably become an organ donor inside a week."

What happens to the organ recipient who received tissue from a vaxxed donor?

I've - NOW - religiously adopted the "no transfusion" rule and am considering a medic Alert bracelet with that message. I didn't, and won't, get the vax but i also do not want it second hand.


deb harvey said...

thanks for info
daughter has studied and used herbals for years
is now studying and using chinese traditional meds
they work!
has told me that i am not to take her to hospital unless unavoidable
we soon may not be able to use hospital anyway with so many leaving the profession and the inevitable deaths of injected medical personnel.

Anonymous said...

I thought about this too. Call the local or state medical society and ask for a list of doctors on probation?

Anonymous said...

Pulm/CC doc in East TN. We have not had a ICU patient with COVID as the primary diagnosis since Feb 2022.
My skills are cancer staging are certainly getting a workout.

Anonymous said...

The latest Omnicrom is VERY VERY contagious, and they are NOT testing. Almost Nobody apparently, vaccinated or previously infected, is showing immunity. Yet they are not testing! They apparently do NOT want to know how many vaccinated are infected, and or tie the uptick in many morbidities to the vaccine. I cannot think of any other reason.
My wife got Covid and, when she woke up deaf in one ear we took her in.
They did not question her about covid, or test her in the hospital. A doctor privately told her that it is hitting big time. Another doctor said we are basically not talking about Covid, and told her “privately” this (the sudden hearing loss) is very likely Covid related. However on hospital paperwork it is NOT being assigned to Covid. They never asked her if she was vaccinated. Their outside testing area is closed. AFAICT, they are burying the trail of the many many Covid side effects from Covid,and the fact that so many vaccinated are now Covid positive, which in effect is burying the vaccine failure.

Tom Bridgeland said...

...Anonymous Anonymous said...
Pulm/CC doc in East TN. We have not had a ICU patient with COVID as the primary diagnosis since Feb 2022....

February was the cutoff in my ICU too, in Illinois. It just suddenly stopped and has not come back. We do get the occasional Covid patient, but nothing nothing nothing like what we were seeing before February.

SFTOBEY said...

Aesop, if you want to find out what morticians are seeing watch "Died Suddenly". It can be watched for free on Rumble.