Thursday, November 10, 2022

The Mentos Effect

 h/t Peter @ BRM

"I see everyone on the right fighting about Trump vs DeSantis for 2024 and I just laugh to myself. The presidency in 2024 is a pipe dream, with DeSantis or Trump on the ticket. To be frank I don’t know if we’ll ever see a Republican president again. Millions and millions of illegals pouring over our border and being distributed to key swing states. An electorate trained to believe that hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots appearing is normal. Demographics is destiny. He who controls the machines controls the outcome. We didn’t fix 2020 and we didn’t build the wall so don’t expect another “free and fair” election." - Andrew Torba

Torba's right. But that's not the last word on the topic. There's always a pretty big problem with stealing elections. When shoving something down someone's throat, there's usually a pretty violent opposite reaction. Likewise, when you block off the only way we have to peacefully change governments, the default that's left is not one you want, assuming you're sane.


danielbarger said...

Still waiting for that "violent reaction". Not holding my breath.

Marty said...

2024 elections, how.quaint.
Although we will probably have an election but it will be so over the top fraudulent that it will be pointless. And anyone who points it out will be charged wth the federal hate speech crime of Election denying. Which Chief Justice Mike Obama and the other 8 Harris/Biden appointments to the Supreme Court will rule as being perfectly constitutional.
Vote harder next time LOL

Aesop said...


No one can say when or why, but imagining they should happen right now is as wrong as imagining they'll never happen.
The other side always over-reaches, and reckonings always come.

Jonathan H said...

Yes, the pendulum always swings - but it usually takes a long time and in the process LOTS of people get hurt, often the weakest and most vulnerable.

John said...

One step closer.