Thursday, November 10, 2022

Semper Fi, Deviled Eggs

Happy birthday to America's red-headed stepchildren. First in, last out, always left behind, and given the gear left over from the last war. And while they'll bitch about it all day and night, the guys in that soggy foxhole are secretly happier than pigs in sh*t. That's why they're different than you. And always will be.

Eventually, the dumbasses in charge will get those guys a war, and they can use the trannies to clear minefields by hand.

Just remember: anybody can be a civilian. They don't even have to pass a physical.


RandyGC said...

Happy Birthday Jarheads!

Survivormann99 said...

I attend a local swap meet in my area on a regular basis. It has almost no trash from China, and I find "jewels" from time to time. I often see a fellow who used to run an army surplus store, but who now sells military surplus items at the swap meet. (I haven't asked why.) He always has a large display of enameled military pins, and some bumper stickers. He says that he has only sold one Coast Guard bumper sticker after all his years in the business, and that sticker was to a Coast Guard mother.

He says that he sells more Marine Corps pins and bumper stickers than he does of all of his other services combined. It is pretty obvious to the casual observer that, from the vehicle stickers/decals on vehicles, Marine veterans have a higher level of pride and esprit than any other service.

Today, November 10, is the Marine Corps' 247th birthday. Yes, the Army and the Navy were established a few months earlier that same year, but isn't it obvious that the Continental Congress was getting "do-overs" in order to get it right? Just sayin'.

The Marines have always been poorly funded when compared to the other services. They often have to fight the current war with the last war's equipment. Still, the Marine Corps gets results, and appears to be the most feared by enemy ground units. In World War II, the Japanese government, in order to stiffen its soldiers' resistance, warned its soldiers that Marines were madmen who were recruited from insane asylums and prisons, and they could expect only the worst treatment from them. I have never heard that warning being given about Army units.

The Army? God bless 'em. The Army is absolutely essential to the nation's defense. Its far larger size, broad range of combat assets, and fighting capability is what wins wars.

Yet, Marines like to say, "The Army wins wars. Marines win the battles."

Semper Fi!