Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Two Important Reminders


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are a treasure trove of Meatspace Training Opportunities, labelled as such. We reap not a penny from pointing them out to you, just the satisfaction that you'll be doing them and yourselves a huge service by partaking of the learning on offer, whether online or in person. We're big on the latter. If you're lacking any of them, avail yourselves of the opportunities, while you yet may do so. You had a four-year respite, and two years of shell shock, mitigated somewhat by favorable SCOTUS rulings. The odds may not remain ever in your favor.

If you haven't pondered that things may not continue as a benign environment indefinitely, you should rethink that estimation, and get your crap in one bag. Dollars spent training in real world skills today will be like gold bars come the time that you need them. You can't read nor buy your way to prepared. You've got to train yourself there.

That's true whether you're of fighting age and trim, or planning on being somewhere in the vital but far-less-sexy supporting elements. The latter will comprise 90-95% of anything, all the time, and commo, medical, and logistical expertise scales up, with annual hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, and earthquakes available for tuning up your game every season, forever.

Get busy.


We remind all and sundry that Adriana Grace is still not with her true and rightful guardians, i.e. her grandparents, Big Country Expat and the Missus, and that the ongoing legal battle to rectify that state-sponsored screw-up is a long, hard, and costly fight. If you haven't contributed anything thus far, why the Hell not?!?

And if you have, good on you, and see if you cannot maybe dig a little bit deeper for the continuing struggle. You can't save the world, but you can certainly help put one little girl back into a loving home. Whatever you can do, please do it. Anything helps a lot more than doing nothing.

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Pat H. said...

Due to age, I'm into the support cadre. I've informed the right people, since I have acreage to offer, quite a lot can be accommodated here at the bunker.

Mark D said...

"'The measure of our damnation is that everyone of us with any intelligence - and there are some - every one sees the Long Night coming. We've grown too wise; we've studied a little psychodynamics, or perhaps only read a lot of history, and we can see that Manuel's Empire was not a glorious resurgence. It was the Indian summer of Terran civilization. (But you've never seen Indian summer, I suppose. A pity: no planet has anything more beautiful and full of old magics.) Now even that short season is past. Autumn is far along; the nights are cold and the leaves are fallen and the last escaping birds call through a sky which has lost all colour. And yet, we who see winter coming can also see it won't be here till after our we shiver a bit, and swear a bit, and go back to playing with a few bright dead leaves.'"

Poul Anderson's character Dominic Flandy, in the short story Hunters of the Sky Cave in the book Agent of the Terran Empire.

I'm no longer so sure the Republic will outlive me.....

Mark D

Night driver said...

Thank you for the poignant reminder about Adriana Grace.
NOT that I've forgotten.

I'm sure BCE thanks you as well.

Night Driver.

C said...

Few people consider logistics. Easiest way to see it. Go to any forum or comments thread and say this: Longbow vs Musket.

BigCountryExpat said...

Man, bro... seriously unexpected and Thanks

Aesop said...

YW. It ain't over until it's over.
Politics and current events are sport.
This is what matters.
Hang in there.