Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Offical Blog Of The White House Staff

'struth! Suck it, bitchez.

Thanks to frequent commenter Nemo for this news which, compared to the dismal tone from other sources lately, absolutely made my day:

Your (I think it's yours, as this is the only place I've seen it other than me repeating the moniker on other sites) Kung Flu moniker finally made the big time. Just saw a head line on (where else!) that included the term purported to have been asked by a PBS/NBC (of all people) newsperson. Right now it's the second headline down from the top."
And here it is at Breitbart:
PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor also challenged the president’s rhetoric, noting reports that someone called the coronavirus the “kung flu” in front of an Asian-American White House reporter.
“I wonder who said that, do you know who said that?” Trump asked. “Say the term again.”
Alcindor repeated the term “Kung Flu” twice and asked again about his use of the term “Chinese virus.”

UPDATE: And it's on the FoxNews site too.

And the FakeNews mediots just can't shut up about it, @ the 13:42 mark:
They're like Quentin Tarantino using the N-word in a movie - they can't stop themselves.

Who said it? I plead guilty on all counts.

Dear Mr. President,

*I* said it. Keep up the good work. Glad to hear *you* don't have Kung Flu. And please express my thanks to your staff for reading my blog.

Best Wishes,

February 7th, my blog. March 18th, national news from the White House.

And a YUUUUUGE shout-out to poster elysianfields, from whom I originally stole it, and then posted here.

Congrats, buddy. Either we're getting signed photos in the Oval Office and MAGA hats, or federal persecution for "hate crimes".

Personally, I'm pleading the First Amendment.

If the media-tards want to take me to Instapundit levels of readership overnight, by all means, come call me out over this. You might want to peruse some of the site before you go that route. One of the tags for this post would be a major cluebat there, before you give me a platform to pull the curtain out from around your Wizard-Of-Oz antics. Just saying.

And if anyone thought I was insufferable before this over-the-moon happy news, well...brace yourselves.

Meanwhile, take it away, Carl:

Oh, and to the unnamed Asian WH reporter or reporterette from this alleged apocryphal story:

Please accept my sincere and heartfelt deepest wishes that you find a suitable hand tool and
untwist your panties!

There's an ointment for that:
Bonus: This blog may also be research material for the L.A.Slimes.
Thanks, Phil.


Anonymous said...

WhooooHoooo!!! I've been crying on the floor LMAO for the last five minutes. ;-))


nick flandrey said...

Said it IN FRONT OF HER.... that was the crime! 'cuz she EXPECTS them to say it amongst themselves, as they are all racist accused and convicted white males...

I've been pushing WuFlu as easier to type and say... but hey, anything that reminds people where this abomination came from is good for the world.


Anonymous said...

..and just to add insult to injury, According to the World o Meter Kung Flu tracking site the number of new US cases approximately DOUBLED from 983 to 1748 in ONE DAY.

Scroll down to the graph for new US cases.


Marina said...

Love it ! Congrats !

Anonymous said...

I'm partial to KungFlu (thank you our dear host!) However, WuFlu is pretty good too. They both riff on the names of Chinese martial arts. Wu does double duty though since this shit started in Wuhan. Still prefer KungFlu though.

nick flandrey said...

@nemo, we'll see weird things in the trendlines as more testing comes on line. Before widespread testing will be flatter, and probably more representative of real spread (that matters ie of cases that actually make people sick). That was running 3-4 days to double pretty much everywhere.


TechieDude said...

I heard that question live as I was driving today. They didn't mention his response when she asked if he thought that term was racist.

He said something like "I don't think so, everyone knows where [the virus] came from"

Or something along those lines. Total belly laugh.

Aesop said...

Agreed. The recent rapid doublings are more a result of testing coming online just last week in wide scale use, and will be anomalously high in the short-term.
See where they are end-of-month for comparison, once things settle down.

Badger said...

Kung Flu™


Anonymous said...

...AND also a headline and story on


Bee Ess said...

Really shows where "we're" at as a country when the most pressing question by some bitch in the back was "Isn't it racist to call it the 'chinese flu'?" FFS lady, you're not gonna make it. After this is all said and done, i'm betting a lot of lampposts won't be getting any decorations.

Anonymous said...

Another hilarious bit is that he got her to say it again, twice. Personally I think she needs to GO BACK.

johnnyrotten said...

He really is the Master Troll getting her to keep repeating something she considers offensive. Listening to it is great but really, one must watch the exchange....epic tier Troll.

Anonymous said...


Marina said...

I suppose one should not name any of the involved parties in the Great Wars either ?
Nor for instance the Korean war ? Nope, that's sooo rayccissst !

Aesop said...


I just added the video feed.
I am a hog in hog heaven at the moment.

nick flandrey said...

anyone in VA still feeling smug about this?

"West Virginia Senator says the state reported no coronavirus cases up until yesterday because it had no tests available but now it will be 'catastrophic'

Sen. Joe Manchin said the coronavirus in West Virginia is going to be 'catastrophic'
He revealed that very few people had been tested for it until yesterday
That is why the state suddenly revealed its first case but it will become worst "

Seriously though, take care of yourselves. Get isolated.


nick flandrey said...

And this is bad news.

Children and young adults may not be as safe from coronavirus as previously thought, the Trump administration said on Wednesday.

‘We have not seen any significant mortality in children but we are concerned about the reports coming out of Italy and France,’ said coronavirus task force member Dr Deborah Birx during a press briefing.

She didn’t give specific numbers of children infected, nor does a JAMA report on Italian cases document any among people there under age 29.

But more cases among children in China have come to light, suggesting kids broadly may be equally vulnerable to adults, and that those under age five may be at risk of falling seriously ill.

Dr Birx also urged millennials to take their health and safety seriously amid the coronavirus, citing a rise in severe cases of coronavirus among young adults in China, Italy and South Korea.



Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Saw the story on twitter yesterday. The original reporter stated that she wonders what they were saying behind her back. I tweeted kung flu. Yeah yeah social media I know. I follow mostly financial people and information but yes see a lot of the rest. I look a couple times a day or so and do not get ding notices. Also It can be the quickest way to get urgent information from the world.

Side note. While were all distracted with the beer virus news our fine betters at the federal reserve reinstated 2 programs used after the GFC. This time the can indirectly buy stocks. This is so bad please send email to Potus and your congress critters they better stop it. Add no EFF'n bailouts either to any company that has purchased their own stock back in the last 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Grats Aesop thats hilarious.I like Kungflu,although Wuflu is good too.(The "official"name of Chinese martial arts in commieville is now called Wushu anyway so both do work.)Thanks for the straight skinny and please stay safe.

Anonymous said...

I've seen Kung Flu on twitter today, several times, plus an asian or two and some weenie sjws moaning about how racist we all are. Of course Asians are being attacked. That's the kind of stupid human behavior you see in any pandemic. I've seen only one or two videos of such attacks, and guess what? It was black people attacking. I know, I know, we are all amazed.

Bwill78 said...

I watched the press briefing live and was laughing my ass off and thinking of you Aesop when that stupid reporter threw out kung flu and acted like it was this unbelievably dirty word. So what does Trump do? Only forces her to say it again and then he says it! Looks fairly amused and proceeds to blow her off. Trump then goes to the next reporter and you can see the dumb broad sitting back there looking totally hurt and wounded that he forced her to say it again and then brushed her off. Classic. Keep up the good work Aesop, love your work.

Bwill78 said...

But but, they told us it was only old people, nothing to see here. Meanwhile the millenials keep partying at South Padre and Daytona Beach. Oh well YOLO

Anonymous said...

What was "No to TARP!" running, something like 95% back in 2008?

How did that work out?

MN Steel

Anonymous said...

Fame brings more trolls, Aesop.

Anonymous said...

People need to have a friggen sense of humor. Kung Flu is funny as heck. WuFlu just doesn’t roll off the tongue as well.

As to calling It Chinese flu or Wuhan flu, well it did originate from Wuhan, China. Dancing around it isn’t going to change that fact. Now if people can show proof that it originated in a bioweapons lab in Camp Detrick then I’m gonna called it the Maryland flu.

Full disclosure. I’m Chinese and I call it the Wuhan flu. It is what it is.

Aesop said...


No, about the same amount, really.
It takes them ten times more effort to spam me than it does to check the comments and blitz them into the ether.
I just wish I could reach through the wires and throat punch them too.

A Texan said...

@Aesop: another Kung Flu mention, this time by Kurt Schlichter in a column that rips the media apart:

Anonymous said...

I see that California is starting to get more serious. They actually are putting hand washing stations in homeless areas.

Why aren't they putting up auxiliary ER screening stations at the hospitals? First stop for any walk-ins is a tent in the parking lot. Sniffles, sneezes, coughs, vomiting, and diarrhea get further screening in the parking lot facilities. Broken bones, possible heart attacks, and the like without any illness present go to the ER. If they are also ill, then they get isolation gear before going to the ER.

Also if you are running out of PPE for the doctors and nurses, how about using DOD CBW Suits? They may be intimidating in their Olive Drabness, but if they keep the doctors and nurses healthy? Maybe put the support staff in the suits, like the people sanitizing the hospital? And the security guards?

I am hunkering down far from any neighbors as long as I can. Everyone that can should do likewise.

McChuck said...

Congratulations, Aesop! You're almost famous!

Anonymous said...

[sigh] There'll be no living with him (Aesop) now. :-)


Anonymous said...

Always knew you'd make the big time, Brother.
Gotta admit that while using KungFlu in conversation, I usually type WuFlu because it's easier. Conserving energy, ya know...

Anonymous said...

Our little corner of NE FL has recorded its first WuFlu death. 4 confirmed cases, 2 men, 2 women, average age = 62, 50% of confirmed cases requiring hospital admission. No further info on what that involved as far as interventions/support.

The news here memory holed information about a symptomatic Asian crew member from a cruise ship that docked here being allowed to disembark and wander around Jacksonville. Duval county case numbers are starting to climb.

I have been in self-imposed "isolation" since late January, only venturing out to one public gathering in late Feb and to visit my wee grandson last weekend. On that adventure, I stocked up on some last minute items at my local Publix. As we are close to a major distribution warehouse for Publix and other big name stores, replenishment has been pretty consistent. However, most shopping carts were filled with 2L soda, frozen pizza, etc. Very people were shopping for things that would be required for long term isolation/supply chain disruption. The mood seems to be that life will just continue as normal.

We had a stockpile in our TEOTWAWKI storage area in our basement from the last flu pandemic scare. This was when NatGeo's series, "Doomsday Preppers" was still a thing on the teevee. Most of our preps are "expired" (ie: N95 respirators), but are still serviceable. Ironically, I was hectored by my hippie daughter to "get rid of all that stuff" around Christmas time, but procrastination and prioritization of other projects around the house meant that didn't get done. I have equitably distributed our supplies based on projected need, and just finished up my last distribution about two weeks ago. No one turned down my offer and happily took the masks, Kleenguard suits, disinfectants, long term food, etc etc.

We have a family member in NYC that has always been full on open borders, diversity is great (brags about how many different languages are spoken by students in the local public schools like it's a baseball card collection), everyone else is a racist and a bigot, etc. Orange Man Bad. Hillary was robbed, etc etc. Openly mocked us as preppers as "crazy". Have heard not a peep from them recently. They are NOT welcome here to shelter if required.

nick flandrey said...

My family's historical doubters are just avoiding me. One did basically everything I advised (without mentioning it), and still hasn't called to update status, I know the things done thru other family members.

I'm glad they finally prepped, but I'm assuming too little too late.


Crew said...

Kung Flu, Kung Flu, Kung Flu ...

I don't give a fuck!

Chinese Virus, Chinese Virus, Chinese Virus.

I don't give a fuck!

Anonymous said...

Owen Benjamin Callisto the Holocough.

Anonymous said...

They used this term for the Hong Kong Flu. 50 years ago. I remember it was also used for SARS.

OvergrownHobbit said...

I'm partial to the CCPflu. Other options include

"...the Kung Flu (or Shanghai Shivers, Wu Ping Cough, Wu Flu, Flu-Manchu, Chopsick, Sweet and Sour Sicken, Mi Lung Flu Long Time, Boomer Entomber, Great Cough Forward, Communist Lung Herpes, General Tso’s Revenge, Ming’s Ko-Feng ..."


OvergrownHobbit said...

Bad hobbit, no bikkie.