Friday, March 27, 2020

Failure Is Not An Option


I've told folks what was coming. Now it's here. What's next?

Here's a draft speech for POTUS. His communications staff can revise, amend (and censor) as necessary.

Ignore the idiots stuck on stupid, singing about how this is nothing, and whistling past the graveyard about how it's all going to go away magically. It's not. Ignore FakeNews, and leave the morons to play with themselves in the bathtub. The grownups have work to do.

Second: Fix the problems, not the blame.
What hosed us the hardest (besides a steadfast belief that something like this would never, ever happen ('cuz 'Merica!), was the CDC clusterf**king the test kits.
Get that sorted out, and get away from tests that require 24-72 hours to read. That's unacceptable horsesh*t.
And don't worry, there'll be plenty of time for firing squads, and flogging around the fleet, for all guilty parties after this is all over.
Anyone who can't get rapid-response Kung Flu tests done, yester-effing-day, can pack their shit for a one-way flight to a 10-year assignment studying skin diseases of the Emperor Penguin at McMurdo Sound in Antarctica.
We want 300M test kits, that can be read within half an hour, and we want them ASAP.
Get it done.

Third: Find a solution to the outbreak.
We've fast-tracked vaccine research. That will take 1-to-infinity years.
If we get one, great. Meantime, there are other options to explore.
The anecdotal evidence for chloroquine (CQ) and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) coupled with azithromycin "Z-paks" (AZ) is promising. Crash-test it now, in every state, particularly those like GA and NFY, where the outbreak has reached critical mass, and is crushing healthcare. All results fast-tracked back to CDC, vetted in real time by Harvard, Stanford, USAMRIID, and every other Swinging Richard with the creds to offer an opinion, and come up with a verdict, in 30 days or less. If it works, I expect all pharmaceutical companies to have 100M dose courses ready to ship in days. Not weeks, days. The kind I could count on the fingers of one hand.

And BTW: Any state that wants to restrict doctors from being doctors is free, under federalism, to do that. So, we should let them.
And then, inform them that all federal funding, for EVERYTHING, will be withheld from any and every state electing to go that route. You want to be an individual in this crisis, say goodbye to FEMA funding. Disaster Relief. Medicare funds. Your federal budget will be zeroed, until further notice. Any governor presenting his or her own valid medical license, a diploma from a bona fide medical school, and board certification from the appropriate medical licensing authorities will be exempt from this restriction. Anyone else, knock off the bullshit, and get with the program. Or prepare to get very lonely. And broke.

Fourth: Mitigate the problems we now face.
Any company setting up assembly lines for PPE, to include masks, gowns, eye protection, etc., should be given a dedicated fast-track to git 'er done. If necessary, the land they sit on will be federalized, and leased back to the company for $1/yr., and all state restrictions and laws set aside thereon for the duration of this emergency, if the states can't get out of their own way.

The companies who make the current N95 masks in use also need to do emergency research to find out if, and under what conditions, that PPE could be used, extended-used, and/or sterilized for such extended use.

We don't want to wonder if you can use, or dry out, or sterilize a used N95 for further use, or alternate multiple masks on different days, nor wonder if they still work. We want to know, yesterf**kingday, and we want it researched, signed off, and over the signatures of your chief scientists and CEOs at the speed of light. Do it right, and we'll write off the costs of such work directly off your tax bill for next year. Get it wrong, lie, halfa$$ it, or skip doing it entirely, and we'll add two zeroes to that cost, and that will be your federal fine for negligence and malfeasance. We'll also add immunity from liability prosecution for your product(s), provided all work meets standards of due diligence and good faith.

It's Friday.
Any head of any federal agency, or any CEO of involved companies, can either send their letter of intent to comply, or their notice of resignation, to the White House, Washington DC, NLT Monday, 8AM, EDT. Anyone who can't get around to it by then can expect a visit from me, in person, in short order, to explain it.

Fifth: Everybody Else
1) You're going to be dealing with this longer than we'd hoped. Suck it up and deal with this.
2) You may be doing that longer than you'd anticipated too. Tough shit.
3) You're already going to be doing this longer than you'd like. Get over it.
Nobody promised you a rose garden. Life isn't fair. Don't lose your minds, and stop buying toilet paper and water like they were gold bullion. The stores are open, like always. The trucks are running, like always. And at the moment, with gasoline going for a pittance. So settle down, buy what you need each week, for a week, and you'll notice things getting back to normal in short order. If your job is on hiatus, look into the twenty businesses hiring instead. If you can't sling coffee, or sell shirts, you can damned sure get a job spraying down shopping carts and counters, and sweeping aisles at the grocery and big box stores. You can join the crews of people restocking the shelves every night, so there's goods there every day. And when your job comes back, they won't need you for the other one anyways.

If you can't do that, be a neighbor.
Help out people in your area who need to stay in, or have to stay in, because they're old, sick, weak, frail, or immunocompromised. Help get them what they need when they can't.

Sixth: The Douchebags and Vultures.
Local authorities have relaxed law enforcement response during this crisis. So be it.
Those who seek to take advantage of this situation can get three meals a day, including a green bologna sandwich every lunch, and free striped clothes to wear, by victimizing people during a national emergency. Your new job will be digging the foundation ditches from Brownsville to San Ysidro along the southern border with picks and shovels. We'll be saving the diesel fuel for our interstate trucker friends. Instead, you'll be working in chain gangs, shackled in groups, under the supervision of federal corrections officers from sunrise to sunset, six days a week, with hand tools, and no air conditioning, digging the works for the border wall. If you can't do that, you'll be picking up trash, by hand, in those same areas. If you can't do that, you'll be sweeping roads with a corn broom in Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, until springtime, at which time you'll be doing the same thing in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas until late fall. And then back again. If that doesn't appeal to you, don't break the law, and don't be a problem during this emergency.

We can work our way out of this, and we can think our way out of this.
We cannot run around with our hair on fire out of this, and we can't panic our way out of this.
We're Americans.
We won our own freedom, we beat the Nazis, and we landed on the moon.
Dealing with this should be small potatoes, but only if we settle down, and get on with it.

Let's get to work and do just that.

Good night, and God Bless America.


CP said...

Seventh - put this doctor in charge of NIH/CDC/whatever else - as he's the only one who seems to have a clue of how to attack Covid-19.

Fiddlin John Carson said...

Bravo Aesop, well freakin done.

Seriously, that was good.

God Bless America.

Anonymous said...

"We're Americans.
We won our own freedom, we beat the Nazis, and we landed on the moon"

...But because a few thousand people are going to die from a corona virus flu strain (which may have died from any other of the flu strain this year) we should spend two trillion dollars, crash the economy, have socialists drooling in every corner or our nation for more control, and give the podium to officious shits like Fauci?

I'm shaking my head in disbelief...

Anonymous said...

I would think that 39 million N95 masks would begin to address the issue, even in CA. Are these not being distributed?

Service Employees International Union United Healthcare Workers West announced Thursday that it located 39 million N95 masks and will make them available to state and local governments and health care systems...

Aesop said...

Not distributed, and vaporware, until I see/hear otherwise.
Why they'd have any masks is a mystery. They're a frickin' labor union, FFS, not a medical agency.

And the number of dead was always a non-issue with this.
Why do retards always zero in on making the Strawman argument like a heat-seeking missile?

The Porkulous Package is an embarrassment to anyone with IQ over room temp in a barn in Anchorage.

Anonymous said...

@ Aesop

From Birx,

An Obama appointee, mentee of Fauci

"there is no present shortage of hospital beds, nor ventilators" - link below:

You are really upset about this virus. Apparently It's not the death toll, it cannot be the number that tests positive - they don't all need hospital bed space, it isn't your love of Leftist gov't employees, -- What the heck are you seeing in CA that we should worry about??? I'm just not seeing it. If they covered the Swine flu like they are covering this nothing burger - we would have been hiding under our beds...

TwoBuckChuck said...

Apollo 13 - LOVE that effin' movie. Even if it was Ritchie Cunningham behind the camera. Its the only modern movie (other than Gran Torino) that I can stand to watch without cringing. No ultra-wise, ultra-mature black authority figure. No half-naked Superchick saving the bacon of portly, evil, balding, racist White future Trump supporters. No mixed-race, hyper-intelligent pre-teen girly with frizzy hair and a quantum physics jones schooling her betters. NONE of that crap.

My Dad was a principal engineer in the design team that created that flimsy LEM and my childhood was spent in a veritable museum of NASA memorabilia. I still own a piece of the original LEM prototype that Dad snagged for me, and I've never appreciated it as much as I do today.

Somehow, I think the skinny-tie boys of the mid-60s would have found a way to engineer us out of this current mess, no matter how much TPTB attempted to FUBAR the outcome. Whether its landing a man on the moon with slide rules for the calculations, or developing a vaccine that will save humanity from itself, today's snowflakes with their gender identity studies degrees are nought but a pale shadow of the men (and a very few women) of the giants they are descended from. This crisis will ultimately be solved (or not) by spit, grit and duct tape, the old-fashioned way.

Anonymous said...

From your keyboard to POTUS' eyes, Brother. Like five and six particularly though adding something to the effect of "...if you survive getting caught by whomever you were victimizing or their neighbors/ protectors, you can go dig foundations by hand..."
It was a particularly good range day; folks are getting dialed-in, good transitions, movement and working together, even while "distancing". My new handloads are spot-on, the steel was ringing and the paint disappeared right in the center of the reticle.
Perishable shopping done, settling in for another week.
Stay safe and God Bless you, Brother
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

Also need a rapid test, to test for already having gotten over Covid-19. That might not be important right now, but in a few weeks.

Aesop said...

@Anon 3:21P

The death rate per se is meaningless (except to the Guests of honor, and their nexts-of-kin).
The dead are dead; as Patrick McGoohan said in Braveheart, "they cost nothing".

But if the "requires hospitalization rate" for this virus is 1%, and "only" 100M people get it, that's 100K more beds than we have in the nation.
If the "requires ICU admission" rate is "only" 0.1%, that's 40K more ICU beds than we have available in the whole U.S.

That's 40K Kung Flu patients who'll die.
And another 60K other critical patients who'll die too, because there will be no available ICU beds for them either.

This is like an Indy crash, where the announcer is focusing on "this will only kill 1 driver, FFS; what's the fuss?", except the car is airborne and flying at 200MPH at 50 feet, headed right for the thicket of hundreds of fans in the grandstand, who have nowhere to move out of the way.

Everybody's looking at the magician's hat, and I'm telling you where the rabbit is going to come from.

Anonymous said...

"That's 40K Kung Flu patients who'll die.
And another 60K other critical patients who'll die too, because there will be no available ICU beds for them either."

"The dead are dead; as Patrick McGoohan said in Braveheart, "they cost nothing"."

Aesop said...

Right, and you're already at double the numbers for flu deaths in a worst-case year. So at that point, it already ain't "just the flu".

Now do the math on everyone else not getting a hospital bed until Kung Flu is gone.
So IYHO, how many millions of people need to die before we flip the switch from "No Big Deal" to "Serious Shit"...?

Termite said...

I'm not particularly worried about the fatality rate. See LawDog's blog for why.

However, like you, I am concerned about the hospitalization rate crashing the medical system.

I and my co-workers are "locked down" at work 110 miles offshore on an oil production platform in the GOM........ until April 16th. A 28 day stretch, instead of 14 days.

But at least it's not as bad as some of the drilling companies, they just went from 21/21 rotations, to 42/42 rotations. Which will result in some drilling guys quitting when they do get in.

tupelo59 said...

I am not a doctor or viral epidemic expert, but I do know economics, finance, small business p & l’s. And I have a lot of academic experience with advanced mathematics and understand exponential math very well. If we continue to lock down the economy, the country is history. Small businesses will fail very quickly. Small business failures will result in fewer customers for medium and large businesses and they will start to fail. Exponential math works the same way on this side of the equation, albeit at a different rate and with a lag. Won’t be long until most of us are homeless and eating worms and grass. The Great Depression will look like the Heartbreak of Psoriasis. Sending people $1,000 checks is fucking nonsense.

COVID-19 cases have to be segregated from the regular hospital population. If we have the resources to treat you, we will. Triage decisions will have to be made, just like on a battlefield. We have to minimize the exposure risk to our healthcare workers or we are fucked. If you don’t want to get it, then don’t fucking get it. Wash your hands. Stay away from other people. Disinfect the shit out of everything. Businesses- innovate. Bars- take it outside. Mayors- accommodate it. Let’s ramp up N-95 mask production. This bullshit that they are ineffective for the general public is retarded considering health care workers panic about shortages. Tape the fucking edges and your good to go. The alternative is fucking yo-yoing endlessly on “flattening the curve.”

Anonymous said...

Thought you’d enjoy this. Posted by a nurse on a forum;

And the Gods of Nursing and Medicine looked down and spake:

Oh thee of Joint Commission and thee of CMS.

May fuck be upon thee.

Thou hast promoted disposal of the Holy PPE for all these years based upon arbitrary expiration dates. This, in spite of evidence to the contrary by SLEP; In spite of other research; and in spite of common sense. Now, those who provide care must do without.

Lead us not by citation, but deliver us from stoopid. Know now that this must end. Your reign of terror is over.

From this day forth be it known that we shall not comply. We shall not waste. We shall not grovel for you.

Instead, we shall rise up, as one, to administer the Whole Pineapple Supository of the Just to all transgressors. Sideways.
As it is spaketh, thus shall it be done.

~1st Covidians 1:1~


Aesop said...


I agree with all of that. if we'd had a test kit that worked in January, we could have been quarantining sick people instead of everyone.

Made my day!

Anonymous said...

"We're Americans." If you weren't born and raised in America to American parents and raised with American values, at best you hold an American passport and there's far more to a Nation than a piece of paper.

"We won our own freedom" - "A Republic, if you can keep it" (psst you didn't)

"we beat the Nazis" - Are you seriously going to pretend that America beat the Nazi's? All by your lonesome? Also raped all the women over of the age of 7 and killed more Germans after the war than during it.

"and we landed on the moon." - and couldn't repeat the feat today. DGAF what the reason is but it'll be one of the contributing factors why Coronachan is going to cut a huge swathe through the US.

Anonymous said...

With regard to the SEIU having the N95 stockpile: they probably compliment their stockpiles of black hoodies, truncheons and helmets.


Dad said...

Awesome speechifying. Don't give a shit about anything negative spoken here. What a great way to rally the troops.

John Wilder said...


Word for word.

Anonymous said...

- "Are you seriously going to pretend that America beat the Nazi's?" Please elaborate exactly how Britian et al would have been able to do anything in that matter if we hadn't been selling them supplies long before we ever even joined the war.

"-Raped all the women over seven."

Methinks you've confused US soldiers with Russian soldiers. If you're going make it sound like every US serviceman was an unfettered raepist, cite your sources and realize that CNN, NYT and so on as sources won't cut it. Nor will one or two isolated cases. You better show a preponderance of evidence proving systemic rape.

And no, you don't get to retort "go look it up!" You made the allegation, you prove it.