Thursday, March 19, 2020

Come. And Go.

h/t WRSA

Per the JH Dashboard, 2919 new cases, and 36 new deaths, since yesterday.

The caseload is certainly anomalous from recently starting testing.
Nonetheless, they've doubled, in two days.
The deaths are what they are. 20% more in a day. So doubling in about 5 days.

If you're home, accept the New Normal, and go watch old movies.
After you check your property for security, inventory your food supplies, and tally up your cash float. And load some magazines.

The constant rumor is mandatory lockdown coming, everywhere, for everything non-essential.

If you're laid off, etc. stop watching this non-stop.
Stop net-surfing for stories every waking minute.

It's ugly, and it's liable to get worse.
Now you know it. Go on about your day.
Dwelling isn't helping.
Tomorrow will take care of itself, and you can look at things then, when it's then.

If this caught you pants around the ankles, well, sux to be you, don't it?


Robin Datta said...

Health care workers at greater risk of serious disease.
It is unconscionable negligence to fail to provide them with adequate personal protective equipment.

FredLewers said...

Sad, but I'm rooting for complete collapse.
Whatever power TPTB glom onto during this event WILL NOT BE RELINQUISHED.
This is the beginning of the new normal.
Secure your perimeter. Inventory your preps. Plan your recovery.
Hug your people. Write your history down for posterity. Plant a garden, dig a well, raise a barn with neighbors and teach your children well.
Humanity will recover and continue.
Remember, illiterate goat herders battled 2 global superpowers to a standstill in the Afghan mountains in our lifetimes...
We will overcome.

Anonymous said...

"Remember, illiterate goat herders battled 2 global superpowers to a standstill in the Afghan mountains in our lifetimes"...and before that beat the British on home ground in the mid 1800's and caused Alexander to take a detour to India, if I recall correctly.

nick flandrey said...

It is unconscionable negligence to fail to provide them with adequate personal protective equipment."

--it's not just this, the stuff is hard to put on and take off properly, and is uncomfortable to wear. People get tired, sloppy, and mistakes get made. Every time you enter the zone you are rolling the dice that you did everything right. Odds are against you if you keep rolling.

--worse, in an industrial setting (my experiences) you mostly get immediate feedback if you are doing it wrong- black snot = dust getting by, bad smell = wrong respirator cartridge or poor fit, coworker drops unconscious = bad fit, wrong gear... you have time and opportunity to make corrections. In healthcare, you just get sick later on.


--so far, most of the exposures seem to be unprotected workers with 'surprise' patients, and not gear failures. Shouldn't be any more 'surprises'.


Domo said...

There isnt a useable ppe for this.

Anonymous said...

My vote is for "Chicom Flu." That phrase is more targeted than the others, even though it is less catchy. In time of war, good propaganda requires an enemy target.

General Trump is prepping his battlespace. Like a Civil War commander, he is shaking out a line of skirmishers to feel out the enemy forces: journalists, and the commies who released the virus.

Revenge will come in good time.


Anonymous said...


Yep, and the level of diligence and discipline it takes to effectively operate like that day after day after day is huge. Throw in a lot of fatigue, frustration, etc. and it's bound to break down. That and burn through mountains of PPE in the process. I can't even imagine.

nick flandrey said...

Just handling the dirty PPEs requires PPEs....

It's recursive and fractal and not something we're really set up to do.

When you look at pictures from anywhere of people in masks, evaluate their usage.

Note the chinese medics arriving in Italy wearing respirator masks. See how the strap go? See the grooves in their faces? That's what proper use looks like. WITH the note that I can't judge the fit across the nose, but even the chinese don't all look like they've bent the nose wire to fit.

Do you want to breathe the same air in the locker room as that guy over there who doesn't know how to fit his mask? It's not just your own PPE you have to look out for, it's everyone else's too.


(in all the pictures I've looked at, almost no one appears to be wearing both an effective mask, and doing it correctly. That ain't good.)

Anonymous said...

Got "new" movies comin "Ford vs Ferrari" and "It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood"; the latter due for delivery tomorrow.
I'm thinking of starting "Justified" again; kinda jonesin for some Ava Crowder and company.
All tasks complete.
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

Just FYI, based in large part on your writing here, at least one family is much, much better prepped than we were just a few short weeks ago. You’ve done a public service and it is appreciated.

ApoloDoc said...

What is funny is watching how they keep changing their tune. Now Trump talks of 'fast tracking' cholorquine which is absurd! We already have this drug, and us docs use meds off label all the time! It takes NOTHING from the .gov, just the doc having the knowledge and willingness to prescribe it.

HOPEFULLY they will make remdesvir available during this crisis as it has had remarkable results in a few published cases. Data? Sure, but why not do what we can to save lives TODAY?!

Anonymous said...

Chloroquine for the win?

Anonymous said...

No need to watch, just listen. I know, I know David Ick(e), what a loon. But I think he nails it on this...

Anonymous said...

On a lighter note I was thinking about Aesop's Quarantine Playlist. I know you are an older tune kinda guy but I'm thinking that 'Come Out and Play' by Outcast may be a good tune to add to the list. Since its from 1994 it technically counts as a 'classic'. If it was already on the list my apologies for missing it.

John Wilder said...

I have the Boy and Pugsley doing inventory in the back room, was contemplating loading magazines. Before I read this. Ha!

Traffic was down 80% yesterday, and I'll be working from home most days. It's like pre-tirement with a side of civilizational collapse!

Bee Ess said...

Additional "Kung Flu" commentary by the substitute for Rush Limbaugh today. Looks like the terms gone uber public. He also referenced "Hong Kong Fluey", which i had not heard before and lol'd.

Charles in VA said...

It's to the point now where I have to remind myself to check in for updates on the web. I don't watch TV or cable news...tired of being repeatedly lied to. About every three days (the projected doubling time) I check in to see what's changed. Aside from that, it's routine maintenance, re-inventory, and generally TCB.

I've got about 400 movies on my DVR, shelves and boxes full of books and magazines, and enough computer games to keep me distracted until eternity.

Being laid up with a broken knee is a pain in the ass, but it probably couldn't have come at a better time...and I'm still mobile enough to get done what needs done.

I can still shoot straight, have plenty of ammo and loaded mags, and can still run the loader bucket on the tractor in case I need to dig shallow graves, so it's ALL good here.

Bunkered down and watchin' the freak show with much interest!

Good luck all! See you on the other side.

Anonymous said...


Holed up here in ye Olde Worlde. The local government donated all the country's masks to China weeks ago. The government then forbade anyone from going outside without a mask. The government has now purchased from the Chinese some 30 million masks for the locals here to use. Those are due to arrive in a few days. In the mean time the locals are sewing their own face masks out of two patches of cotton fabric so that they can be permitted to exit their homes, let the kiddies play and get a bit of exercise and socialize in the parks and shopping centers with their friends in groups of 68 because its two groups of less than 30 that are 2.51 meters apart.

We. Are. F*cked... by retards.

My question: Would you trust a mask sourced from China these days?

GamegetterII said...

People in the 'burbs of Cleveland are morons...but I already knew that.
Suddenly - said morons in rental houses have clogged sewer lines - their toilets are stopped up.
Today,when snaking lines, we pulled the following...
Paper towels
What appeared to be pieces of ripped up T-shirts
Cloth napkins...
More panic over running out of TP than shit that matters...
Ohio 1st case 3/9
Yesterday - 88 "confirmed" cases of KungFlu

Charles in VA said...

@ Gamegetterll,


I was a plumber for WAAY too long in my life. Did quite a bit of residential service work too.

I once snaked a full sized G.I. Joe in FULL SCUBA GEAR out of a toilet!

I even had one client with a toilet clogged by something I couldn't snake out and had to replace the entire toilet. They paid me extra to bust the old toilet apart on the front lawn to know exactly what the offending item was. Turned out to be some weird shaped glass perfume bottle that their kid had lied about putting in the toilet. He was getting his ass beat on the front lawn as I drove away with a pocket full of Daddy's cash. I always felt sorry for that kid.

As soon as I heard about the TP hoarding I thought to myself...plumbers are about to make a freaking fortune on this deal!

It reminds me of the Frank Zappa song, "Flakes" from the Sheik Yerbouti album...

Well, the toilet went crazy
Yesterday afternoon
The plumber he says
"Never flush a tampoon!"

"California's got the most of them. Lord, the got a host of them!"


We gotta keep a sense of humor through all of this, man.

Charles in VA

Charles in VA said...

"One Two Three Four!
We are millions 'n' millions
We're coming to get you
We're protected by unions
So don't let it upset you
Can't escape the conclusion
It's probably God's Will
That civilization
Will grind to a standstill
And we are the people
Who will make it all happen
While yer children is sleepin'
Yer puppy is crappin'
You might call us Flakes
Or something else you might coin us
But we know you're so greedy
That you'll probably join us
We're comin' to get you, we're comin' to get you"

Frank was Waay ahead of his time! LOL!

Anonymous said...

LOOKS LIKE THIS SHIT SHOW IS OVER,question is how long the msm will drag it out. good wake up for the 98 percent that mocked the preppers for years, have fun with your 100 yrs.worth of crisis anybodies guess but i'm betting on the old tried & true RUSSIA. the old farmers weren't stupid,DON'T put all your eggs in one basket!! DAN

Anonymous said...

Aesop, thank you for all you have done. I don't comment alot, but I am one of the people who take your advice and use it. I jumped off the log early thanks to you and Matt Bracken. Food secure, home secure as I can make. I am as ready for the storm as I can make myself with the money and time I had. Thank you again.
Steve in KY

Charles in VA said...

@ Steve in KY,

I'll 2nd that emotion.

Aesop has done a fantastic job dropping the reality bombs we all needed to hear.

I personally benefited from his advice, as did my immediate family I am responsible for.

I passed on the info to my relatives in more hard hit locales, and it benefited them as well.

I'm hoping that you are in a rural location well isolated as I am. Sounds like you've done well.

Be well, my neighbor to the west. When this all blows over, I hope to wet a line in your neck of the woods, KY having such a great fishery and all.

Charles in VA

FredLewers said...

Men, real men will force other people to leave them in peace. Either by mutual respect or by metric fuck tons of pain. Interlopers choice...

FredLewers said...

At this point in time TEOTWAWKI is getting a little boring...

Unknown said...

Any thoughts on the Chloroquine- Azythromycin study in Marseilles?

Chloroquine being administered in possible +'s in Mpls now.

Anonymous said...

Aesop I have a couple questions.I have read/heard that Ibuprophen,aspirin and Elderberry extracts may be contra for this virus.Any thoughts?Also,wtf does staying 6ft.away from anyone really do when this shit can stay airborne for hours? Thank you in advance.

Bikermailman said...

First, China gave us the tasty General Tso's Chicken. Now serving, spicy new dish Emperor Xi's Crud! Mmmmm, snarf it down, then hawk it back up.

Aesop said...


Seeing as any actual vaccine is between 1 yr and forever away from now, an already-approved drug with a new use, that works, would be a godsend, and make the difference between a summer of Hell vs. choirs of angels singing hosannas.

As long as we don't find out it's all made in China.

If there's a silver lining to any of this, it's to destroy the myth that we should outsource manufacturing and live on JIT anything for strategic items. Like our entire prescription drug production.

@Anonymous 5:01P,

I've seen the headlines regarding avoiding ibuprofen, but haven't dug into them.
And the 6' distancing works fine, as long as no one is coughing or sneezing.
If they are coughing/sneezing, try 60', and go somewhere else.
this is in line with the doctor's advice to "never put anything in your ear smaller than your elbow", and Dr. Groucho Marx's advice that "If it hurts to go like that, don't go like that."

Anonymous said...

@Aesop Yeah I definitely want to thank you man I have been reading you a long time (years) never commented until recently on a couple of other posts. Your wit always brings a smile and your brutal honesty is why I keep coming back. Nowadys many folks seem to have issues with frankness but I far prefer it. Also owe thanks to many of the other similar related blogs and ppl. Due to health I didn't have a ton of cash however paying attention made life a hell of a lot easier. I had been doing a bit here and there over time and then the warnings here reinforced my own conclusions from the data I had been reading. It seems even the whitehouse staff is calling it the KUng Flu I died laughing watching the press conference.

TO all I wish you well and thanks for any other contributions you may have had in the comments. Buckle up this is loosk to be a rough ride.

Charles in VA said...

@ Aesop,

And the golden nuggets of wisdom keep shooting forth from your orifices!

JIT is SUICIDE on steroids. Always was. There was NEVER anything "robust" about that strategy.

I was never on the Trump train. Still am not. BUT...I have no major complaints against him since day one aside from my own personal moral biases. Let's face it. He's a typical political animal. That having been said, I think he's doing as good a job as anyone ever could in this scenario. So I will hold my nose and forebear to ridicule because I see no justification in it.

We ALL just got dealt a shit hand, and you've got to play the cards you're dealt.

I can't quite go nil, so I'm gonna bid 1 and hope for a better deal next hand...and pray I don't get set this hand. Damn. I've been playing too much Spades!

I'm hopeful of the anti-Malarial drugs. I pray for all of us that that pans out. Prophylaxis would, indeed, be a Godsend.

Anonymous said...

I live in Scottsville Kentucky. About 20 minutes north of Wirecutter, Kenny of knuckle dragging my life away.

Thank you sir.
May God bless and keep you.

Steve in KY

Charles in VA said...

Brotherly love to you, Steve.

God bless you and yours as well!

Charles in VA

PS...Hey, y'all. THIS is how we roll in flyover country!

ThatWouldBeTelling said...

I was never on the Trump train. Still am not. BUT...I have no major complaints against him since day one aside from my own personal moral biases. Let's face it. He's a typical political animal. That having been said, I think he's doing as good a job as anyone ever could in this scenario.

One minor problem there:

"CNN Baffled Leftists Won’t Listen to President NaziLiarRussianSpy to Social Distance"

Spicy times indeed.

Charles in VA said...


That falls squarely into the category of "NOT MY PROBLEM"

and I'm all about not engaging in things these days that aren't my problem.

You can't fix stupid. Never could. Never will.

I take your point, but it puts me in mind of the man and the proverbial bucket of shit on the side of the road. When he comes to it he has two choices...pick it up or pass it by.

You pass it by, it ain't your problem.

You pick it up?

Now you have a dilemma.

1 - You're holding a bucket of shit.
2 - You can't just set it down, because no one else wants it on their property.
3 - Once you pick it up, YOU OWN IT!

My advice?

Just walk away.

Yes indeed. Spicy Times. The spice is in the bucket. How much do you want, and how far are you willing to tote it? That's the question.

Will said...

"He's a typical political animal."

No, he is not. He is not a politician, which is why he is so confounding to the idiots in DC. They keep expecting him to act, and react, like all the other denizens of that snake pit.

He is a very experienced and successful businessman, from a city that requires them to deal with politicos and bureaucrats every day in order to get anything done. He has other qualities that compliment his abilities to accomplish his goals. He's not perfect, of course, but he is what was needed to stop the Progressives from trashing our country.

I'm hoping that all his effort will not be for nought, due to this Chinese idiocy we are now dealing with. Those idiots would have been better off if they had dropped a tactical nuke on their own Wuhan. Probably would have been less loss of life and face for the ChiComs if they had done so.

Virginia Granny said...

Imagine where we'd be if Hillary had won the election.

Anonymous said...

He (Trump) has a talent stack that makes him the best available and electable choice. I did not vote for him to be my Pastor or Moral teacher. I voted for a man that would stand for what he felt were our best interests. He does that with gusto against the most wicked people I can imagine. I pray for him. I prayed over and over that prayer would be shown on national television un the White House. The fools show it on TV to make fun of and denigrate it. They still showed it. Even Pilot could not lie when he accused Jesus.
Steve in KY