Monday, March 9, 2020

@$$Clown Alert

This Dr. Drew clip is exactly what talking out of your @$$ looks and sounds like. He is so deep into being an example of Dunning-Kruger in this interview the irony is thick enough to chew.

And to be both so wrong, in so many ways, and believe the b.s. you're pumping out, you have to have at least a doctoral degree in something.

We already covered his specific malfunction in this post.
When anybody tells you to shut up about a disease that’s 20-40X deadlier than flu, as if they’re identical problems, he doesn’t have any common sense, nor your best interests at heart. He’s the guy handing out platters of tea to the people in life jackets on the Promenade Deck of Titanic, and telling them “Chin up, nothing to fear.”

He needs to go to Northern Italy, and report on this live in the “hallway ICUs”, or else STFU.

 And this licensed asshole talking about “IF this gets into the homeless population in L.A.”, as if it won’t, is risible, bordering on psychopathic.

I had some respect for him before this.
Now he’s just gone whole-hog ignorant fucktard selling the CDC party line.


Anonymous said...

Over 58,000 homeless in LA alone.
Let that sink in!

Anonymous said...

"IF it gets into the homeless population"? Really, "Dr." Drew?


If you haven't taken the time to prepare at least a little for a self-imposed quarantine, you SHOULD be panicking. If you are not, you are stupid. Of course, if you haven't bother to prepare at all, you are probably stupid anyway.

Marty said...

Agree he is a MSM media everything is ok, nothing to worry here shill, as for the Titanic analogy more like he is telling the folks on the promenade deck to go back to bed, but I take your point

June J said...

It’s a good thing we’re not docking an infected cruise ship in any large US cities....oh wait never mind.

Any fool can be on TV spewing their “expertise.” One only has to pursue CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX NEWS, ETC to understand that truth.

nick flandrey said...

Anyone notice that hawaii has 2 cases? Remember the Japanese tourist who probably got it in HI?

They are starting to only report on a subset of the cases. A very small subset.


Anonymous said...

The first thing that jumped out at me was the blithe way he dismissed the second-order effects. Paraphrased: 3.4% case-mortality, but that's going to fall dramatically once we understand what this bug does...

Assumes (read it as, ""Ass-U-Me's") that we will have the trained personnel or the facilities, supplies, and equipment to act on that understanding.

I'm not panicking, but ignoring the potential issues with implementation is flatly delusional. Thanks but I'm going to continue to be cautious and maintain preparations.

I rarely comment to simply echo an OP, but you're right - this is happygas BS. The scary part is that he's advising the people in the driver's seat... (and it's just as scary if he believes the BS he's spouting as if he doesn't believe it, but he's spouting it anyway).

Anonymous said...

Second thing that jumped out: "It's going to be a problem if it gets into the homeless community..."

I'm just an ex booking officer, and I claim to have absolutely no chops as an epidemiologist, a physician, a nurse, a medic, a biologist, or any other related field, I admit it. But, even I can see that bugs see the "homeless community" (which term is PCBS, but that's a rant for another day), as a Tenderloin-sized Petri dish in which to be fruitful and multiply. Calling that a "problem" is like describing a lynching as an "extrajudicial proceeding"...

Anonymous said...

I could go on, but you made the point already: this putz is going to kill us all...

Anonymous said...

It is interesting: my perception of the media reaction was completely opposite to his. In my opinion media downplayed the truth for as long as they could. They only started with stories when they felt their reliability was at stake.


Anonymous said...

Someone else that can do the math, even though it is unpleasant,

Anonymous said...

The homeless population in LA?

As a reminder, COVID-19 is also spread by feces. LA, SF, and every homeless sanctuary city will be a real sh--show. (Pun intended) That alone is going to overwhelm the LA medical system.

And Aesop, Gastrointestinal problems ARE a symptom of Coronavirus. They may even be a precursor of the respiratory issues. From the article:

A significant portion of coronavirus patients have diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and/or abdominal discomfort before respiratory symptoms.

Researchers recommend monitoring patients with initial GI distress, which will allow for earlier detection, diagnosis, isolation and intervention.

Viral RNA is detectable in stool of patients with suspected coronavirus; it is now clear that the virus sheds into the stool.

Viral gastrointestinal infection and potential fecal-oral transmission can last even after viral clearance in respiratory tract.

Prevention of fecal-oral transmission should be taken into consideration to control the spread the virus.

McChuck said...

Let's say all 330,000,000 people in the USA (some of which are even citizens) contract the disease. Given published percentages (for whatever they're worth):

300,000,000 will survive, given normal in-family care.
10,000,000 will die no matter what.
20,000,000 will survive, if given proper care. Which will not be available.

zuk said...

Aesop calls it right again...

"In another landmark move, Italian government officials announced Tuesday that payments on mortgages will be suspended across Italy due to the coronavirus outbreak, Italy's deputy economy minister said.

"Yes, that will be the case, for individuals and households," said Undersecretary of Finance Laura Castelli during an interview with Radio Anch'io (Me Too).

Italy's banking lobby ABI said on Monday that lenders representing 90% "

nick flandrey said...

The math is the math is the math, no matter who explains it.

All he did was use the doubling rate, and normalized the starting points. Since the doubling rates are the same, the graph is the same. World wide the doubling rate is 4 days, in the US alone it's 2 or 3 days depending on when they post the numbers and you do the math.

19K sick in 2 weeks if nothing is done and we use the faster doubling. Even with the slow doubling, we'll still get there. NO ONE disputes that. Freaking Surgeon General says 100M (but don't panic) eventually. (1)

I'll repeat myself here. TPTB have a magic number in their head. When we get to that number, they'll start acting. To the normies, it will look sudden and draconian. To us it will look like too little too late.


(1)"...echoed on Tuesday morning by Surgeon General Jerome Adams who, despite warning that 100million Americans may become infected and saying the scenario will 'get worse before it gets better', told Americans not to panic. "

Anonymous said...

"Prevention of fecal-oral transmission should be taken into consideration to control the spread the virus."

Does that mean people should stop eating shit and doing rimmers?


Welcome Black Carter said...

There was a comment a couple days ago 9not here) from an individual who had a friend who tested positive. His circle of friends decided that they were all going to have a dinner get-together at the "positive" guys house. You know, like the used to do when the chicken pox came around... just get it over with. This is the type of response Dr. Drew's interview will bring. I watched it live. I was amazed. Just like I was amazed when I talked to people at church who are still blowing this off because it "won't even equal the flu".

nick flandrey said...

"Doctor reveals horrors Italian medics are facing in 'overwhelmed' hospitals where staff must choose who to save [triage], as experts warn UK is 'two weeks behind Italy' and the public are not SCARED enough [math]

An intensive care doctor in northern Italy has described the scale of the crisis
The medic said colleagues were becoming 'sick and emotionally overwhelmed'
Also issued a warning for the UK that the Italian chaos could come to Britain
Experts have warned that UK outbreak may be around two weeks behind Italy's"

"Non-coronavirus cases are being sidelined with some medics being given a 'leaflet' and told to perform specialist tasks for which they are not qualified, while some patients over 65 are not even being assessed, the doctor said. " [triage, and unavailability of treatment, as predicted]


"Our hospitals are overwhelmed by Covid-19 [the disease caused by coronavirus], they are running 200 per cent capacity.

'We've stopped all routine, all operating rooms have been converted to intensive care units and they are now diverting or not treating all other emergencies like trauma or strokes. [not the flu bro]

'There are hundreds of patients with severe respiratory failure and many of them do not have access to anything above a reservoir mask. [rationing]

'Patients above 65, or younger with comorbidities, are not even assessed by [intensive care], I am not saying not tubed, I'm saying not assessed.' " [triage]



Virginia Granny said...

As I mentioned in a previous comment on an earlier post, I have to be out and about in places I never expected. And I therefore expect to get sick, really sick. And I expect to die. That said, I long ago swore I would not die in a hospital if I could help it, so no matter how sick I get, I won't be going anywhere. I have all kinds of antibiotics in case I get the bacterial pneumonia I get every year. If anything worse, my paperwork is up-to-date and the entire family knows my wishes. They will dig a hole in the family cemetery at the end of our road, or feed my body to the pigs (as long as pigs don't get CV19 - gotta protect the food supply!). Or, my personal preference: a flaming Viking longboat on the farm pond in the middle of the night.

It is time Grampa and Granny worldwide face their mortality and prepare their families. No one should have to make that decision for us.

Anonymous said...

Malcolm, there's an easy way to filter out the noise -- any writer that includes reference to the regular flu is either ignorant or deliberately deceptive. Here's why:

We start off flu season with a variety of flu strains widely distributed geographically. They have no idea which particular strain will be a major problem that year, so a flu shot is actually a cocktail of several strains. But the take-away is that whatever strains become dominant, we are starting with hundreds of thousands of patient 0s all around the country, with no idea who is carrying which.

With corona, the idea was that there would be just dozens of initial patients, and we can rapidly figure out who they all are. Properly quarantined, it burns out rapidly.

Any person who does not appreciate the difference between a widely dispersed initial vector and the situation with corona is spreading disinformation, intentionally or not.

nick flandrey said...

The only time posts get removed is if they are spam, or abusive to people instead of commenting on the subject.

Aesop has a pretty thick skin, usually, but it's probably worth remembering he's got a potential work exposure and no test result that he's shared yet. And he's looking at a shit ton of work, death, sickness, and stress as he faces the reality that the Italians are in right now.

He won't be sitting home eating cheetoes and shitposting on 4chan. He'll be the one trying to find a ventilator so someone's mother doesn't die today.


Aesop said...

Malcolm is just shitposting contrary links.
Mostly b.s. from the NYPost, and 95% of which is already debunked happygas overtaken by events. Last I looked, the Post has its own website, so you don't get to hijack mine to carry their water just because you're too inarticulate to fight your own rhetorical battles.
Fuck off, troll.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 3:59:

"If you haven't taken the time to prepare at least a little for a self-imposed quarantine, you SHOULD be panicking. If you are not, you are stupid. Of course, if you haven't bother to prepare at all, you are probably stupid anyway."

"They" are going to have to split the Darwin Awards among probably hundreds of thousands or millions of people by the time we get to year end, as that's how many stupid people will have removed their genes from the gene pool and thereby improved our collective IQ. Heck, this is Idiocracy in reverse!

A Texan said...

A little gift for those who think that breathing in part of someone else's sneeze or cough is gross (and it is, just as much as it is a fact of life), there's this:

"Prevention of fecal-oral transmission should be taken into consideration to control the spread the virus."

The phrase "eat shit and die" comes to mind for some reason. :>)

Biology is, to say the least, quite untidy.

nick flandrey said...

@aesop, events are rapidly taking overtaking a LOT of people....

And I’d like to remind everyone that in a little over 2 1/2 weeks Italy went from NO cases, to over 10K cases, the whole country in lockdown, and the total destruction of medical care for anyone but wuflu cases… history says they’ll lose 10% or more of their front line medical staff too.

WA is putting financial measures in place prior to locking down the whole state. When they get the money sorted, you can be certain they are planning to move forward. State employees get leave, and state unemployment covers any wuflu missed days due to lockdown.

NY is rolling the Army National Guard into New Rochelle to “keep order”. I wonder what their muster will be like and how many guardsmen will get sick.

FL and NC both declared state of emergencies to alter their stance and free up money.

It’s real, and nothing will stop it short of China like measures.

We have a little bit of time left, get your sh!t together. Stop denying that it’s happening. Even if you don’t get sick the knock on effects are going to be UGLY.


Anonymous said...

One factor affecting the country's death rate may be the age of its population — Italy has the oldest population in Europe, with about 23% of residents 65 or older, according to The New York Times.

Anonymous said...

"Forget about China, the real disaster is Italy!

It’s hard to get much data on Italy at this point. I’ve tried translating press releases put out by the Italian Health Ministry, but they don’t have all that much information. We do know that Italy as of this writing has 9,172 coronavirus cases and has had 463 deaths. So while it’s true that the numbers look awful and their health system is seriously overtaxed (the reports are that they are running low on critical respirators), an interesting bit of information was reported by the BBC. The Italian health ministry says that the average age of death for Coronavirus is 81.4 years (6). Why is that number VERY important? It means that the data out of Italy so far is following the information we have from the Princess Cruise ship. The mortality is clustering around the very old, which is the same for the flu (13)."

Anonymous said...

"Why I Am NOT Concerned About the Coronavirus"

"How Lethal Is COVID-19?

The most accurate data on case fatalities is from the only natural experiment that exists, the Diamond Princess cruise. Why a cruise ship? Because this is a closed environment where we can accurately measure every person who gets sick and know the real number of people who perish based on that exposure.

The cruise ship data shows a fatality rate of 0.85%. All of the people that perished were over 70, which is much more like the seasonal flu. In addition, the ability of the virus to spread was again, not that impressive as only about 20% got the virus. So while this bug is nasty, it’s NOT the middle-aged killer that the media has been making it out to be.

Aesop said...

The Death Princess "data" is statistical bullshit, because most of the people who were ON the gorram cruise are over 70 so of course most of the deaths were too, and the age distribution will be yuuugely skewed to the right.
And it was interfered with and finger-banged so many times as to be worthless as instructive, in an environment designed to spread, not contain, an airborne virus, with a half-assed "quarantine" administered by certified fucktard morons. Plus it assumes a deus ex machina standard of care for a small outbreak, by pulling out the infected upon discovery, that will be totally lacking if things go Italian style.

You want to see "data": look at Italy.
First-world health care.
No massaged stats.
Relatively normal age distro.

And what are they doing?
Closed every school and uni in the country, banned all public gatherings of any size, and locking their effing country down, lock, stock, and barrel, no one in or out UFN, while watching their entire medical system in freefall meltdown, with serious infection casualty numbers around 50-60%.

This is not hopeful in any way, shape, or form.
It's bone-chilling.