Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Sauce For The Goose

News Bulletin From the Dept. Of Epicaricacy:
(RINO News) The National Commission on Military, National and Public Service, formed by Congress to assess various military issues, will recommend making women eligible for the U.S. military draft, Politico reported on Tuesday.
“This is a necessary and fair step, making it possible to draw on the talent of a unified Nation in a time of national emergency,” the commission wrote in a report to be released on Wednesday.
Splendid. Competence Be Damned. Yay, Wimmin Trying To Be Butch. This will end well.

There is a silver lining: if they're required to register (as they should be) for a draft and don't, they are ineligible for college loans. Which failure will finally start the tectonic shift of colleges from Screaming Feminazi Indoctrination Centers, and hopefully tip it back to parity with equal numbers of Toxic Masculine types. Women will have to get menial jobs, or stay home and try having babies and running households with a lifelong partner again. Maybe it'll catch on, instead of being the aberration it is now.

We should test this out though. One year, draft the entire year group of women who would normally enlist, just to make sure it works. Require a two-year term of active duty.
In fact, let's be really fair: let's do that every year, for all women serving, for the next 245 years, as reparations to all the men who were sexistly drafted alone, for all the years since the Revolution. Fair is fair, after all.

The fact that the screaming Mimis in Congress will sound off like scalded cats if we did that is just a side-benefit, despite them shrieking since the 1970s that even equality for women in the military meant that "drafting women will NEVER happen!" Listen to liars, win stupid prizes.

Later in the article, they note that (after slipping in booster steps for the physical training, lowering standards to ensure graduation, and finally issuing command guidance that "Wimmin WILL Graduate!"), the Army has had 30 women actually graduate Ranger School since 2015.

So I couldn't resist.



Anonymous said...

About time. I pray that I can hear the congress critter caterwauling from where I'm at. Not a fan of the integration into combat units, based on personal experience. Huge part of the reason I retired.


Anonymous said...

Good first step. No good though unless the WM's are also required to the the 'hygienic' high and tight. The old Top wouldn't hear it years ago but methinks the time has come.

I'm also thinking to make things 'fair' the PT standards for women ought to be THE standard. Fair is fair. Barring that all 'biological males' should immediately identify as female.

Finally, Aesop, your meme is spot-on! Semper Fi!

Anonymous said...

To be fair we didn't have conscription for 245 years. Remember it was such a big deal during the war against the states that there were riots in northern cities.
T'was during the "progressive" era that we had a draft in 1917, coincidence? You decide.
I'm ALL FOR wimminz being held to standards and accountability (insert scene from"As Good As It Gets" here).
While I'd be willing to see a couple of years worth of Pvt Benjamins go through; if for no other reason than to hear the caterwauling; the draft is a generally shitty idea. I was subject to it and enlisted to avoid the Army, but I saw the draft army and long ago concluded it's more trouble than it's worth - even without Project 100,000.I
Boat Guy

Unknownsailor said...

Those 30 "graduates" did not graduate on the same standards men must meet. The standards were lowered, like they always are for women in the military.

SFC Johnny US Army Retired said...

Don't believe the draft will work anymore for males or females in the good ol USA in this free shit society. I'd still like to see both sides drafted again just to give these old eyes and ears a chuckle while blowhards come out of the woodwork.

Aesop said...

Boat Guy,

I know we didn't have conscription the whole time, but other than a couple of slip-bys, there were no women for all that time. They've got some payback coming for that free ride.

Old NFO said...

I'd love to see it personally... You want equality, you GET equality in ALL things...

Anonymous said...

KUNG FLU hits Joe Rogan!!!

Start at 22 min mark.


ghostsniper said...

They aren't and never will be Rangers.
I'm almost ashamed to have served.

Anonymous said...

Draft women, I jake with that. Can you imagine any of them submitting>?

Anonymous said...

Concur Brother; payback coming, aye.
A significant number of those I served with ( but fewer than half) pulled their weight ( and then some in a couple of cases), didn't whine (could however bitch like the rest of us) and were good folks.
Many of the rest proved one of my Gunny's sayings " Every time she rolls outta the rack she's working outside her MOS" to be accurate.
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

Oh, but standards and I mean STANDARDS that must be met are male standards in PT and grooming ( haircuts)

Anonymous said...

Its all good until some US Army battalion gets overrun and the (surviving) female troops are put on TV as propaganda. Then let the finger pointing back home begin... "how did this happen?"

McChuck said...

Thirty women "graduated" from "Ranger school".

Anonymous said...

30 women were already passed in ranger school even before they set foot at rtb. I know guys at the various schools, these “rangers” were allowed to recycle multiple times each phase - a no go for the average joe. One guy who made it the the last phase tore an Achilles and they would not let him recycle (he made it through all training to that point fine.) wtf, over?

Besides, these ladies will never be real rangers. Like many airborne school grads, they be tab only, never serve in an actual unit, thus they just wasted everyone’s time and money for... what exactly? To prove you can social engineer special operations training? I’m sure that’ll pay off soon.

And drafting women? I know you just want to poke a stick in their little commie eyes, but let’s not promote insanity like the leftist/communists, mkay.