Friday, March 6, 2020

Dear Mr. Red Flag Enforcer/Gun Grabber

I don't talk a lot about guns, or gun control, here (97/2602 posts = 3.7%), because there are a lot of other blogs that do that , and do it better, with more expertise and precision, and have done so for longer than we've been blogging. That's fine with me. I've only got enough interests to keep me busy for three or four lifetimes as it is, most days. It comes up sometimes, and I'll get into it for a bit, but it's not all I'm interested in. But apparently, because I'm not in the tank for every bit of raging jackassery vaguely related to the 2A that comes down the pike, I have defaulted and fallen short of the mark in my 2A-loving credentials.

This, even though, IMHO, given that Lexington and Concord were over cannon as much as muskets and powder, I think at a minimum, the 2A protects us to own crew-served weaponry without any reservation whatsoever, and probably, if we're intellectually honest about it, anything in the DoD inventory, 1775-five seconds ago. Yes, anything. "If I can't be trusted with it, neither can you. And vice versa." The "letters of marque and reprisal" clause in Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution took it for granted that anyone with a ship should be able to purchase, mount, and use naval weaponry. (Tell me, by the by, what Somalian piracy would amount to - besides shark chum - if Carnival Cruise Lines and Maersk Shipping had CIWS aboard, mounted four-to-a-ship? Or a couple of 5-inch DP guns? Beuller? Ferris Beuller...?)

But specifically, I'm apparently too soft on 2A rights for some jackholes, because I refuse to brook the stupidity and futility that was Gun Woodstock in Richmond last January. So be it.
You want to do stupid things, be prepared to win stupid prizes. But don't expect me to join your parade, nor cheer it from the sidelines. It is a modern-day Children's Crusade, except not as well thought out as the original, and you deserve all of what comes afterwards. Enjoy your new anti-gun laws in response. Maybe you should hold another rally...?

I point it out for the historically inclined to elucidate all the marches and sit-ins the colonists did at the MA governor's mansion in 1775 to secure their right to be armed, by way of counter-example.

I'll be over here, waiting for that forthcoming report.

And I remind you that in many places, as I've already long since told you, there are much smarter and more effective things to be doing than futile Gun Woodstocks.

In the meantime, there remains the question of what to do when the Minions of Evil decide that "just following orders" has trumped "preserve and defend the Constitution of the United States", because having their daily bread and butter made that second bit optional.

I repeat, for the record, my answer is

Shoot the motherfuckers in the face.
I wanted that enlarged and bolded, lest there be any confusion.
That's my default answer, so long as I retain the physical and mental capability to do so.
And then, go after those who sent them. Continue until you run out of targets, or ammo.
Or life's breath.
Should they go about their mission with more wit than with Randy Weaver or David Koresh, and get the drop on me a la John Dillinger, if given the option to fight it out in court, I'll do what I must in that venue.
But unless I see 47 muzzles already in my face, and I have no other options in resisting an unconstitutional assault on my person, I'll do what I can.
Because I know, from history itself, and 100,000,000 corpses last century alone, that when the government disarms its people, what follows is never very good for them, and I prefer to take my chances with my boots on.
Because I'd rather do that than face Solzhenitsyn's Lament, every day in some prison sh*thole or Amerikan gulag.
It will be a Last Resort. I'll hate that it's necessary. I won't like it.
But I'll do it. No fear. No hesitation. No regrets.
It cuts against the grain. Because when they're enforcing just laws in a just manner, the police are doing Good. I am neither a copsucker nor a knee-jerk cop-hater, and my record in calling out the douchebadges when they royally screw the pooch is beyond reproach. But there's still quite a lot of them doing God's work all the time. (In Chicongo, not so much. But I digress.) If I were a bank robber, a rapist, or a murderer, caught red-handed, that would include shooting me in the face.
But when the only alleged "crime" is that some shrieking nancypants got the hebejeebees because I own a gun (or ten, or fifty, or whatever I'm up to these days), and anyone - president, congress weasels, governor, district attorney, hysterical mother, or some black-robed fuckwit too stupid to get into a STEM program - thinks that gives them the a priori right to circumvent Natural Law, the Constitution, and due process in one fell swoop, and send Officer Jackboots And His Merry Men to come take them, without any bill of indictment, witnesses, defense, or any other shred of due process in common law going back to Magna Carta, you'd better send your minions in their serious Kevlar underpants, with their insurance paid up and their wills up to date, and leave the married men at home. Because at that point, the range is now hot in both directions, I shoot Expert, and that red range flag means "No quarter given, nor expected."
Maestro, cue up the Deguello.
You won't be swooping in and taking my guns today, and then getting donuts afterwards. But I'll play that music for you before we die. On an endless loop.
You may get to take the property of my estate after you kill me, but I'll do my damnedest to take a lot of you and your fellow jackbooted motherfuckers with me. Because at that point, that's all you are.
Don't worry about talking me out. Ain't gonna happen.
If I only manage to wound a couple in the first attempt, don't worry about falling back, and asking me for a minute or three to collect your wounded. I'll shoot the sumbitches in the head, to save you the trouble. Then we can pick up where you left off.
And if I manage to get away afterwards, I'll hunt you down, to the last man. I'll consider your families and homes fair game. If I catch you eating a sandwich or taking a crap, same-same. And everybody you work with. Ditto for your boss, your boss's boss, and his boss's boss. And their families, and their homes. There will be no such thing as collateral damage, and no innocent bystanders. Because when you come to my door, that's how you decided to call the tune.
Sauce for this goose is good for you ganders as well. Until I run out of ammo, targets, or life's breath. Hand to God on that.
Once you break the social contract, the divorce is permanent as far as it concerns me. There will be no reconciliation possible, nor wanted. You'll be dead to me, until I can make you so.
But I'm not going there lightly. You can back off anytime. (Before you ever start would be advisable.) I'm among the most law-abiding persons you'll ever meet. I try to avoiding being guilty of even parking tickets or overdue library books. And will continue to do so all the days of my life.
Unless you set the law aside.
Which is what red flag laws and gun bans are. You can follow procedure in passing them, but they're still moot, illegal, and unenforcable. As you'll find out at the threshold.
At that point, the new "No Law" rule is the only one I'll be observing, from here on out.
I may get one of you. Or two. Or ten. Or maybe none.
But it won't be for lack of diligent application.
And if, somehow, against your own interests, you can kill me, but hesitate, you'd better.
If I live, I won't go out crying like a bitch because you caught me, but because I didn't kill all of you. That will continue until the day I'm executed, and Hannibal Lechter has nothing on how I'll feel and act while incarcerated. Unless I'm a quadraplegic like Hasan after Ft. Hood. Depend on that. And if that, my last breath will be to spit in your face.
Now, go home and think about your wife and kids. Your friends, family, and hobbies. Everything you hold dear.
That's what you're risking for me, and for you, when you decide a paycheck trumps the Constitution.
Your guns are loaded, and you face that every day, when going after actual criminals.
I get that.
My guns are loaded for them, for the same reason.
So think long and hard about whether today is a good day to die, for treating me like a criminal, when we both know I'm not.
Doing that is the day you decide to become a criminal.
And you'll answer for it, both here, and hereafter.
The war may well end, someday, and either my side or yours will win.
But you won't live to see it, if I have anything to say about it.
So, do you really want to make all kinds of enemies out of the last people in the country who think what you do is something worth having?
Or do you want to sign up with the Sheriff of Nottingham against the people of Sherwood, for keeps, and for real?
This exam will be graded pass-fail, and you only get to take it one time.
Choose wisely.
Don't die like a bitch, enforcing unjust laws for corrupt elected crooks, for a paycheck.
Gun owners nationwide, with 600,000,000-1,000,000,000 weapons and 2,000,000,000,000-plus rounds of ammunition for them, and 95% of them better shooters than your best people are on their best day, are hanging on to see your decision, every day.
Here I stand; I can do no other.
That doesn't make me any kind of badass, nor is it intended to, in any way.
But I won't be a serf for so much as a second.
And I favor my odds to think there are quite a few other hardy souls out there who feel exactly the same way.
No better friends, no worse enemies.
"I'm pleading with you with tears in my eyes: if you fuck with me, I'll kill you all."
Bet on it. Yuuuugely.
And remember, you can't spend that paltry paycheck when you're dead.

To Ofcr. Jackboots' Bosses: You aren't the only ones who can make lists.

This isn't a rant.
It's a holy promise.

{And To Whomever It May Concern:
I hope we've answered where I fall on the Second Amendment once and for all.
Pound the too-soft-on-the-2A bilgewater right back up your tailpipe with a flat shovel.
Or if you'd like, I'll help you out with that.}

Oh, look: An "Amen!" echo at Freedom Is Just Another Word.
We're adding it.

Thumbs up, MaddMedic.


Charles in VA said...

I think you've got the right of it once again.

And I fully agree with the notion that IF I survive a forced entry into my home it becomes my duty to hunt down and eliminate ALL those responsible for sending them in the first place. That's the only way that sort of shit ends. That action is morally justified. War has been declared and initiated at that point.

And to the vaginas whining about how you'll die if you wait for them to come to your door, I say this...if you're afraid of dying, you shouldn't be playing with firearms in the first place. The whole PURPOSE of moral justification is to be able to put aside the fear of death and be able to kill without hesitation.

Anyone who doesn't understand this basic concept doesn't deserve the Right to bear arms...and is a danger to themselves and everyone around them.

Grog said...

It could be argued that the "social contract" is already broken, with the "red flag laws", the propensity to submit false evidence, to kill dogs, et al, and the only reason we haven't gone full Yugoslavia as of now is what you outlined, that those who seek social control understand there are about 60 million of us, or more, that share your perspective, and the sycophants won't push the button until the advantage is to them.

This is delusional, of course, because when that button is pushed, everything will go full potato, and that will be a level of ugly nobody should want. Which brings us back to your point.

Anonymous said...

+1. OG

DAN III said...


In your essay you make reference to "history" as in to learn from history. However, your "history" reference is one of my major arguments regarding the tyranny foisted upon the citizenry by the scum one calls "government".

The scum one calls "government" continually ignores history. Good or bad history, the tyrants always disregard those lessons. As the domestic communists make argument against those who believe in the right to self-defense, they have conjured up the word "commonsense" to justify their marxist agenda and oppose the citizens. Perhaps it is time the common citizenry start injecting "reasonable people" in every argument the citizenry makes against the tyranny of government.

However, one cannot reason with the unreasonable. As their "commonsense" trumps the reasoning of the common citizen, der untermenschen. The domestic communists are always correct, always right. For they are smarter, more intelligent with their "commonsense".

"Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it". - Attributed to George Santayana -

Aesop said...

Those who ignore history are doomed to relive it.

Avalanche said...

Yeah, my next thousand rounds arrive today. HATE to (have to) be ready; am unhappily ready.

idahobob said...

Well stated article, Aesop

Anonymous said...

Well done, Brother. The Deguello was a nice touch. I was in my formative years when Duke made the Alamo and had the soundtrack on LP. There's another track that has the lyric " the Deguello he roared, I will show them no quarter, everyone will be put to the sword..."
You've captured our resolve and restraint quite well (as usual). I've often warned folks not to confuse restraint with lack of resolve; those of us who know history and/or who have experienced the two-day range will continue to show restraint unless/until it becomes necessary to turn the wolf loose. THEN there will be NO restraint until we are victorious or killed. We don't want that but we are absolutely willing - which commends anther Duke line from the Shootist to wit ...most men aren't willing, I am... ".
I will continue to have a somewhat different opinion of Lobby Day than yours, but no one should confuse that either; you are my Brother and I agree with you on nearly everything else.
Thanks for the excellent summary, I just had the thought of Kevin (RIP) at whose blog we " met". Your blog (and by extension you) are a treasure.
Drive On.
Boat Guy

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

I live in Okanogan County Washington, in a VERY rural area. The smallest parcels for sale in my area are 20 acres.

Back in September a neighbor of mine, a woman in her mid 50's, Air Force Veteran, went out on her porch and fired 6 shots from a single action .22 revolver at the base of a tree in a direction that was completely safe. In other words, no one was endangered.

Her closest neighbor, who has been harassing her and trying to get her off of her property for years called 911. Upon hearing the recording of the 911 call it is clear that the 911 operator prompted the caller, telling her what to say to get a response from the Sheriff's Dept.

At least 7 of the Sheriff's black SUV's, some with more than one deputhug in a black NAZI costume mounted an armed assault on my neighbor, friend and sister Veteran. I found out late in the game when I was called to help "talk her out." They had terrorized her for hours, at some points aiming their rifles at her from behind trees.

Obviously, I didn't see it all, but I was there when she came out and personally witnessed it when the deputy in charge told her "I will turn into the Hulk on you, you don't want to see how mean I can get." He used the phrase "I'll turn into the Hulk on you" so many times I asked him if he turned green. That's when he looked at me with an expression of almost out of control anger and said "no, it's more RED."

She was charged with Reckless Endangerment and Obstructing an Officer. I have spent many hours driving her to court and to her lawyer and, to date, she is still fighting the charges.

I have often wondered what would happen if they did what they did to her to a Combat Veteran with no sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

"I have often wondered what would happen if they did what they did to her to a Combat Veteran with no sense of humor."
This question has a simple answer. They would ventilate him while yelling the usual warnings. Afterwards fiery Minutemen would mutter something patriotic under their noses and got back to shopping for the latest titanium arm brace for their Molon Labe limited edition FDE cerakoted tactical CQB 0,5 MOA AR pistols. Those warfighters have to be prepared for anything that comes. On their faces.

Anonymous said...

The only cogent response I can formulate:



Anonymous said...

Yet another nonny-mus troll talkin shit @0922. FOAD.

Anonymous said...

Concerning the Washington incident in the comments, was the neighbor dealt with to ensure she learns to be a good neighbor?

Cynyr said...

Santa Ana turned scarlet -
"Play Deguello!" he roared -
"I will show them no quarter!
Every one will be put to the sword!"

Marty Robbins sang it. Still gives me a chill when he sings:

" the bugles are silent,
and there's rust on each sword.
And the small band of soldiers
lie asleep in the arms of the Lord."

I would rather live. But if I can go out in a blaze of glory and make a difference, so be it.

MTHead said...

Thanks Aesop!

DTG said...

Reblogged at DTG. Eloquently stated!

enn ess said...

To Anonymous in Okanogan County;
It's hard to envision this as the new Sheriff is also an ex-Marine. I quizzed him before his election and he seemed like an honorable sort so this action is a little hard to understand. But the sticking point is that this sort of behavior is not only encouraged but applauded nationwide by many LEO. A lot of what is driving the animosity in Okanogan County is that according to county records, approximately 60 % of property owners are absentee owners. Meaning they actually live else where. But there has been an influx in "new" people moving into the area from elsewhere and as with all areas, they try and move to the country for the freedom it promises and bring their leftist ideals with them. Turning their new area into the same shitshow they are trying to leave..... They have been so brainwashed by the left they can't see their own face in a mirror.....

George True said...

Did Kevin Baker pass away?? I just went too his blog, and he seems to still be posting topics, and as of a few day ago still responding to some of the comments.

LoneCowboy said...

Dear Officer and politician Jackboot,

You are really really really not going to like me as a criminal. think very hard about what you are doing.

Rick said...

Charles in VA and others, a method to better ensure your survivability is to not wait until the occurrence of the event. Plan for it now, do what is needed to increase your ability to be on the offense. That may also mean to rig certain systems to deceive, confuse, demoralize, separate, outflank the jackboots.

Also, who are you to tell others if they 'qualify' for their God-given rights? That's dictatorial horseshit.

Anyway, in this missive, Aesop describes my sentiments to the T. Outstanding.

Charles in VA said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


Thank you for your knowledge dumps.

I have found this site to produce comprehensive, evidence-linked posts and summaries on Covid progression. You may find useful. The latest below. These come out daily

June J said...

Great post....of course TPTB aren't listening.

Jimmythetriger said...

Miyamato Musahi,"To win any battle you must fight as if you are already dead".
The Spartans to Leonidas,"Go and stand and die". "NUTS" US Army General McCaullife.
History is the best teacher.

TGreen said...

The time does come, albeit rarely, when someone needs to be separated from weapons. What then?

How about "A red-flag target shall be entitled to: zealous legal representation and a 24/7 protective detail. Both shall be at government expense and from the moment of first contact until return of weapons or exhaustion of appeals."

Yes, a 24/7 protective detail is expensive. Besides protecting those you deny the means of protecting themselves, the expense is meant as an anti-abuse mechanism.

Tim in Evergreen said...

"If you ever find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck." LTC Allen West

Dad29 said...

if...Maersk Shipping had CIWS aboard

What makes you think they don't, friend? Ask any retired SEAL.....

Unknown said...

Kevin O'Brien, alias Hognose, proprietor of WeaponsMan

T-Rav said...

This is why I personally think Aesop's proposals for the creation of county militias in threatened states like Virginia (and thank God, they appear to be doing just that) is so important. A single guy holed up with his guns can take a few government minions with him, but he can be smeared and used as an example. Hundreds or thousands, who have a support system and have been given some knowledge of the art of war? Deputy "I will turn into the Hulk on you," AND the a-hole neighbor who called him in the first place, will be running like hell.

So please, everyone, quit thinking about dying for your cause, and start thinking about making those guys afraid of dying for theirs.

Aesop said...

1) Charles, reply to the points, not to the man. Namecalling doesn't make yours.

2) Maersk has nothing, which is why there was a Captain Phillips incident requiring SEAL snipers. More's the pity.

3) What makes anyone think that if this happens, I'll be fighting fair...?

Anonymous said...

enn ess

I guess I forgot to mention that I tried to get copies of body cam recordings to support a complaint I wanted to file. At that point I found out our sheriff refuses to issue that common and inexpensive technology to his deputhugs.

I know what I saw that night and it was inexcusable.

A Vietnam vet I know who has lived here much longer than I have referred to this new sheriff as "kind of a jack booted thug." He also said the sheriff's department is so corrupt at this point that nothing short of intervention by the Feds could clean the place up. I told him "good luck with that."

Artorius Brutus Maximus

Robin Datta said...

“A anything in the DoD inventory, 1775-five seconds ago. Yes, anything. "If I can't be trusted with it, neither can you. And vice versa."”
Man, I'm gettin an ejumacayshun! The Immigration and Naturalization Service (the INS - that's what it was called when I came to the country) should have made it mandatory to grind this stuff into the brains of every newcomer. But the swamp was already there, with too damn many swamp monsters in it already by then.

From now on each and every person to be admitted for permanent residence must be trusted to own firearms, must pass weapons qualification if physically capable, and must acquire and maintain a firearm with one's own wherewithal.

Aesop said...

I wouldn't force weapon ownership. Freedom of choice, etc.
I'd make it a use-it-or-lose-it proposition: you can opt out, but it's a permanent choice.
They can always buy it to get the option, and then sell it off.
But if they decide not to initially, it's a permanent status.
For the Quakers, etc. in the incoming line, the opt-out alternative would be a mandatory EMT certificate.
I'm a softie like that. :)

And anybody 18-29 entering the U.S. for permanent residency or citizenship initially does two years active + six years IRR in the service branch of their choice, including the Coast Guard, Merchant Marine or PHS. Non-negotiable. Ten years' active service would constitute an automatic grant of citizenship, assuming a spotless background check. But that's a blog post for another day.

A.B. Prosper said...

The worse part of this whole mess and there are a lot of worse parts to this is because the press is going to label anyone defending themselves as utter monsters, there is no reason to not behave just like that.

It will go from calm to genocide in days and only exhaustion will stop it. God help us all if that happens

That said door to door collection is not that likely, no more new guns and no more ammo or conversions is a more probable plan.

Think long term, rig elections, stack courts and slow ban guns.

As far as the 2A goes, anyone unfit to bear arms ought to be in jail, in the bug house, under supervisions by the State or just hung. And while the right probably does apply to them, nukes are right out. Neither you, me, Google, President Trump or anybody else private ought to have Davy Crockett

Same with any of the other nasty toys like gas or germs. I'll concede though the later is moot , we are very near t the time in which something that makes Corona Chan look like the common cold can be made by regular Joes. Sooner than later some nutter incel or the like is going to pull a White Plague or accidentally release his doomsday virus.

As above God help us all if that happens

Robin Datta said...

If the Quaker wants a weapons exemption, no problem. But they should have to watch a few videos of small children being mauled by grizzlies or mountain lions before deciding.

Charles in VA said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
June J said...

As our host, I give Aesop the right to name call as much as he wants. If you want to do the same may I suggest you create your own informative and entertaining blog. Make it good and perhaps your blog will end up on Aesop’s blogroll.

You seem to have a lot to say, so have your own venue for your opinions.

Anonymous said...

Red flagging Schumer - probably won't happen

Aesop said...

There are, IIRC correctly, two posters whose missives here go straight to the shitter (along with an unknowable number of anonymous knuckleheads).

I'm willing to make it three if pushed.

The current guidelines for posting are permanently posted on the front page of the blog. As Darth said to Lando, "Pray I don't alter it further."

carolina TURTLE said...

AB Prosper said "As above God help us all if that happens"

Is it possible to attribute the sentiment of "God helps those who help themselves" maybe even with some biblical references? (and i am already quite familiar with Psalm 91...)

"the time is near"

but such words were read by my father, and his father before him...etc...successive generations who have read the same thing. Wars and rumors of wars.(and biblical scholars would encourage me to research THAT subject more deeply...)

The way i see it, God *WILL* help his followers...and his enemies? notsomuch... and if you are a believer, then you know death is an inevitability *BUT* between now and then, what things might come to pass? And death is not something to fear... But indeed, Patton said it best: "No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."

Anonymous said...

ballad of the Alamo, by Marty Robbins