Wednesday, March 11, 2020


BTW, both Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, both apparently now positive for Kung Flu, are also both 63.
Best wishes to them (and anyone else who gets it) dealing with this sh*t.

(Also, if I were running the CDC right now, I'd be wondering how long before people notice that multi-millionaire actors can get rapid test results in Oz, but Kaiser ER nurses exposed to confirmed Kung Flu patients can't get tested in Califrutopia in the U.S. of A. That's gonna leave a mark when it lands.

But if I were running the CDC right now, I'd have gotten hands on a gun and one bullet by now, and done the honorable thing. Or else gone through the offices with an unsheathed katana and started kaizening the incompetents. But I'm old-fashioned like that.)


John Wilder said...

Things are still calm in the heartland. Our medical infrastructure is actually geared more towards assisted living than hospitals - doctors are scarce out here and most work is done by PAs. BUT, shut down the schools, and figure out how farmers can get stuff from the farm store and from WalMart . . .

Nah, that's too easy.

Anonymous said...

If you'da been running CDC, we'da been a helluva lot better off.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I got more empathy for a 55 year old working stiff in Toledo or Buffalo than Mr. and Mrs. Hanks. Hope they recover as I wish for everyone I'm in the target crowd because of age and have done what I can to be safe. I don't expect to be helped at all if I get this Wuflu crud. Probably won't even be tested. Ready to pull an Alamo here if I can get the wife home from her job in the big city. Supply chains will not hold up as this continues. I already knew the Fedgov and most city and state govs were incompetent from inside experience, but they really screwed the pooch on this one intended or not. Take care Aesop I suspect you will be in the eye of the hurricane in ten days or so.


vigilantcitizen said...


I thought the US CDC was deliberatley doing this to fuck Trump.

But maybe not. Maybe it's a way to make things look worse than they actually are.

I'm starting to very strongly believe this was a geopolitical act of war on China and Iran. That's what they think.

It was done to fuck with them.

What hit Wuhan was the first stage, then it changed to the two strains L and S. L is the one that hit Italy and Iran. S is much milder.

I believe the lack of test kits is an excuse to not have to give actual confirmed numbers because Iran and others are pointing out a lack of cases here and Israel.

We just showed China and the world a powerful capability.

And they cant prove it.

The US CDC patent on human corona vaccine expired Jan 25th. I'm betting we about to pop out the vaccine from a private American lab and transfer some wealth back here. And go down in history.

I knew the cdc wasnt that damn retarted. It was an act.

Trump said he was gonna go after China. He tried through tariffs to do the right thing.

I believe this is why the deep state went after him hard. The democratic party was the China/Iran party.

I thought the cdc was fucking him for the deep state by telling him bad info. They wanted to appear that way.

Anonymous said...

Want to know the best (in a LOL we're so fucked kinda way) thing? Hanks has been swanning about town posing for selfies with lots of people in a tourist town.....

Differ said...

UK BBC Today program (Thurs am) French govt minister responding to Trumps travel ban. Essentially said US public must do something to curb this mad president. BBC interviewer said perhaps the us govt should use 25th amendment to depose Trump. I didn't hear the same approbation about Italy essentially closing its borders.

From Norway said...

They are still delusional in France. It is going to hit there like a nuclear bomb.

Anonymous said...

Good thing nobody that travelled to Italy was allowed to fly into the US.

And if any people and products were affected by said "L Strain" they were quickly identified and quarantined to stop the spre...

Oh, wait...

MN Steel

Anonymous said...

@ vigilantcitizen
I thought of that for a while but I'm looking into this now: The Chinese did it themselves on purpose. They're the ones doing the act of war. What better way to have their huge population hate the US to let them think it was the US. Think of the long-term global repercussions... There is nothing the Chinese gov wouldn't do as they so have aptly proven before. Decimate a 100 millions ? Check. Wanting to take over US lands ? Proceeding along leaving all the infrastructure in place vs a polluted China.

June J said...

‘It’s Just Everywhere Already’: How Delays in Testing Set Back the U.S. Coronavirus Response

That our swamp was fully complicit in slowing the response seems to be evident. Trump may be President, but the swamp is still in control of most of the government.

"Fellas, it's been good to know ya."

nick flandrey said...

At the end of the day on street level, does it MATTER where it came from or who did it? or even if SOMEONE did it, rather than a natural process?

We are stuck dealing with the reality of it no matter what.

Looking to assign blame is a waste of what time you have to get ready.

Let the survivors spend their energy on that.


Dinochrome One said...

No panic in the Ozarks yet. But, all hand-sanitizer is sold out, along with all nitrile gloves, antibacterial soap, Lysol hand-wipes, and any kind of face mask. Still plenty of bleach and TP, but we might find those being rationed. The local Army base has shut the gates and that will cause trouble, because the hospital on base is the regional medical center.

Hand-shaking has been replaced with elbow-bumping.

Rural areas aren't stirred up yet but we expect a bumpy ride.

Anonymous said...

Anyone here,

I've seen some suggestions that tuberculosis may be somehow involved in whether or not this thing goes deadly. That level of speculation is well beyond my ability to form an informed opinion on, one way or another.


If it IS a thing, what are the implications for people who are known to be TB carriers? Are they an "at risk" population?


Bram said...

What is a coronavirus test kit? Seriously - I worked for a lab company for 11 years and have no idea what that phrase means. The best way to get tested right now is to have a swab sample sent to LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics. 3-4 days for results and I trust them far more than any government lab.

A Texan said...

@MN Steel:

My sister-in-law just returned from Italy, and got no test of which I am aware (of course, we don’t get along at all, so I don’t know the truth either way). She did piss off a lot of people who knew about her trip by showing up to a crowded event, and was “asked” to leave. I am just sorry she didn’t get stuck there for a month, but then CV would have been a secondary problem for the Italians. :>)

Virginia Granny said...

Maybe now that someone the Sheeple actually care about (i.e., the Hankses) are infected, they will be more motivated to respond appropriately. Then again, ….

Anonymous said...

NBA Cancels their season. Gilligan to blame!

Jesse Lehrich
MONDAY: Rudy Gobert, mocking coronavirus precautions, touches every mic at his media avail.

TONIGHT: Gobert tests positive; entire NBA season suspended.

Anonymous said...

“Hand-shaking has been replaced with elbow-bumping. “

....which we all sneeze into because we’ve been trained that’s safer.

TechieDude said...

I'm not buying the conspiracy theories.
I think the operative line here is never attribute malice where stupidity is a better explanation.

Aesop covered this a few weeks ago. It makes sense that it somehow escaped the chi-com virus lab. Sure, may not have been a self infection, but it most certainly could have been the nob that was tasked with destroying lab animals (or their remains) simply made a few skekels by bringing them to the market. Native Chinese haven't been known to consider their fellow man when there's a dollar to be made. Also makes sense why they locked down like they did.


And as far as it being an orangemanbad thing, our covert services have hardly covered themselves in glory the last few decades. We have idiots here as well, as well as those that would squeal. People that think the US was behind it watch too much Blacklist.

TechieDude said...

You'll notice, the epicenters , even in the US are those with first level chicom traffic.

Here in the hinterlands, it's going slower, and probably will, since it didn't hit here until everyone was well aware.

At my GP a few weeks ago they had a sign on the door that said "If you have these symptoms, and this sort of travel or interaction with travelers, turn your happy ass around, call us, and we'll setup a tele conference meeting with a doctor.

From Norway said...

We are closing down here in Norway. Not as hard as Italy, but soon.

ThatWouldBeTelling said...

Bram: You didn't notice while working for a lab company that the machines and/or people had to be fed reagents to work? See all the details at the CDC's page for laboratories.


You'll notice, the epicenters , even in the US are those with first level chicom traffic.

Here in the hinterlands, it's going slower, and probably will, since it didn't hit here until everyone was well aware.

Maybe.... In my heartland, flyover country state, the state health department is using the same guidelines as the CDC after their first loosening of them, without travel or contact data, the patient has to have pneumonia or ARDS. We Officially don't have many cases because we're simply not looking for them, but almost all, maybe all but one of the cases in the state and surrounding ones are ex-Italy.

Unknownsailor said...


"Native Chinese haven't been known to consider their fellow man when there's a dollar to be made."

The Chinese are proud of their 7000 year written history, and yet are utterly ignorant why the white man could come to their shores in the late 1800s and essentially make them a colony. Even today, there is no social trust, with citizens leaving anything they are not responsible for to rot from neglect. High average IQ means nothing if there is no high-trust society as well, and you only get that through Christianity.

I recently had a college class that did a 30000 foot level pass through Chinese history, and all the while I could spot the key ingredient missing from Chinese society that denied them the chance to be a historic great society: No Christian heritage.

Anonymous said...

This is mother earth's doing. Humans aren't nearly smart enough to make this virus. Ohio Guy

ThatWouldBeTelling said...

Unknownsailor: While their ruling class hasn't cared about the people for many centuries, the Japanese are famous for having a high trust society below that level, and obviously without the benefit of Christianity, which was brutally suppressed during the Tokugawa shoganate.

A relevant factor in Chinese society is that people get promoted to positions based more on trust than competence, a classical example you can see in for example the history of Wang Laboratories in the US are relatives tied by blood. I doubt the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is immune from this tendency, they certainly haven't shown much competence in their response to SARS-CoV-2.

Bezzle said...

"...High average IQ means nothing if...."

China does not have high average IQ; it has has high average propaganda bullshit.

--You go test a hundred random people out of Guizhou, and tell me if you get higher than chimp results. Good luck, sucker. They're still at the let-your-children-play-in-traffic stage of human evolutionary development.

Borepatch said...

Medical system in Italy is at 200% of capacity, and old/comorbid are not getting any treatment at all. You called it.

Anton Hackl said...

Since you appreciate good music, here's one from a band I've followed since the 1970s, back in England (RAF Lakenheath). Enjoy...