Friday, March 6, 2020

And Now, For Something Completely Different

And from  A Nod To The Gods blog, we give you this gem of logic beyond argument:


Eaton Rapids Joe said...

Yeah, well Bloomberg was a capitalist. That just proves that useta-be commies are much smarter and more capable than capitalists. (/sarcasm font)

Anonymous said...

Yup. "...almost as if..." IF one were capable of logic and reason ; as only the half of the country not being manipulated by cynical power-mad statists seems to be
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

500 million. guess Bloomberg needed a loss and a carry over loss on his federal and state taxes.

Anonymous said...

Too bad that the commie Bloomberg didn't spread that money around to the FUSA populace instead of using it to try and buy a party Pres nomination. I would have gotten a cool $1.37 million. So said Brian Williams and his NYT guest. And so said William's producers, who apparently put up a supporting graph on the Tee-Vee. Fake news personalities don't do their mafs very well.


Sendarius said...

I have seen people allude to Bloomberg claiming a tax write-off for the money he spent on his (failed) presidency bid.

Here in Oz, to claim a tax write-off, the money must be spent in order to earn income.

IOW, spend money on advertising a product that you sell, and it's a business expense and thus tax write-off.

OTOH, spend money on something that earns no income (like a new house, heh, Bernie?) means no such luck.

Is the tax code in the US so very different?