Thursday, March 12, 2020

Whistling Past The Graveyard

h/t Small Dead Animals

The highlighted area, for one. And it looks like another section in the shaded
area at lower left of center, too, under construction. That's a lot of good Shi'ites.

Open trenches in Qom, Iran, graveyard a hundred yards long for all the Kung Flu victims stacked up recently, spotted on recent private company sat photo pics, published by the WaPo. (It's full-screen sized at the link.)

When reality gets so bad even the MSM has to acknowledge the obvious, it's past time to be mildly concerned.


Same site: It seems that Canadian PM's wife is Kung Flu+, and the Canadian PM is now in quarantine as well. So much for professional courtesy among communists.

"Chinese bioweapon takes out Canada's leader; film at 11."

Forty years ago, nukes would already be flying over the pole, and bombers would be heading out from their fail-safe areas.

May you live in interesting times.
Califrutopia Gov. Gabbin' Nuisance, Democrat and Total Moron (but I repeat myself), has called for a voluntary halt to all activities of more than 250 people. Except movie theatres. (WTF?!?)
Apparently he thinks the virus can count, and won't strike gatherings of 249 or less.
The unacknowledged greater takeaway point from our would-be-overlords being, "Stay the fuck away from other people, it's everywhere!"
No NBA. No Disneyland. No nothing.
Supermarkets tomorrow should get reeeeeeeal interesting.
Cue full-blown shit-fit meltdowns, in 3, 2, ...
Followed by every large business closing in short order, due to lack of interest, among other things, and sudden call-outs, secondarily.
Then the small businesses.
And all voluntarily, to this point.

QOTD, same site comments:

Pure poetry in prose.

“I envisaged the End of Days to be more exciting than starving to death
trapped in your own house while wiping your bum on a sock.”

Didn't we all.


And, naturally, cue a run on socks next.


Got small kids around?
Facing an enforced period of them staying home?
This is genius, and hilarious. A must-read: Kung Flu curriculum.
We can all use the laughs.


Go back to Commander Zero's post, and read comments to see the laundry list of colleges and unis from the commentariat that have folded their tents today. Including, two posts later, his own.

Shit = Real.


As I noted in comments at WRSA earlier tonight, wait until this gets into the hospitals if they don't re-locate all possible cases to FEMA-care ghettos instead. We have a nursing shortage now, as we have had since the 1970s, and will until the 2060s. The average age of RNs in the U.S. is 50. And this afflicts older patients worse than younger ones?!? Good times. Wait until 10-75% of staff is out either actually sick, or in self-quarantine.

We've done health care without nurses.
It was called the Crimean War.
Casualty rate was nearly 60% of everyone, on all sides, due to preventable diseases like typhoid, cholera, and dysentery.

I wasn't kidding when I told you this will be a Sh*t Mardi Gras.


Important PPE Update:

There is, it turns out, one good use for "surgical" (i.e. zero filtering) masks, besides keeping other people's snot and sneezes inside of them: they remind you to keep your damned booger-picking Kung Flu-infected fingers out of your own face.

That is not nothing.
They won't protect you from other people for spit, but if you make your own, and they do that much, they will at least do a good deal to prevent you from self-infecting.
And you can make your own from any scrap of fabric.
You don't even need to sew it. Just get scissors, and Shoe Goo, and press-fit pieces as needed. I used lumber scraps and C-clamps, at the time.
(From personal experience, Shoe Goo fabric seams so constructed, properly, will last 5-10 years, and survive repeated hot wash laundry visits. For realz.) 

Think about that, if you're still wandering out and about in the madness and plague.
If you forego that, and wish to just Trust The Force to protect you, suture self.


Also, a day or few ago, some soopergenius mused, "Why are they buying bottled water? Do they think a pandemic is going to take out the taps?"

Bless his heart. Yes, I imagine those boobs were too stupid to consult the Marquess of Queensbury Pandemic Rule Book, and didn't realize that right on page 27 it plainly states "Employees of municipal utilities like water companies, and their families, are forbidden to become infected with said pandemic. Also, power company employees, their spouses, and children are similarly exempted from the disease, lest the power fail, and then the water pressure, by dint of not having any oomph in the water pumping apparatus anymore."

And we all know that viruses scrupulously follow Marquess of Queensbury Rules.

"Rules? There are no rules here!"

First-order effects.
Second-order effects.
Third-order effects.
Fourth- through N-th order effects.
Think, dammit.


admin said...

Manila is doing same mistakes Italy did, cuz it will work this time...

With the added topping of a coofing president announcing a lock down, AND expressed admiration of CCP, AND said that he may ask their help. But not Others because they gave him headaches.

Oh and he is senile, lost his way thru the speech a few times and repeated himself. the ramblings of Joe Biden X2 crazy.

Oh yeah and with 2 days warning the damned city is fleeing to spread it everywhere.

This place is Damned in the biblical sense.

Anonymous said...

I only need my glasses for reading, but I wear them all the time when doing errands, as it is a reminder to me about touching my face/eyes. Prior to that, I wasn't really aware how many times a day I touch my eyes with my fingers.

Picking up some items in a local Wallyworld for an elderly neighbor who can't get out, I saw a woman in the pet dept trying to figure out how much dog food she would need to buy. Couldn't help but eavesdrop bc the Wallyworld employee was telling her that the dog food didn't come from China,and Wallyworld would never be out of stock. The customer began explaining that people were going to get sick and Wallyworld wouldn't be able to stay open because they wouldn't be able to staff it, hence her need to make sure she had what she needed. Then she started to cry, "I'm worried we're all going to die". It was heartbreaking, and more of this is to come. I tried to comfort and reassure her,and gave her some ideas about making sure she had nutritious food,supplements such as zinc, selenium, ample Vit D etc. and that she was doing the right thing by buying now so she could stay at home and lessen her risks.

This is going to test of all us in our individual communities and we will soon learn what we are made of.

Anonymous said...

More from Kate at Small Dead Animals,

The case for quarantining yourself RFN!
With math and everything.

RSR said...

Hearing tales of "coronavirus parties" -- think (chicken) pox parties -- being planned in California.

Also, groceries and warehouse clubs were nuts in central Texas today. Folks are FINALLY starting to clear out food shelves. Noticed that folks appear to be buying for hurricanes/power outages, not this specific threat. Also, folks are spending A LOT more time eyeing what others are doing -- with all the uncertainty, apparently they're looking for clues as to what they should be doing (I'm very situationally aware when in stores, and generally most folks are in their own world, but not today/yesterday when folks were eyeing me and my carts enough times that I lost count -- hit up costco, walmart, target, and grocery stores for a few remaining items).

Hearing that toilet paper and paper towels are going to be out of stock for a couple days at target and walmarts. Have been out of lysol, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizer for a few days now.
Overheard that Walmart was out of .223 ammo and also that folks were surprised to learn that WM is no longer carrying pistol ammo.

Pat H. said...

Australian GP canceled.

Anonymous said...

Water. Yep. When we were on municipal H2O preps included water purification tabs b/c we had a small spring out in back feeding a small stream. Shovel was at the ready to dig out a pit just down stream of the spring.

Now that we are on a well we are gtg if or until power goes out. Yes, there is a back up power option.. but that too is not indefinite. I haven't seen any reports of power outages elsewhere to date thank goodness. Rain barrels are going out this weekend.

If municipal water goes down, or God forbid, becomes a source of infection things will get real shitty for a whole mess of people. Again, thankfully, no reports of this seen to date.

LoneCowboy said...

When do they start shutting down state/city borders??

cuz travelers and truckers are carrying this crap from place to place. And truckers and warehouse people are certainly among the crowd that can't afford to take a day off.

carolinaTURTLE said...

i was just thinking...*IF* the interwebz goes black, that might occur with zero advance notice...if you are reading this, consider this to be at least *one* advance notice, and of course, maybe outages might be partial & regionally limited? (central iowa is currently “up”), to avoid any confusion, I currently live in iowa, but i grew up in North Carolina...

Anonymous said...

@LoneCowboy: I would expect shutting down trucking will be the very last thing done if ever. If the trucks don't run nothing gets delivered, especially food. This would make things real ugly real quick especially for urban areas. Seems that most people in urban areas have, on average, 3 days worth of food on hand. The folly of this was demonstrated when superstorm Sandy hit and a shit-ton of people had to rely on FEMA for food and water. That storm was the catalyst for me to take on more of a 'prepper' mindset. If you are reliant on .gov you are in deep kimchi. That is even w/o considering you would be forced to be in a crowded area full of stressed, hungry, thirsty, tired people.

Ol' Remus has sage advice: avoid crowds.

nick flandrey said...

In TX we've trained people that if there is a pending disaster, buy bottled water. My marvelment at the people in the stores this week, ESPECIALLY the ones 'panicked' about the empty water aisles, is that water is coming out of your tap! You do not need to panic for bottled water. You do need to STORE water.

China managed to keep the water and power on. I'd like to think that we could do the same. I'm made my provisions in case that isn't true, but let's at least try.


Anonymous said...

Most people don't think about what they're going to do 15 minutes from now.

Unknown said...

Hello everyone, spread this news to everyone you know:
chloroquine diphosphate salt (an anti-malaria drug) and ZINC blocks the ability of the Corona virus to replicate in the cell.

nick flandrey said...

Hey Aesop (or other medical pro with a clue)

I'm fighting the 'get it now and get over it' meme and have done the math. Someone please check my argument below....


[Redacted] apparently there are people (in Cali and elsewhere) planning “CV parties” for their kids for the same reasons expressed. This idea is sweeping the FB groups, which should be enough to discredit it, all on its own.

My wife was an early joker with the idea weeks ago.

There is only just about everything wrong with the idea now.

We still don’t know for certain that it will give you immunity. We haven’t had recovered people in big enough numbers or long enough time to be sure, because of the uncertainty with the Chinese reporting. SDDS (sudden drop dead syndrome) as I’ve been calling it, seems to be real. There are plenty of videos of it happening, but we don’t know the cause.

Do the math, with the timeline.

Cases are doubling worldwide every 4 days, in the US it’s every 3 and sometimes every 2 (depends on when numbers get updated and when you do the math.) UK looks to be every 4 to 5 days. Let’s use 3 as a worst case.

--Exposed today. UK 600 cases. (rounding/averaging)

--in 6 days you begin symptoms, there have been two doubles. 2400 cases.

--in 12 more days you get to the point where you either start to get better or worse. 4 more doubles. 38,400 cases, 15% needing acute care (ventilator, ICU) 5700 ICU patients.

--you know it’s busy, so you wait 3 days until you are in dire straights (or it takes EMS that long to get to you) 76800 cases, 11 THOUSAND patients needing ventilators and ICU….

--You dying at home or in a plague hospital hallway.

-----You can fudge those numbers around a couple of doublings either way, IE you get sick sooner, get badly sick sooner, or you don’t get sick until 14 days and MORE doublings happen.

The exponential math gets you. We are at the point where everyone who gets it today is at real risk of dying in a hallway, alone.

Even if you get immunity, the time to ‘get it over with’ has passed.


Unknown said...

The zinc by itself can't get into the cell to block the virus replication.

nick flandrey said...

CDC Homecare guidelines to prevent spread.. Not to provide medical treatment or care.

Medical care has been described as "supportive care". CDC is not providing links to a good description of that.


Anonymous said...

@nick flandrey: Storing tap water can work. However, I'd STRONGLY recommend being sure your storage containers have been cleaned and sterilized. If you make your own beer etc you already know the process. If you don't know the process time for some GoogleFu.

Survivormann99 said...

About the rush to buy water, I found an article a year or two ago entitled, "When Trucks Stop, America Stops." It was on the web site, "The Voice of America's Trucking Industry." I copied most of it and sent it to my email list a year ago, but, unfortunately, the page has been taken down now. I can paste the entire message about how the interruption in trucking will affect almost every aspect of society if Aesop thinks it will be useful, but here is what it said about the impact on the water supply if truckers didn't go to work. A pandemic like this one could be just the sort of thing that would make many truckers stay home and hunker down with their families.


...Supplies of clean drinking water will run dry in two to four weeks. According to the American Water Works Association, Americans drink more than one billion glasses of tap water per day. For safety and security reasons, most water supply plants maintain a larger inventory of supplies than the typical business. However, the amount of chemical storage varies significantly and is site specific. According to the Chlorine Institute, most water treatment facilities receive chlorine in cylinders (150 pounds and one ton cylinders) that are delivered by motor carriers. On average, trucks deliver purification chemicals to water supply plants every seven to 14 days. Without these chemicals, water cannot be purified and made safe for drinking. Without truck deliveries of purification chemicals, water supply plants will run out of drinkable water in 14 to 28 days. Once the water supply is drained, water will be deemed safe for drinking only when boiled. Lack of clean drinking water will lead to increased gastrointestinal and other illnesses, further taxing an already weakened healthcare system.

nick flandrey said...

Thanks Survivorman, that is actionalble information and not just armwaving.

I'm now wondering how china kept the lights and power on, maybe at the point of a gun?

FWIW, I've got 160 gallons of treated drinkable in 40 gallon stainless tanks, some in aquatainers ready to go, some in treated repurposed bottles (more portable) and untreated in both rainbarrels and 225gallon tank. My list for the next couple of days is going thru, checking on that, and filling the additional 220 gallons of tankage.

Filters and sterilizers are also on hand. After Ike in Houston, I decided I didn't have enough water stored. So I acted.

The trucks haven't stopped today, and likely won't this week given the current low numbers, so we've got a couple of weeks minimum to get that sorted out. I'd think that every plant would be increasing stores during this time too buying more time.

And hey, bottled water is convenient, it's just not worth stressing over when you can be storing water out of the tap.


(if you are desperate, food grade buckets should be good for water storage, and you can always buy the cheapest generic soda and just pour out the contents to use the bottles...)

Anonymous said...

This is true, however our municipal water treatment is so corrupt (AA run), and we have been under so many boil water advisories that we boil drinking water and then run it through a PUR filter. We also have activated carbon filters on our shower heads.

Dehu water should be considered "gray water". It can be used for toilet flushing, floor washing, watering plants and grass you don't intend to consume, etc.

I agree storing clean drinking water should be something people should be planning for, not just relying on bottled water.

Anonymous said...

Mama has to go shopping today. God protect her.
Water: the empty jugs from the distilled water for my CPAP work real well for this.

2 questions:
Do the afflicted eat brains, and
Is a head shot required to stop them?


The Gray Man said...

No need to even make one. A light shemagh is ready to go. Or a bandana. Trust me, it’ll look a lot more socially acceptable in about three weeks. Lol

nick flandrey said...

All the invader landscape guys and half the road construction guys were wearing bandanas or full face masks here before the outbreak. You can't walk into a store with it on, but they wear them all the time otherwise. So the change won't be all that noticeable.


Oh, and I laughed at another article that suggested that wearing any type of mask put you MORE at risk because you would touch your face MORE often because of the itching and unfamiliar nature.

This crisis is going to sort for intelligence, determination, and self control.

Random63 said...

Looked over the sat photo published by the WaPo. I used to teach graduate students Remote Sensing. That is NOT a mass grave, but if you study the whole area, it's agricultural. More likely a tree nursery of some sorts comparing the layout, shadows, etc. of the mature trees and immature ones. Just more hype by the press.

Honestly, I fear the panic of the people far more than this virus. I know you and I disagree, but this is more hype than actual danger from the virus in my humble opinion. The hype, not the virus, is going to cause the 2-4th level failures. Hospitals are being inundated now by panicked people who think they have the virus and actually don't tying up resources and staff. I honestly hope that many in the media go to prison for this malpractice after it's over. People will end up suffering and dying because of this panic and hype that should not have happened. Hopefully commonsense will take hold before we get to that point.

Ok, now that I have disagreed with the group think here, fire away with the slings and arrows if that will make you feel better. We will all know in a few weeks if this was a real pandemic threat or was a over hyped threat.

Be safe everyone.

Mary said...

Just had an alert from LDS about an impending natiional social distancing order. Did an online search but didn't turn up anything. Anyone else heard anything about this?

ThatWouldBeTelling said...

Medical care has been described as "supportive care". CDC is not providing links to a good description of that.

It's a word of art in medicine I guess they didn't think needed a link. It means, we have absolutely no specific treatment for this disorder, like an antibiotic for a bacterial infection, so we support the body until it recovers on its own, or dies (assuming we haven't run out of capacity).

Not getting enough oxygen in your blood? Put you on oxygen. That's still not enough? We forcefully breath for you by sticking a tube down your throat which is attached to a machine called a ventilator. And lots of other stuff other people would be more qualified to describe.

Aesop said...


I work in hospitals. There has been no such inundation.
Rather the opposite.
People are staying away in droves.
Because of coronavirus.

No one wants the Kung Flu.

The inundation will happen when people who don't want it, get it anyways.
Hilarity ensues.

And your photo analysis sucks, bigly.
Gander up at the top of the area. Those are grave markers.
There are trees in that cemetery, but that does not, ergo, make it a tree farm.

Don't quit your day job.

I'll leave your post alone, just for the humor factor.

ThatWouldBeTelling said...


I work in hospitals. There has been no such inundation.
Rather the opposite.
People are staying away in droves.
Because of coronavirus.

No one wants the Kung Flu.

One clarification that might be useful here is that the PRC does not have a long history of Western medicine, while the Hippocratic Oath dates back to the fifth to third century B.C.

We've learned since Wuhan became a hell on earth that the PRC has avidly added Western medicine to their infrastructure, while still insisting there's a place for Chinese Traditional Medicine (CTM), and it's an extremely shallow, basically you go to a hospital if have a problem you think can be solved by it, and have the money. And they commonly give you an IV as a placebo (!).

Especially with the Lost Generation who's education was ruined by the Cultural Revolution, there's no way even semi-recent concepts of Western medicine have implanted themselves deeply into the society's mindset, which we see evidence of in reports of still terrible public hygiene.

So they crowded into the hospitals, a lot of people who did't have it got infected in that process, etc. etc. Whereas we have protocols, which a number of hospitals have used in recent history, to mitigate people arriving with the respiratory virus de jour from infecting others.

It would appear that a lot of even our dumbest people understand the germ theory of disease at some basic, deep but not sophisticated level, "People are staying away in droves. / Because of coronavirus." And if not, we're getting increasingly frequent reminders, like that idiot basketball player who canceled the NBA season, and we're now on tenterhooks waiting to see if Trump and/or Pence got infected by that aide of Brazil's president who is believed to have infected him.

TL;DR whatever a lot of people say, their revealed preference is showing they're taking this seriously enough to, for now, forestall a Wuhan hospitals disaster.

From Norway said...

I am optimistic about Norway. Norway has been in close down since Thursday, no schools or kindergartens or University. No restaurants or sports or libraries or any activity. People should still work, if possible from home, and shops opened.

Today the major of my town went on a Facebook video. On his own, he put everyone that does not have an essential for society job in house quarantine. Clear language, no euphemisims, like "this means no visits, your kids cannot play with your neighbors' kids, no talking in the street with anyone..." The best of all, confirmed cases in my town? 0.

Aesop said...

@From Norway,

That's how you do it! Bravo.

@That Would Be Telling,

Whether by hook or by crook, if we somehow manage to blunt the impact of this thing, and we're not already too late, I for one will be immensely grateful.

nick flandrey said...

IIRC Italy should have been at ~20k today, and they are at 17.6k

So maybe that is evidence that their lockdown is working. If they can add a day or two to each doubling, they buy themselves some time.


Anonymous said...

I have been watching this since the outbreak in China started. I said we should have shutdown all travel both martime and air in and out of the country. All products at a mininum should have gone through decontamination of some sort of it should been stopped until it was setup. Additionaly all borders should have been sealed tight. Everyone thought I was nuts and this is just the flu. Yeah this is just the flu. After that stage passed and it was here I said time to start bunkering and take our medicine by staying indoors now and make it as painless as possible. Of Course you would still have to do my first suggestions but that was met with as much skepticism. They are listening now but valuable time was lost for some, where planning could have made this easier.
If China is proven to have started this in an effort to create a bioweapon god knows where this goes.

Thanks for the tip on the Zinc and Malaria Drug above. Zinc on the way assuming things haven't stopped. Now time to eat my daily 2 brazil nuts.

Good Luck to all.
Wish the best for everyone.

Bezzle said...

"Just the flu?"

...nah. It's just a cold.

> Open trenches in Qom, Iran, graveyard a hundred yards long
> for all the Kung Flu victims stacked up recently, spotted on
> recent private company sat photo pics...

Look at that picture a little more closely: the highlighted area is one small parcel in a multi-acre cemetery. While we may reasonably that many coronavirus deceased have found their way here, it should be understood that any nation of a 50 million people will see oodles of penniless destitute kack every day, and the government has to put them somewhere.

> ...published by the WaPo.

The Washington Post? Yeeg. Beware the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect.

~ ~ ~

Imagine how much money you could hornswoggle if you were to short a "sure thing", then ride the rebound back up later, and all you have to do is give an irascible cold virus a *name* so everybody can properly panic themselves silly.

It's a number that starts with a "t" and ends with an "s".

Aesop said...

Cemeteries dig graves one at a time. Ask around.
They only dig 100 yards of graves at once when they have 100 yards of bodies to put in them at once.

They don't do that amidst a major pandemic because of normal reaper's tally, ever, anywhere.

The suggestion is ludicrous.

Islam, in particular, is finicky about planting the deceased within 24 hours of death. So how do you figure that works out in one of the most brutal theocracies in human history?

The picture speaks for itself.