Wednesday, March 11, 2020

MOAR! Harder! Faster!

And hilarity ensues, as I wipe the beverage from my keyboard.
(GUN WOODSTOCK, VA) The Virginia legislature passed a new gun control bill requiring background checks for all firearm purchases.
The state passed two measures Saturday, one of which mandates all people purchasing firearms to undergo a criminal background check and another that limits those without concealed-carry permits to one gun purchase each month. 
The bills are likely to be signed by Democratic Virginia Gov. [Blackface Babykiller]..."
Say, maybe the geniuses thereabout could hold another big public foofaraw and hand-holding festival. That last one seems to have worked like gangbusters.

Hint for the Terminally Obtuse:
TPTB don't give a flying f**k what you "don't like".
And for the Common Core grads too young to remember it live, the '60s protests didn't work for anyone either. Not once.
Stop. Playing. In. The. Street. 

Hey, look, I'm really glad no one peed on your parade last time, and no one outright shot themselves in the foot, literally nor figuratively. But it accomplished nothing, exactly as predicted, even if everything "went right". That's what happens when you set the bar for success at "Don't shoot yourselves in the foot." As opposed to "Actually accomplish something lasting and worthwhile." When you get tired of fapping in public with your shooting irons, maybe you can graduate to trying to figure how all this came about because of "Californians" who moved there, like all the other whiny crybabies in 20 states faced with similar problems, because they haven't been paying attention.

This was your own toothless banjo-playing kinfolk, and you've done Jack and Squat to engage and recruit new blood, while simultaneously doing little to nothing effective to actually oppose unconstitutional gun-grabbing. Other than holding your breath and turning blue.

Stop jerking off.

Quit fixing the blame, and start fixing the problem.
You're already halfway to Califrutopia, and it's only been...what...five months?
Jeebus, folks, it took us forty years to get that bad here in Occupied Territory, and you knocked it out in less than a TV season. Bravo!


Now stop screwing around with dumbass ideas, and get serious, or else wave buh-bye to everything constituting your birthright. Some people in VA are doing it right. Like we suggested might be a better approach. So maybe more of that, and less of the recycled dumbass '60s hippie tactics that fail every time they're tried.

And start acting like you know, deep in your bones, where you believe it, that one day you're probably going to have to actually start shooting m*****f*****s in the face to make your point.
No one is impressed by hippie tantrums. They never were. And they never will be.

And your VA elected sh*tweasels just laughed in your face about the last one.

Bonus question: What didn't they pass this time around, and where do you think they're going to start the next time around?


Ominous Cowherd said...

Open source means that people do whatever amuses them at the moment. That means gun woodstock, and it means county militias. One of those is a damn sight more effective than the other. Less gun woodstock would NOT make more county militia, because the people who want to do the one will not do the other.

Don't worry about scaring the normies: scaring the normies just enough is how the Left has made all its gains over the last century. It's necessary.

Don't worry about the press making us all look bad: they will do that, with or without gun woodstock.

bogsidebunny said...

A little voice just told me: The apocalypse is neigh, but don't bet on the peasants.

Anonymous said...

Dunno why you keep harping Brother. Haven't heard of any plans for more gatherings.
As for the laws...well...let guv blackface babykiller enforce them. A purchase law? I'm pretty sure that like the ladies in Boston with their hats, Virginians already HAVE their guns
Boat Guy

Aesop said...

I'm not harping. If Gun Woodstock was the raging success its proponents have argued, why aren't they doing another one? Or twelve?
If it wasn't, why aren't more counties forming citizen militias?

>crickets chirping<

It's almost like all the internet bloviators who were so sure about all this are all hat, and no cattle.
Or maybe just sidetracked by a shiny squirrel.

Anonymous said...

The people I know who did it have been doing Lobby Days for damn near a generation. They didn't call it off and it got big and noticed outside the smaller circle.
Dunno IF more militias are being formed or not. I'm guessing folks are waiting to see if "the Regulars" March out to go seize stuff.
BOat Guy

Aesop said...

If they'd kept it small, like it was, and simply lobbied legislators like they used to, it would have been fine.

Gun Woodstock was just a fapfest nothingburger. If it was designed to accomplish nothing constructive, it was wildly successful.

Charles in VA said...

@ Aesop,

I feel obligated to point out to you that NO course of action was going to stop this...including your own sacred cow irregular militias. Either the time to start shooting has not yet arrived, or the irregular militia is as meaningless as the Gun Woodstock was. I'm not seeing any militia marching on Richmond.

And as an aside, the bill limiting NON CWP holders to one gun purchase per month is a perfect example of "gun control" being all about control and very little to do with guns.

IOW, if you've already submitted to the State, the State will forego your State mandated punishment...for now.

As for VA becoming CA East...we aren't anywhere near that yet but things are accelerating.

Avalanche said...

Y'all keep harping (not entirely illegitimately, but...) on: "you didn't change the legislators by marching." Well, duh.

It's not yet time for shooting (alas); and while forming county militias is great -- there is no requirement to form up a militia. The militia is EVERY able-bodied man in the {your political division here}. What better effect has resulted from all those men you showed, Aesop, 'forming up' in some county? How is that different from a statewide forming up in and around the "shooting gallery / death pens"?! What result have you shown us over this smaller militia gathering? They "didn't change the legislators by standing in lines" either!

Oh yeah, bunch o' guys all got together on a Saturday in the sun, lined up, signed a paper for the area sheriff -- and you're saying "Look! Here's a success? THIS was some kinda action!"? WTH? Where is your result?

Stop thinking the result of action must necessarily be on the exact proximate target of that action. "Gun Woodstock" did NOT change any legislators. (Not in the -- 22 years, is it? -- they've been doing it?) Gun Woodstock DID raise morale across the COUNTRY, and get other folks and other states moving on gun-sanctuary laws and on recognizing there are waaaay more of "us" than them! Watching the idiot-libs and enemies destroying the Constitution and 'our natural rights' is a salutary lesson for everyone else. All of us 'militia members' across the country are now moving 'stop the gun-grabbers' way higher on our list of things to attend to. We're looking in horror as an actual legislature in an actual American state passes laws we could not imagine ever happening.

It's coming. No one can doubt that now. It's STILL not yet time for shooting (dammnit!) and yet people all across the country are actually doing things, small things, maybe ineffectual things, but a strong lesson in salesmanship is to get your potential buyer to say yes to something innocuous, which sets him up for further actions/'yeses'. There cannot be "a major act" that will save our gun rights.

Bless Gov Blackface BabyKiller for his major not-a-feint that has really gotten our attention. It's not 'coming someday' -- it's begun. You're as tired of waiting as we all are; you're no doubt feeling as ineffectual as we all are. The WORST part of any battle is the waiting beforehand... Turning on and snarling at your fellow soldiers because they aren't yet able to start shooting does NOT help prepare for battle.

Ominous Cowherd said...

Av, those county militias are hugely positive, because they are our side setting up alternate governing structures. That's a necessary step to shutting down the globohomo power grab. It's a necessary step to winning this civil war.

As you say, gun woodstock has been going on for years, and it never changed anyone's mind. That doesn't matter. Folks gonna do what they want to do. Folks doing gun woodstock don't keep folks from doing county militia.

Ominous Cowherd said...

Gun Woodstock was just a fapfest nothingburger. If it was designed to accomplish nothing constructive, it was wildly successful.
OK. So? Folks did what they wanted. Folks who wanted to do something more productive did what they wanted. This isn't something where the Central Scrutinizer tells everyone what to do, and gun woodstock wastes his resources. That's a good thing.

Gun woodstock didn't take resources that would have gone to something else. Everybody who gets involved just does what he wants. Some of those things will be useless, some of those things will be surprisingly effective. Leaderless resistance has no head, so there is no decapitating it. Everybody doing something means that some people are going to try silly things that no leader would ever try, and a few of those silly things will be really, really effective.

Aesop said...


I'm guessing reading comprehension isn't a thing, or you missed this way back:
even though I've only linked back to it about ten more times.

Forming a militia is a necessary first step.
There are many more steps that follow on.
Culminating, if necessary, in a redress of grievances. Kinetically.

Holding Gun Woodstock was an asinine public wank-fest.
It was neither necessary, helpful, useful, nor worthwhile, except to fetish exhibitionists. The prior point, to lobby pliable legislators, went down the toilet.
The only point this time was to jerk off in public.
Mission accomplished.

If you can't tell the difference between one and the other, I can't help you.

Avalanche said...

Hey ominous,
"Av, those county militias are hugely positive, because they are our side setting up alternate governing structures."

Agree completely! Love that a militia formed up in person. However, that county level success is not 'cause enough' to deprecate the less-than-a-million-man march with guns! One of things I am most afraid of losing 'when the flag goes up' IS communication. Having an 'action'group (even if it is just a 'call-up, sign-up) means at least some folks will have local contacts. That's what I am trying to work on locally in my area; some success in awakening some neighbors (two have bought guns; more have started adding some food and water preps). Small steps, but steps!

The neighborhood joke has always been: "when it starts, they're all coming to MY house, 'cause I have all the guns!" To which I always reply: "bring food and water or yah ain't gettin' in!"

Avalanche said...

Aesop, respected blog owner -- I am enjoying tremendously reading back through your blog posts.

"Holding Gun Woodstock was an asinine public wank-fest."

That is certainly one aspect of it. However, the effect I would draw attention to is NOT the guys feeling tough and cool as they march around in a crowded street with their weapons {eye roll} -- but rather to the singletons and small groups all over the country who feel abandoned and unable to ever make change because we are so few, so small... This mass gathering as valuable NOT for the 'wanking' but for the numbers and effect on folks NOT in Virginia that day. I had a silly grin on my face for two days -- not because they accomplished anything, but because seeing SO.MANY.PEOPLE who believe some of what I do lifted a huge amount of despair at the loss of my nation. Maybe it could be possible to save it?

You know that to 'move' patients and their families to DO what's needful, it helps to show them OTHER patients and families successfully doing what you want them to do. Humans are herd species: if 'the herd' does this-or-that, then more of the outliers will want to go along. Not us, not the folks who would ever read your blog and others you've mentioned; but the barely awake, the normies who are NOT SJWs idiot-liberals... THEY are sure-as-hell not going to stand up and declare themselves for the U.S. -- not by themselves, not and be alone and ridiculed. Until they see, "Oh! I would NOT be alone. There IS hope! I'm not the last 'real' American left." And part of that is: "these are not the horrible violent right-side republicans the media always tells me they are." Maybe that slight flickering of light and warmth will help THEM to 'move.'

Aesop said...

I get that Avalanche, but they had serious momentum at the LOCAL level.
They good have gotten the same warm fuzzies from seeing 500 of theitr friends and neighbors from the same county they lived in at a local county muster every month going forward, as a reminder that, "we're here, we believe as you do, we've got skin in the game, and they won't be getting your guns, my guns, or anyone else's guns, in this county, unless they kill us all."

Instead of just showing up for a couple of hours of photo op.

VCDL wasted a month's momentum and more doing that photo op, when counties should have been building on their successes getting themselves declared to be 2A sanctuaries, and letting Richmond know for realz :"We will not comply."

"TPTB don't give a sh*t about 22,000 people in one place; they're scared sh*tless of 22 people in 1,000 places."

You've got the right idea about building bridges and winning converts. Local, LOCAL, LOCAL is the name of the game from here on out, and it always was.