Tuesday, March 3, 2020

CDC: Always A Day Late And A Dollar Short


Anonymous said...

Not that this is worth anything to you guys but toilet paper isn't available in my area. All of a sudden my stockpile of roughly a years worth isn't so silly.

Anonymous said...

What a shock....https://www.news4jax.com/health/2020/03/02/sources-small-number-of-people-in-jacksonville-being-monitored-for-coronavirus/

johnnyrotten said...

I already have about 1.5 years food at a secure location and another year at home. Still, I ordered two cars full of food/water at Walmart; they only lacked Purell which I have but wanted more. Of course, I also visited the 5.56/7.62 store just for some piece of mind additions.
Thanks for providing the site Aesop; it's nice to read the 'reals' and not have bullshit and sunshine thrown my way. cheers mate

HockeyGoon519 said...

25% bleach / 75% water to disinfect

50% bleach / 50% water to decontaminate

Anonymous said...

Field Report - Shopping Trip S. NH, 03-MAR Just got back from Wally World, adding to my stock of cold remedies etc. I got the last two combo boxes of Nyquil/Dayquil on the shelf. Other cold remedies in that section looking thin to bare. Got the last box of generic enteric coated baby aspirin which I use for blood thinner. There was one box of name brand baby aspirin left on the shelf. There is a HUGE display of various brands of throat lozenges near the front of the store right at the end of the entrance aisle. I'm talking 6 feet tall x 10 feet long by 18" deep.

Grocery store, large regional chain, store brand and name brand tuna in water stocks getting low. Storage bins for tuna in water have been consolidated into two wire bins the other 6 bins now contain tuna in oil, used to be the other way round, less expensive brands of sardines out of stock, a name brand of canned mackerel in olive oil has been out of stock for at least 8 weeks. Didn't see any other empty or low slots (like canned vegetables) on shelves anywhere else in the store. Didn't look at the medical supplies aisle.

Stopped by Home Despot to see if perchance they had any N95 masks. The cupboard is BARE and has been for at least a month. I asked one of the clerks if they were expecting any anytime soon. She laughed.

nick flandrey said...

Our Lowes doesn't even have shelf space for masks anymore. The cashier said if they come in, they disappear before they get shelf space.

Houston metro area.

I had great success finding everything I could have wanted (and found some I did want) at the big grocery store in the 'hood, next to the barrio. Well stocked, a few weird holes in the shelves but could have been either sale items selling out, or supply chain issues.

I did get the last 3 bottles of Clorox disinfecting bleach but there were scented and store brands available. OTC section well stocked. All food items in stock, including quaker quick oats that were sold out elsewhere.

100 pounds of potatoes and 5 bags of onions fell into my cart, less than $50 and I've got hearty, filling food that doesn't need refrigeration and lasts a long time. 3 gallons of peanut oil and rice filled the cart. Other than the potatoes I was just topping up...


Anonymous said...

@HockeyGoon: only 0.1% concentration is needed. No need to waste bleach and/or gas your self. Includes other disinfection agents.


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Anonymous said...

Had to renew Costco membership today. Dude I spoke to said they did an extra $million in business, partially due to weather but mostly to pandemic. Out of their brand of TP; folks rolling carts of Charmin out.
They were out of dried onions, the only thing I wanted.
Boat Guy

Charles in VA said...

The CDC may be a day late, but as a private corporation they are literally going to make a killing on this crap show. And feel free to call me paranoid, but I'm thinking that's the business model from Day One.

In related news, my folks in the Atlanta area are reporting Costco stores are sold out of toilet paper and bottled water. Here in VA things are still pretty available...for now. I'm pretty much forted up with a supply of meds and food. Heat and water were never an issue for me (private well and huge wood lot). Got gas and diesel for the generator and equipment. Plenty of ammo (as always).

I'm as ready for this as I'll ever be.

nick flandrey said...

Alright Chas, I'll bite.

WTF does CDC being a "private corporation" have to do with anything, and how exactly do they "make a killing?"

More importantly, why does it matter?

3M is a corp, and they'll make a crapton on PPEs, as will Costco, or any other retailer selling stuff people need, until 1 in 33 of their customers are dead... Making money is the FUNCTION of corporations. Taking money from the productive and giving it to the less- and un-productive is the function of government.

Presumably you have some experience of the world of work, where you trade something of value (some combination of your labor, knowledge, and experience- depending on the job) for money. Why should a business be any different?

And that's granting your assertion that the CDC is something other than a federal agency, which 3 seconds with google seems to refute... "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the leading national public health institute of the United States. The CDC is a United States federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia."

They may be incompetent and ineffective government timeservers and chairwarmers for the most part, but greedy cynical rapacious bastards?? Doesn't seem likely.


Charles in VA said...

@ Nick,

If you can't figure it out on your own, my explaining it isn't going to help you. And I wasn't looking for a "bite".