Sunday, March 29, 2020

Hopeium Futures Down 5000%

Hopeium: addictive and dangerous.
Stop shooting it up. Just say "No."

“We will be extending our guidelines to April 30th, to slow the spread,” said President Trump on Sunday.



Fiddlin John Carson said...

It's like I tell people:

"Don't hate me, hate the truth."

If the people were told the absolute truth on this from the get go, most would' wouldn't have worked either. The truth was out there, most just didn't wanna hear it. Many local folks I know called me an idiot a month ago because it was "just the flu". I don't need to point out to their faces who the idiot is now, but I do. They deserve it.

Anyone who is relying on any politician or the media to make serious life or death decisions about this...I'm sorry, you are prolly gonna die and it's your own damn fault.

Anyone who hasn't figured out what the latin root of "quarantine" is and why it is germaine to todays clusterfuck is prolly gonna die.

Thank you Aesop for your hard work and for never ever bullshitting me in the 8 odd years I been coming here, about anything. Your first aid info is invaluable. That's why I came and stayed here and will continue to.

Anonymous said...

It's damned hard to make most people believe this is a crisis when there were only one or two deaths, and dozens with a diagnosis of COVID-19 / Wuhan Pneumonia/ Chinese Plague in your state, or even your surrounding states too.

If President Trump had said April 30, Sixteen Days Ago,
1. People would not have believed him.
2. American People would have rebelled and said FU to the whole thing.
3. The Stock Market possibly would have been even worse.
4. There would have been political war, maybe even actual violence.

Now we can see the problems. We hear about the dead and dying with every newscast, and every live show. Sports (OMG! SPORTS!!!) have been shutdown nationwide and even Worldwide.

If God Forbid, there are 50,000 or 100,000 deaths by April 25, expect another extension.
And everyone will look at the carnage and agree.

No one would have agreed with all this on March 14. This was just "A disease spread amongst foreigners, and was caused by their filthy eating habits. It cannot happen here."

Rollory said...

"Anyone who hasn't figured out what the latin root of "quarantine" is"

I really hope that's a trick question, because the root is not Latin. It's French: "quarantaine", forty, for 40 days in isolation.

Which is going to end up being about the length of the period of restrictions, if their target is April 30.

The numbers may look scary but, for the USA at least, the percentage of increase is going down fairly steadily now, and that's what matters - the change in the rate of change. If it doesn't start exploding in new places we could hit peak within the next two weeks and keep total deaths under 5000.


I wouldn't put money on it yet.

Anonymous said...

Look at what happened in China.

Why aren't we like China?

Anonymous said...


You really do not know that French came out of Latin? Dude, do you even romance language?

1660s, "period a ship suspected of carrying disease is kept in isolation," from Italian quaranta giorni, literally "space of forty days," from quaranta "forty," from Latin quadraginta"forty," which is related to quattuor "four". So called from the Venetian policy (first enforced in 1377) of keeping ships from plague-stricken countries waiting off its port for 40 days to assure that no latent cases were aboard. Also see lazaretto. The extended sense of "any period of forced isolation" is from 1670s.

Earlier in English the word meant "period of 40 days in which a widow has the right to remain in her dead husband's house" (1520s), and, as quarentyne (15c.), "desert in which Christ fasted for 40 days," from Latin quadraginta "forty."

Anonymous said...

Interesting breakdown of the word "quarantine". Thank you to all the adults in the group. Ohio Guy.

Anonymous said...

O/T, but related,

Phil Kerpen links to an Indian Recommendation for prophylaxis use of Hydroxy Chloriquine by health care workers.

Also, the US FDA has approved the use. Maybe they are seeing positive preliminary results?


If this is effective in even 50% of the cases, it could be a real game changer. Let's pray it is effective.

Anonymous said...

More on FDA approval,

Anonymous said...

Keep your zinc levels up too. Regular old white mushrooms very high in zinc.

Anonymous said...

It’s not a flu virus—it’s a coronavirus. 3 x more infectious and 20-40 x deadlier

Anonymous said...

A few quotes from a very no nonsense relative in healthcare:

"I cannot begin to tell you how bad this virus is. It is deadly. Its like germ warfare"

"This is the worst thing I have ever seen. Not normal. Nothing compares."

This person is a long time seasoned professional not prone to hysterics or over reacting.

KungFlu is NOT 'just the flu bro'.

May God bless and keep all of our healthcare professionals. There are no words sufficient to thank you all for going to work day after day in the face of this thing. Staying at your post is akin to the fireman going into the burning building or a GI jumping on the grenade to protect his brothers.

Rollory said...

"You really do not know that French came out of Latin? Dude, do you even romance language?"

I knew somebody was going to pull this bullshit.

Referring to French as Latin is about as valid as referring to English as German. The Frisian dialect thereof, if you want to be super precise.

If you don't have a problem being told you're speaking German, then carry on.

Anonymous said...

In the city I live in, confirmed cases more than doubled from Sat. to Sun. from 6 to 14.


ThatWouldBeTelling said...

Maybe putting people face down on a vent is worth trying; not a great source, but per this source, "Israeli doctor in Italy says innovative treatments offering hopes of recovery":

One technique he said had yielded dramatic results was to have patients lie on their stomach instead of on their back while on a ventilator. “Suddenly the oxygen level in the blood jumped by hundreds of percents,” he said.

HT Hershel Smith of The Captain's Journal. (Who fails the Karl Denninger litmus test, and quite a few others, but is still worth checking out.)

Anonymous said...

I agree that the moving time-period is necessary for many people to buy into STFH. Giving them an identifiable end date allows folks to become accustomed to things in small doses. When I use "mid-summer maybe"people look at me as a heretic or worse.
POTUS is generally smarter than most give credit for. Hardly perfect (whomever is, please step up) but a helluva lot better than the alternative woulda been.
Boat Guy

The Freeholder said...

ThatWouldBeTelling, for those of us who don't follow Denninger, what is his litmus test?

Rollory said...

Sixty people get together for choir practice. They use hand sanitizer and stand apart from each other while singing for 2.5 hours.

Three weeks later, 45 of the 60 - that's 75% - have chinavirus. Two of them are dead.

Meanwhile, Karl Denninger's fingers are still in his ears as he insists that airborne transmission is not the primary vector.

Rollory said...

Freeholder - he himself is it; how long it takes you to read Denninger's stuff before you start saying "wait, this guy is full of it".

FredLewers said...

Denninger has some valid points I think. But no one person knows everything. Not even Aesop. But we'll muddle through this. Some are gonna die. Natural selection is a real thing. It's a system feature.
And normal is gonna change. Just like normals been changing since forever.
I hope y'all got your gardens planted. And while you're at it figure out where you're gonna store the harvest. And how you're gonna secure it from Gilligan.

From Norway said...

I am going to give some hope. 18 days ago my government introduced home quarantine, and certain municipalities and regions introduced some extra measurements. This weekend for the first time the number of people admitted to the hospital went down, and not because of deaths.

Since we started a little earlier than the US, I expect that it will take about a month for that same point to be reached by the US, if the quarantine is respected.

How long it will take to completely eliminate the virus I do not know.

By the way Aesop, I think my government might be reading your blog. They are now beginning to test for antibodies to anyone that wants.

Robin Datta said...

"Anyone who hasn't figured out what the latin root of "quarantine" is"

I really hope that's a trick question, because the root is not Latin. It's French

Anonymous said...

French??? Your link proves the Italian origin numbnuts.
(as you probably aren't aware, the Romans were Italian in origin, dummbkopf)