Thursday, March 26, 2020

Pull Pin. Fall On Grenade.

(WRSA) The ‘cure’ – of bankrupting entire industries through the loathsomely-termed “lockdown” – is worse than the threat.
And it increasingly appears that “curve flattening”, as advocated, has failed, with major hospitals continuing to fill to capacity and beyond.

Pandemic suppression may indeed fail.

 Probably because too little, too late, and kabuki theater screening at airports, when we should have shunted everyone into mandatory quarantine for 30 days before entry was allowed, starting in early- or mid-January.

If only the CDC hadn’t pooch-screwed the test kits so hard that the dog will never walk right again.

So if the answer is to throw caution to the winds, and open all the things, Kung Flu cases, and deaths – even if just a fraction of the whole – will skyrocket, and most importantly, the much higher percent than deaths, people requiring hospitalization, has a very good shot at destroying health care in this country for any area that’s swamped, meaning anything life-threatening after that point will be fatal.

And doctors and nurses, being older than most people entering professions, will die at a higher rate too. If you thought there was a doctor and nurse shortage before, just wait until you lose 10% of them for months, and some permanently. Which also makes salaries for the survivors higher. Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand is going to bitchslap that part of the economy. The only saving grace will be all those people dying might cut the cost of Medicare, and keep Social Security solvent for another few years before it teeters and falls over.

And opening the floodgates again will guarantee that this comes back, in waves, which will knock a given percentage of the country on its ass, over, and over, and over again, just without killing most of them. Let’s sign up for that, please.

With no recognizable healthcare where that happens, probably through next spring, at least.
Riches for me, even 7-day-a-week employment if I want it;
plague, financial ruin, and death for you/us all.
No medical care, as such, for anyone, for perhaps the rest of 2020.

(And if we have back-and-forth quarantines, and then not, and then another wave of outbreak, serially, take a wild guess how many front-line people in health care will say “F**k it; I’m out. Call me back when you’re serious.”? My guess is 25-50%. We’re not draftees, we can walk when we want. And will.)

What’s not to like?

Unless TPTB triage all Kung Flu actual and suspected cases out of the hospitals' normal system, and open up government ghetto Kung Flu Treatment Centers.

And of course, seeing how the Deep State was weaponized to go after Trump, no one can possibly think that such a pandemic gulag would ever be subsequently weaponized to weed out the Deplorables, can they?

 Sheer coincidence, no doubt.


From Norway said...

Yes. My mother says the same. " It is just a flu, open the gates!!"

I think it is more like "release the kraken!"

RheaSalaciaVolans said...

Everyone acts like the lockdown is the absolute worst thing in the history of ever. No one seems capable of grasping that

1) The country had to do something similar to handle Spanish flu.
2) This lockdown was never about saving them.

Maybe because no one told them this, the people I interact with online don't seem to get it, but the lockdown had nothing to do with saving them and everything to do with saving the US health system from the second and third tier effects you have outlined elsewhere.

The lockdown was not very successful at first where I live because everyone believed they were exempt from it. When people were told to limit their travel to essential only, they wouldn't do it. They thought whatever they wanted to do and wherever they wanted to go was important enough to be called necessary. So they brought a legthened lockdown on themselves.

Netpackrat said...

Hi Aesop. I still hate you guts, but given that a lot of people seem to be following your blog due to the coronavirus thing, I thought it would be worth passing this along in case you hadn't already seen it:

The doctor in question appears to have a big brass pair. Took the bull by the horns while everybody else was either arguing about it, talking about studies, or ingesting aquarium cleaner. Hope it lives up to his claims.

Spin said...


Your borrowed saying "Kung Flu" has made the Day By Day cartoon series. Congrats.


Anonymous said...

Questions for you Aesop.
The UK removed cv-19 from their list of HCID’s, high consequence infectious diseases

While there are some serious infections, mostly respiratory going on, are these caused by COVID-19 or is the virus contributing to a more aggressive form of pneumonia?

In Italy, one of their health pubas talked about re-evaluating COVID-19 deaths because most deaths were caused by something else, and covid was just present, not the actual cause. Like in the USA, flu gets blamed for tens of thousands of deaths annually, but it’s rarely proven (as in, they tested for flu virus and found it) and the deaths are caused by something else, often pneumonia.

I heard, and am trying to find some sources, that this is spread more by contact than droplets - wash your hands my be the way this is solved. Hospitals appear to,be a nexus as there is a lot of touch contamination, and always has been, nothing new. I watch docs and nurse touch patients, and them move on to the next and still wearing same ppe or not washing hands, using same stethoscope, etc... is fecal matter what is spreading around? Immigrants may not have a tradition of hand washing, so they might be more aggressive spreaders, especially in cities with lots of cross contamination opportunities compared to the sticks.

Layman here trying to wrap my head around all this and understand what is really happening and what is spreading this. Obviously we don’t wish this, or any other illness on anyone, but... if the economy is strangled much longer, poverty is a soon to be major issue, and poverty impacts health outcomes at least as much as exposure to a virus that most will have zero impact from.

Story time, Nurse at big local hospital, works same floor that their lone COVID-19 patient is on, DEMANDED that her massage therapist see her for her scheduled appointment this week, even after the receptionist, calling all people with appointments to determine their exposure (are you having symptoms, have you been in contact with an infected person, are you immune compromised, etc...) and telling them that they will be rescheduled. this nurse was oblivious to the risks she presents to everyone she encounters, I hope this isn’t common, but some health professionals are very “I’m smart, your dumb, do what I want” in their interactions with others.
I appreciate all you are doing to share your real world observations and educate us non medical pros.

carolinaTURTLE said...

What? Somebody came up with a cure for coronavirus? UNpossibe! The only solution is to develop the vaccine, and then tell everyone they *HAVE TO* take it!

Except *IF* a new medication can be offered that effectively treats the symptoms...but *IF* we find the cure??? (hint: profits will be greatly reduced if we market a cure...way more profits the longer we can treat the perpetuity, even?)

ASM826 said...

You are not a draftee...yet.

If health care is a right, then those recipients of health care have to have someone provide it to them. "Draftee" is the nicest name for someone put into forced labor for others.

carolinaTURTLE said...

@Charles in VA (+ all readership)
Subject: more thoughts

Let’s let our current medical system crash & burn. Obviously, it is unable to handle the crises. From the ashes shall arise the new & improved healthcare system. Alternately, the weaker members of the herd shall have been “pruned” and the remnants will be the survivors who are resistant to Kung Flu?

Meanwhile, over in urban dystopia (as food runs out despite the flawless operation of EBT) OMG...look at the chaos and killing that firearms have wreaked! Only the government should have firearms! (reply from the Redoubt states = BFYTW!) and so begins CW2...

grnadee said...

"... seriously, take a wild guess how many front-line people in health care will say...; I’m out. Call me back when you’re serious.”? My guess is 25-50%. We’re not draftees, we can walk when we want. And will."

Awh yes--freedom of choice? Well... my guess is "they" will force you to work - at the point of arrest or something similar.

so you have to say, leave now while the leaving is good
do your duty and stay for the duration of the "war".

Anonymous said...

A lot of people or sheepple think this is one and done I'll say second and third order affects are at hand. Went to Walmart yesterday fairly quite well mannered people that was Tuesday I am saying wait till the weekend it will be mass chaos those are the heavy days of shopping in normal times this isn't normal the shelves will be stripped so when do they get restocked and when do the massive wharehouses get stripped of available food and product. I am saying think down the road a little this isn't only to control a bug this is to control or restrict you your family your group. To make it short and not so sweet were ff-d

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Big pharma again. Saw a tweet from a guy who had it and got the hydrox-zithro treatment and was out of the hospital. If vaccine created billions to be made instead of 4 cent malaria med and a z-pac cost. Meet the new boss same as the old boss.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Oh and trillions voted on by the swamp on the tax slaves back. Hope the sheeple figure this out by Nov. 3

Reltney McFee said...

carolina TURTLE:

"Let’s let our current medical system crash & burn. Obviously, it is unable to handle the crises. From the ashes shall arise the new & improved healthcare system. Alternately, the weaker members of the herd shall have been “pruned” and the remnants will be the survivors who are resistant to Kung Flu?"

(a) "...a new and improved system shall arise from the ashes"? AYFKM? My confidence that such a thing could happen approaches, but does not meet, meet my expectation that a hanger full of parts could, after an earthquake, be discovered to hold a fully assembled, flawlessly functioning, fully fueled Cobra attack helicopter. And crew. And ground crew. And a herd of skittles farting unicorns.

I hope that you would not be surprised that the same hapless charlatans that brought us "disaster plans" that did NOT include "war stocks" of critical supplies, would in all likelihood be the ones tasked with "designing" this new system, amirite? Because the pols (spit!) with whom they buddy, would ensure that they would be in the meetings. And, on the boards. And, therefore, be the decision makers, because "I RAN! (insert name of hospital system, here)!"

(B) "the weaker members of the herd shall have been'pruned'..."

Uh, buddy, let me tell you something: among "the weaker members of the herd..", that you are eager, or willing, to "prune" are the physicians, nurses, PAs, NPs, and a whole host of the folks who, every day, get shit done to make a hospital, or clinic, RUN. In general, a physician enters practice around age 27, unless he/she is a surgeon, in which case their age trends closer to 31. THAT is FRESH out of residency. Senior attending, tens of thousands of hours in clinic, or thousands of surgeries under their belt? You're looking at mid forties, maybe fifties.

So, guess which demographic is at increased risk for malign outcomes from the Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus? Uh, that would be (a) older folks (like our health care workforce), and (b) healthcare workers.

Rethink your premises, my friend.

Peter B said...

Aesop, the people who stole the masks from your hospital were amateurs. Here are some real professionals in action:

Germany-bound shipment of 6 MILLION face masks vanishes in Kenya

"A shipment of face masks, ordered by Germany to protect health workers battling the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, has mysteriously vanished in Kenya. It remains unclear whether the batch was stolen or simply misplaced.

"The German military confirmed the loss of the shipment on Tuesday. The batch of six million FFP2 protective masks was due to arrive in Germany on March 20, but it went missing at an airport in Kenya.

“'The authorities are trying to find out what happened,' a defense ministry spokesperson said, confirming earlier reports by German media. The Kenyan Airports Authority (KAA) told Reuters it was still 'assessing the situation.'

"It remains unclear how – and why – the shipment ended up in the east African country in the first place, as the masks are said to have been produced by a German company. It was also not immediately clear whether the six million masks were stolen or somehow got lost in transit.

"On the bright side, the German government won’t suffer any financial losses even if the masks are never found, since payment for the shipment was due on delivery, the German military said."

Anonymous said...

@ PeterB: German company does not mean made in Germany. Likely made in China. That opens up a lot of possibilities for how the masks were 'misplaced'.

As for HCQ and big pharma conspiracies. Wrong. The problem here is bureaucrats with their heads so buried in the CFR that they can't see straight. It is not too often that .gov employees are considered paragons of creative thinking. Seems to me there are 2 options. 1) docs will use whatever works to save their patients. They also have the moral and legal obligation to do so. 2) Trump kicks some ass in FDA/CDC/DHS and where ever else it is needed to get the .gov drones to wake up (or be fired..maybe he shouldn't let a crisis go to waste) and pull their heads out to start getting facilities in the US to start making this stuff by the ton.

Rollory said...

Aesop, you might want to read this if you haven't already:

Symptoms, treatment, etc, based on "several hundred cases"

carolinaTURTLE said...


So far, haven’t met anyone here IRL, but i began making *virtual* acquaintances back when “weaponsman” was still open for business...

My previous thoughts @Charles was not what i *WANT* to happen, but more of a “what if/worse case” especially from the point of view of TPTB down upon us “deplorables”

i got a front row seat for “making an MD” (first wife...from “undergrad” to residency/internal-med”) so i very well know that process takes a little more than *unicorn farts* TO DO IT RIGHT...

and i re-think my premises as new data becomes available...the anti-malarial techniques seem to hold some promise...

How do *YOU* think this thing will progress? (and not how you WANT it to progress!)

Anonymous said...

Robert Bosch (ROBG.UL) has developed a diagnostic tool for detecting the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in under three hours.

Anonymous said...

Current tests are only able to detect anti-bodies. They are not providing the actual detection of relevant pathogens (viruses).

This (above) test is a combination of sample preparation (including process controls): Multiplex PCR (Polymerase-Chain-Reaction), μArray-detection to allow the identification of SARS-CoV-2. It also includes ten different pathogens for viral respiratory tract infections such as Influenza A and B.

Differ said...

Nigerian prince called and says he has a stash of N95 masks....

Reltney McFee said...

caroline TURTLE: How do I expect it to develop? cluster hug, hopefully small, until heads get removed (from recti), and then mainstreaming (treatment)(cure). The governor of (I seem to recall Arizona?) somehow seems to have executive ordered physicians to NOT prescribe chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine for covid/wuflu. Should that prove to be an effective treatment, and anecdotal reports are encouraging, well, I think somebody may be in for n extended period of litigation under assorted theories, both state as well as federal theories. ("Deprivation of civil rights under color of law")

What I have no idea of, is how long it stretches from HERE, to there.

And, congrats. Walking alongside someone in the medical mill, which grinds exceedingly fine, is a trial. My hat is off to you, for making that journey.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the recent rash of age-40 deaths: is it possible we've already "progressed" from the "1917 version" of COVID-19 to the "1918 version", and this much-more deadly strain, not yet common and not yet sequenced, is the "new normal"?

Oh what fun...


Anonymous said...

1. We will need INTERNAL Quarantine Control soon.

How many cases of Chinese Pneumonia are going to appear in NC, Florida, and the Hamptons from rich and irresponsible assholes fleeing NYFC?

2. The virus is still mutating. One of our best hopes for a quick return to the old normal is that it mutates to something much less virulent, maybe something like a cold? That would be an amazing gift from a kind and benevolent God.

3. This virus and the changes in our society will be interesting. Will the prepper / prepared mindset become respected? Fortunes have been lost, and fortunes will be made. By this time next year, we will have a better idea of the what will be the NEW normal.

Anonymous said...

What retard would force people to do healthscare?
If you thought slavery delivered crappy results, just imagine what indentured caritude will get you. You could call it Second Aid; potentially deadly "care" from zerofucks caregivers.

I can't see anyone wanting that kind of care.

"Hey! You can't give that patient those! He has a heart condition!"
"Oops! Did I do that? Gee, I'll try to straighten up and fly right..."

Anonymous said...

The lockdowns:

Minnesota has less than 300 cases, and just had our second death this morning. We are locking down hard tomorrow, Friday for two weeks through Good Friday. Governor Walz said he is doing this to prevent a health care system destroying peak in NINE (9) weeks / Two Months plus in the future. The predicted peak is large enough to exceed our ICU capacity and our hospital bed capacity. Look at Italy, look at Wuhan, look at NYFC, that will cause deaths to skyrocket, and it is UGLY.

The lock down will slightly lower the peak, but more importantly is supposed to extend it four weeks further into the future.

It will be interesting to see how accurate these predictions are. A lot can happen in the next thirteen weeks. That is 3 freaking months!

Anonymous said...

Hey, 2:52 Anon- They should call it Flu York now!

You folks who believe they'll force medworkers to medwork- how?
Do you go door-to-door to round them up?
What if they're not home?
What if they're home, but they're drunk?
What if they're high?
I can see a lot of ways that won't work.
Unless you plan to chain them to the gurneys or point guns at them, how do you intend to keep them on duty?
Unreasonable and unworkable.

You can catch more flies with honey. How about treating them like they matter?

ThatWouldBeTelling said...

Current tests are only able to detect anti-bodies. They are not providing the actual detection of relevant pathogens (viruses).

This is completely and totally reversed from reality, and to quibble, the current tests only detect bits of RNA from the pathogens, not viable viruses.

The governor of (I seem to recall Arizona?) somehow seems to have executive ordered physicians to NOT prescribe chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine for covid/wuflu.

Nevada. TDS can be lethal in high doses.

Regarding the recent rash of age-40 deaths: is it possible we've already "progressed" from the "1917 version" of COVID-19 to the "1918 version", and this much-more deadly strain, not yet common and not yet sequenced, is the "new normal"?

More likely the data from the PRC was garbage, which is what too many people who should know better have been mostly depending on.

bearcub7250 said...

nick flandrey said...

Unless you plan to chain them to the gurneys or point guns at them, how do you intend to keep them on duty?

--oh there are lots of ways, some more effective, some more brutal.

-Hold their families hostage (done under the lie of "keeping them safe") or just snatch them.
-Promise vaccination or special care if/when they or their families get sick.
-threaten to ruin them personally, some of them must be perverts, gamblers, drug users.
-threaten public shaming.
-revoke licenses, permanently.

-beat anyone who refuses, in front of the others. Beat anyone with abnormally poor outcomes.
-Shoot anyone that says no, in front of the others. Shoot anyone with abnormally poor outcomes, again, in front of the others.

I don't even do this for a living and there's 7 off the top of my head. Won't all work with everyone, and doesn't guarantee a 'best effort' but it gets bodies into the bunny suits. There are plenty of examples from history. and don't say it can't happen here, without showing your work...


Stealth Spaniel said...

Okay, stupid question. Why isn't anyone in WDC getting sick and dying?? Yes, I am thinking of Pelosi and Schumer, but that is besides the point. We seem to be whacking people right and left in Kommiefornia and NYFC, yet those 2 "representatives" are as spry and bright as ever. Life just is not fair, in oh so many ways. And, the country still has open borders, open doors, and closed minds. Wasn't Ellis Island somebody's bright idea? I am just real frustrated with the stupidity and lying. Can't wait for my stimulus check-THAT will fix everything!

Anonymous said...

Service Employees International Union United Healthcare Workers West announced Thursday that it located 39 million N95 masks and will make them available to state and local governments and health care systems...

Unknownsailor said...

Governor of MI just decided to threaten the license of any doctor or pharmacist who proscribes Hydroxychloroquine. Coumo has banned the use of same outside of any of his trials. NV governor banned it as well. No prophylaxis use for you, and discussing your desire for same with your doctor is now verbotten. So say our moral betters.

Now we have the Oxford group that is the source of all those doom and gloom graphs showing 2.2 million dead in the US revising their figure down for the UK, from 500k dead to 20k. And you have Birx saying on national TV that real world data is conflicting with either their R0 estimate their models, or maybe even both.

My own county is not doubling at the rate models say they should be, and much of the rest of the country is not either. We need to do some major anti-body surveys, and RFN, because we need to know where we are in the curve. Everyone has been assuming that we are at the early part, when the pandemic is acting like we are at the ending part, where community immunity rapidly builds from tiny percentages to functional herd immunity.

Anonymous said...

Rollory linked to this, ---

Two things I got out of it:
One was the Indians(?) appear to be using Hydroxy Chloriquine as a preventive medicine for health care providers. They are using regular weekly dosing? The information was on a chart pasted into a comment on page 2 or 3 of 5.

Two was the Chloriquine treatment doesn't seem to work well after you develop a full blown case the virus. You need to hit the infection early, so you kill off the virus with Chloriquine and Zinc before it gets a foothold.

Am I wrong? Misunderstanding something?

ASM826 said...

" Da Silva is certain he’s been infected, but he said he’s been getting the run around from officials all week as he seeks to get tested. Self-quarantined with his pregnant wife and toddler, he’s so disillusioned by how he’s been treated that he may not go back.

“I’ve put them all at risk,” Da Silva said of his family. “I don’t think I want to go back to that environment after this because apparently we don’t matter. I can’t continue working in hospitals after this.” "

from this article about New York:

Robin Datta said...

One cannot force persons to use their intelligence and/or professional judgement. Forced labor will work for unskilled labor, but the greater the skill needed, the less effective the force. Telling nurses that they will be fired on the spot for using face masks, and telling physicians that they cannot prescribe chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine is ridiculous to the nth degree.

nick flandrey said...

"is ridiculous to the nth degree."

--agree that it's ridiculous, but there's always someone willing to go to n+1...

And you CAN coerce anyone that isn't a psychopath. You won't get their best game, but you can get what you need.

"Get back to work or we start shooting patients. They are all going to die anyway, so why not save the supplies for party members? Maybe if you get back to work some might live, but none will survive the GSW to the head. *bang* No? *bang* Still? *bang* STILL? *bang* --stop stop stop, I'll do it! "

See? Simple. If you aren't thinking that level of seriousness, you aren't thinking this thru at it's current rates. If you aren't thinking somali warlord, or leader of the east coast crips, you aren't following this to it's logical end. (at current doubling rates)


nick flandrey said...

"its" not "it's"


elysianfield said...

"You can catch more flies with honey."

Yes, but if you pull their wings off, you can make them eat anything you want...."

carolinaTURTLE said...

Forcing *someone* to work at gunpoint works GREAT...* if * you are the only one with a gun...

Robin Datta said...

"At gunpoint" - suggest several courses of treatment and ask the gun wielder for their advice/recommendations.

Gruelie said...

They call you aesop, right? I'm an RRT,21 years, worked all over the country. (Duke, Yale, Ohio State-25 others). We at Rochester General Hospital (NY) have a new ventilator policy that my Medical director and MICU director worked on with me yesterday. It's called ventilator lottery. When we have no vents and a new covid+ pt arrives, some of the sickest pts go into the vent lottery and the losers are put two patients to a vent. We were setting up the circuit last night in the respiratory equipment room. The MD's had the protocol on paper from Presbyterian in NYC. This is a legitimate policy from NYS dept of health.