Friday, March 27, 2020


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Coronatardation: (n) 1. the uncanny knack for zeroing in on the opposite of reality in every situation, right up until the Darwin Award moment


Anonymous said...

My neighbor is a Sheriff's Deputy in our NE FL county. She came over to visit today and to help me out by notarizing a doc I needed (having a neighbor as a notary is very helpful sometimes). We got to chatting. She says they are still working, without PPE, but have stopped traffic stops and warrants. However, she says they are getting ALOT of calls to grocery stores, etc to respond to incidents of people deliberately spitting or coughing on things. Attempting to contaminate produce seems to be a big one.

I made a quick stop at the local WM for some produce. The produce, meat, dairy and beer cases were all stocked. Ample produce, although none of it was "Grade A". Most of it looked like the type of produce that would normally go to food processing plants because it was undersize, flawed, etc. But people were happy to buy it, even though it looked less than perfect. Perhaps learning has occurred. Easy to heat or pre-made foods (rotisserie chickens and the like) seemed to be the biggest sellers.

To state I am disappointed in my fellow Americans is an understatement, and I only officially became a US citizen at the end of Feb.

I remain in self-imposed isolation, but today had to go out to attend to some personal and legal matters. My previous foray outside my front door was 14 March. On 14 March, no one was in PPE. Today I saw ALOT of people in masks and gloves.
I have also noticed that our internet service has been hammered/throttled noticeably this past week.

My daughter works for a well known, large, international brand distiller here. She stated a little over a year ago they disposed of huge quantities of 151% proof ETOH as the marketing dept winnowed down SKUs. Now they are pivoting to making hand sanitizer and trying to catch up.

The volunteer ambulance corps my son works with in So FL shut their doors until further notice. They do non-emergency patient transport and act as stand-bys for community events. The local hospital admin tried to guilt them into staying open, but their Chief was having none of it. They don't have proper PPE or the insurance to cover any of them if they should get exposed and seriously sick. EMT crews in general are not being supported as first line responders and most have been provided NO PPE let alone appropriate PPE for contact with any potential infectious patient. Infection control guidance states you should treat any patient contact as infectious, but that is not what is being briefed or supported.

Anonymous said...

You could do stand up with lines like that. Everybody knows the rules; there are none.

You live in a culture that endorses communist indoctrination of children by the official government organs (Department of Education; are you even able to say that with a straight face?), the official elevation of infanticide to a sacramental function, with millions of babies annually having their brains sucked out of their skulls, felons being released willy-nilly, every possible sexual perversion embraced and celebrated...

Is there any further need to continue the list?

Disappointed? What exactly did you expect?

Termite said...

Well this is interesting:

IF this indeed works, does anyone think the United Nations General Assembly will thank Israel?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?.....