Saturday, March 14, 2020



But you know if Shrillary dies of Kung Flu, you'll all be laughing your @$$#$ off.


FredLewers said...

That would be ironic justice...
She betrayed America. It would be fitting that she's killed by a virus outbreak that began with one of her customers.

Anonymous said...

From that most prolific poet...anonymous:

Here, richly, with ridiculous display,
The politicians corpse was laid away.
While all her acquaintances sneered and slanged,
I wept, for I longed to see her hanged

Grog said...

+10 for Fred's comment.

Anonymous said...

Hildebeast die of Kung Flu?
She's so pickled all the time, the poor disease doesn't stand a chance.

Anonymous said...

Be just like her to sky out and die of the flu when, indeed she deserves to be hanged.

Anonymous said...

"But you know if Shrillary dies of Kung Flu, you'll all be laughing your @$$#$ off."

Actually ... yes we will AND lining up to piss on her grave.


Anonymous said...

Actually I am wondering with all the exposure the DC crowd has gotten to COVID19 why so far of the "Elites" only Republicans and so far a few Hollywood Folks seem to have gotten ill?

Well given normal progression IF in two more weeks the Impeachment Crowd of Pelosi, Schumer and Co has no cases of COVID19 I SUSPECT a Vaccine is in use.

After all why develop a Bio-Weapon with out a Vaccine?

While it's popular to blame China for this outbreak ask yourself WHO benefits? China since the Trade War started has had "Several Incidents" with Wheat Smut destroying their #2 cereal crop and the US is saying Hey Wanna Buy our Wheat, but China bought from Russia and others at a HIGHER Price... Pig Ebola, Hey China Wanna Buy some Pork? China used OUR Treasury Bills to BUY America's Pork Processers and most producers. Then Hong Kong with several Leaders of that "Rebellion" SEEN going in and out of the American Embassy several times. Not that there isn't almost a dozen Embassies there, JUST that the "Rebellion Leaders" were safe zoning IN OUR Embassy.

NOW with COVID19 we are to accept that China INFECTED it's self, destroying a lot of their Economy for what? Maybe looking at Who Benefits? The USA is a KNOWN COLOR Revolution country forcing rebellions to Change the Leadership of nasty Countries.. Maybe a semi-lethal Plague to FORCE the issue?

That said IF our own 3 letter agencies (who are KNOWN ANTI-Trump folks) decided to weaken China, maybe cause a rebellion since the Hong Kong one failed AND BUST Trump in the Chops DID it? They WOULD have a Vaccine.....

The next two weeks aught to be "Interesting". I have Popcorn ready.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1648: Saw a source listing pubs showing this sort of work was done at Ft. Dietrick. Coincidentally, a Chinese researcher was there who upon returning to China became a high up mucky muck in their bio weapons program. Lets not forget the reports of corona viruses stolen from Canada by the ChiComs.

I may have pdf'd the webpage. If so I'll come back later to put the link or list the pubs if the page has been taken down.

Everybody, including WHO, has been playing with viruses in labs. They should not have been as it was a disaster waiting to happen. But hey, lets not let common sense or even reasonable risk assesment get in the way of professional ambition.

I'm not too surprised the ChiComs were the first to have a serious breach. I work with a number of native Chinese and sloppy work, lying, covering their ass, blame storming, and doing whatever they please (unless the boss is watching) is SOP.

Anonymous said...

@anon 5:22pm
" I work with a number of native Chinese and sloppy work, lying, covering their ass, blame storming, and doing whatever they please (unless the boss is watching) is SOP."

I've worked with a number over the years and that describes them to a tee. Only one, who was my grad school supervisor, I would describe as a consummate professional. A good guy for as well as I got to know him. But the rest in grad school and then later in industry, complete shit heads. And we let them into our country and they get promoted into management. And God do they love being The Boss. I've walked away from jobs because of them.

Marina said...

@ Haxo Angmark:
Everyone here who read Aesop's post understood what he meant. Cut the guy some slack for crying out loud. Another poster here a few days ago very aptly described him as a "jiu-jitsu word master" which he is.
Haven't seen your name commenting before here so you decided this would be your great contribution ?

OvergrownHobbit said...


It's Mr. Angmark, that's just his style. His posts are wossname, gamma "smart-boy" all the time.

It's odd. Unless there's a reason you need to mess about on a site with a writer who torques your shorts, and makes you feel all shirty, why torture yourself with it? Better to make peace with the site-creator's oddities and enjoy the rest, or leave.

Avalanche said...


Haxo is probably still smarting from having been driven off Vox Popoli, Vox Day's blog, for being a gamma troll. He thinks he's being helpful. He's a good boi!
{eye roll}