Thursday, March 5, 2020

Meet "Italian" Gillligan: Diversity Is Our Strength

Not his actual truck. Just his actual attitude.

This is part of why Kung Flu has shut Italy down.
No, really.

They're still digging for Patient Zero there (good luck with that), but this is one potential Typhoid Mary there among several possibilities, at last reports.

Because some people in any crowd are this stupid.

Now, look around your neighborhood, your office, your kids' school, etc., and find the Special Bright Light geniuses.
Make your self-quarantine plans accordingly.

Maybe it's just me, but if someone so much as coughs uncovered in a store, I want to reach for a heavy bludgeon, to teach them current etiquette.
And yes, within a week or two, you'll have to assume it's everywhere.
Sincere best wishes after that point, especially if you do anything involving customer contact. I think you'll be getting some time off, without pay, in short order.


nick flandrey said...

Thru an expat I became aware that there might typically be a large number of chinese working legally or otherwise in the region of Italy most affected. Then later one of the twitter feeds I watch mentioned that there were 300K Chinese in Italy. Does anyone have a source for the identity/ethnicity of the infected?

Also, the jewish lawyer in NY that has infected his family, firm, and neighborhood, I can't find anything that mentions where HE got it, or even mentions that he traveled. That seems very odd to me. Every other newly infected story mentions that they were travel related or community transmission. Anyone have any links?


in other news, Ebay just sent this out..

"Due to regulatory restrictions across the United States, we have chosen to ban certain items listed on our site.

Effective immediately, eBay will block new listings and start to remove listings that sell:
• Masks including N95/N100 and surgical masks
• Hand Sanitizer/Gel
• Disinfecting Wipes "

Anyone hear of any new regulations regarding masks? If the sellers were making medical claims, then ebay should address those claims, but simply listing masks shouldn't trigger any regulatory issues.


John Wilder said...

Yup. The way it's being bungled, easily everywhere in a week or two. "...and they'll tell two friends, and so on, and so on..."

Even in the rural hinterlands I regularly come across people who (gasp) were in an airport.

See: 12 Monkeys for reference material.

Anonymous said...

Aesop, BoatGuy and any other health care professional needs to check out this link if you haven't already:

Top Men, I say! TOP MEN! (and I ain't talking about the author)

Anonymous said...

Sarah Hoyt, who is a contributor to Instapundit, was mocking those who were stocking up on TP etc "because they think it's made in China".

No, Sarah, I do not think TP or the other essentials I stocked up on "are made in China". My concern is supply chain disruption when this thing takes off. People too sick to show up for work, make the TP, load the TP on to trucks, truck the TP to the local big box store, stock the shelves at the local big box store, etc. That is a contingency I planned for, and I do not think it is unreasonable. This is above and beyond stocking items that are China-dependent - such as OTC and Rx meds and associated supplies. Stocks are precursor pharmaceuticals are already dangerously low, because even though the Rx may be finished here, the chemicals needed to start are not.

Most people still can not get their heads wrapped around the simple fact that the virus has already been here for awhile, and asymptomatic people have been in public spaces shedding virus. It's not an issue, until, given how biological systems operate on non-linear scales, it is. The average normie will be shocked! shocked! when the S-curve takes off, and fail to grok the import of planning before when now will be too late.

I started reviewing my SHTF stores in January and starting adding to the inventory with reasonable quantities of things I would need so I wouldn't have to venture out into the wild. I live in an exurban area, and I knew that given the demographics of the adjacent urban zone, it was only a matter of time before things went sideways here. And yes, the urban zone does have some confirmed cases, but I suspect the asymptomatic super shedders are in ample abundance here. Considerate public hygiene has always been a losing battle with this group. I have "sequestered" as much as possible since early January, aside from a few ventures out to big box stores and the NEX, but when foot traffic was at its absolute lowest. On several occasions I was the only customer, which was fine with me. I also am getting back to speed on infection control within the house and am practicing even though it isn't a hot button (pun intended) issue now.

My only adventure out to the wild was late Feb when I had to attend a mandatory event and was exposed to a wide variety of "well traveled" folk. I have about another two weeks to see if I have been harboring anything for a 30 day window of vigilance. As stated before, I have enough reasonable quantities of items to hunker in if needed for an extended period, having been a long time TEOTWAWKI type.

My primary care has told me in the past that saline sinus rinses with neti pot and the good old standard saline back of the throat gargyl can help with reducing the chance of getting a bad coronavirus hit. I don't know whether it has helped or if it is just placebo effect, but I haven't had a severe respiratory event for over a decade, which has been a blessing. Neti pots get some taking used to, but it has reduced my allergies and sinus infections.

My caution is like many who would be more vulnerable should they become infected. I have a long history of significant respiratory infections and compromise, and have told that I may have to be placed on low flow 02 some time in the future. And no, I was never a smoker, just got a bad hand at the table of life. My immediate concern is my spouse, who isn't taking this seriously at all. Coronavirus is a "nothing burger" and a "psy op" and my concerns and additional prep purchases are to "humor me". Right now we are geographically separated, and given spouse has daily and sustained exposure to asians, east indians and other "well traveled" folk, I am not sure how to get my concerns taken more seriously. Spouse also travels for work, and so far, no mediation of that extensive travel (and future potential for exposure) has been addressed by the employer. It makes me want to consider living in van down by the river. (j/k)

The Freeholder said...

Anonymous, you keep on keepin' on, because you're doing the right thing.

My spouse has never taken such things seriously.Love her to death, but it's frustrating. I don't know if it's simply to mollify me or an actual chance of thought, but she has listened this time. She has given her approval to having over a month of food in the house (finally!) and has not given me any grief over any of the things I've been doing to up our status. She has even watched-some-of the things I'm doing to keep up on the state of the disease.

Even though I'm in the demographic that this stuff hits hard, I'm not so concerned about me. Herself, she has asthma. It's usually well-controlled, but when it gets the least bit out of hand it's a trip to the ER. If she gets this stuff, I'm scared the trip will be to a different venue.

At least she's "just" a government school teacher, exposed to a petri dish of poor whites, poor blacks and poor hispanics. Of course, the travel part is there, at least for the hispanics who all go "home" for the holidays, and were exposed to who knows what, including asymptomatic folks.

Smoker78 said...

What I heard was that there was a crackdown on price gouging for said items. A $3 bottle of purell was listed for $46. That was on Amazon. Perhaps because eBay is a bidding site they are being told to remove them so to keep people from paying high prices.

Unknown said...

Case, case, cases,
cluster, cluster, clusters,

Aaron said...

Me and the wife just got back from a Walmart trip for weekly stuff and a little more. I've got a decent stock on hand to begin with but we've been running out the loose ends for the past 2 weeks just to be on the safe side. Just an aside from this, she found Lysol cans at a different Walmart last night for nearly $6 a can, reg. around $3-$4. She bought the lot anyway which was good because the local WM had none.

Something else I saw today were the usual Saturday morning crowds of COMPLETELY USELESS MORONS shuffling through life with nary a thought save for their next gubmint check and trying to figure out who the baby daddy is. I shudder to think what they're going to do when the supply line cuts reach the store shelves. I mean, the three cases of Mountain Dew and bags of Doritos in their carts won't last forever.

And hence I wait for spicy time to begin in earnest.