Monday, July 16, 2018

Words Aren't Working, So Let's Try Pictures

"All right then. Nobody told you to stop working..."

People keep trying to square the circle of buying a mercenary army and building a Doomsday bunker.

1) You cannot BUY a tribe.

2) You can try to breed one.

3) Or, you can build a community of people with shared values, morality, worldview, spirituality, and common values and goals.

Nota bene that even with all of that, Roanoke Colony disappeared without a trace, and Plymouth and Jamestown Colonys nearly starved to death before making a successful go of things, and against far less opposition, both natural and human-driven, than anything we can contemplate in the current time.

So, from back before Hollywood became Hollyweird, they got a few things right.
As I've said, fiction is not truth itself (that's why it's helpfully called "fiction"; English is funny like that), but at its best it's truthful, and it can be used to illustrate truth.

So I claim full cinematic immunity for using the following to illustrate some needful life lessons about preparedness, survival, retreats, and doomsday scenarios in general.

Lesson One

Watch The Undefeated. (It's John Wayne; this shouldn't prove too much of a chore.)
Learn the lesson of the entire movie.

(This link will die sooner or later, so go get the DVD/BD and watch it at home.)

Things aren't as bad as in your nightmares, and you can put up with a lot more from a similar old enemy who's made peace with you, than from a strange and new one who wants to use you as target practice.

Lesson Two

Watch The Outlaw Josey Wales. (It's Clint Eastwood; watching it should be no chore either. Clever readers may note a trend here.)

(Ditto the link's lifespan, which is tiny cheese-dick small-format. Get your own; you should own it already anyhow.)

Once again, pay attention to the theme, and the ending solution.
You may lose your family, your comrades, and those now after you may be unprincipled bastards, but if you're going to live, you're going to need a community, not a bunker.

Bunkers are for fuhrers; they make great moments of "Hitler Rants" parodies,

but their occupants all always end up in the same shallow grave. Man is a social animal, and he lives and dies in communities. That way may lay through wars, but periods of peace always follow. Build a community you want, fight the wars you have to, and live in the peace that follows, as you may find the opportunity.

Lesson Three

The Swiss approach has gone mostly out of favor, once people can fling nukes around. But for lesser threats, it's always best to be the community no one wants to f**k with.
Watch Zulu. (It's Michael flippin' Caine in his debut role. Man Rule 107: If Zulu is on the TV, Zulu stays on the TV.)

Be those guys if someone comes to f**k with your community.
Rifle to the bayonet, bayonet to the hilt, then club anything left to death until you beat its brains out with the buttstock.

Some will say, "Hey, that's great, but those Leftards aren't like Rock Hudson, or even Confederates and damn Yankees, there's just not going to be any peace, and no living with them."

Well, okay then.
I tend to agree with that assessment, eventually. That's fine; we have options there.

Lesson Four

Some people's kids won't take peace for an answer.

If that happens,

go all Back To Bataan/The Two Towers/The Return Of The King/The Hobbit: Battle Of Five Armies/Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows Part 2/We Were Soldiers Once, And Young/300 on them: Meet them head on, kill all they send, track down any that flee, exile the survivors to Azkaban prison - or return upon your own shield as a testimony across the millennia of how to explain what "Molon Labe" means.

(Get your own links and buy your own videos, dammit!)

TL;DR version:
Get along with the people you can.
Make communities amidst those you will.
Resist those who would kill or enslave you.
Track down and kill the ones who just won't leave you alone.

Items one and two should have been happening with you long since; three and four's time is dawning. Words have turned to punching have turned to stabbing and running over and shooting, already. That won't stay one-sided, nor is the other side entirely unaware of that.

What's going to surprise the hell out of them is that bullets hurt, and that it's pretty tough to look cool with your intestines in your hands, which they didn't mention at the pre-rally meetings. What a pisser.

People who don't learn from punches in the face are destined to be educated by bullets in the face.

Prepare yourself then, to educate the vulgarians at the gates, but focus on enjoying your own library and garden among family and neighbors whose company you enjoy.

I want my own space to enjoy my own garden, fish in my own pond, feed my own chickens,  read my own books, throw parties for my friends, and generally mind my own business. Not to conquer the world, but to let it f**k right the hell off, and let me be.

But I recognize that while *I* may not be interested in the minions of socialism, they may be interested in me, and so I'll happily slit throats and drop napalm* on people who'd disturb my quiet and law-abiding enjoyment of the fruit of my own labors. And on the horse they rode to town, and then go after their families, and do for them what the Third Punic War did for Carthage. And yes, I mean all that literally, not metaphorically. Once you pass the Rubicon of not respecting the warning of a fist in the nose, everything else is just free toppings on the sundae, AFAIC.

So be about your business with a happy thought, and sharpen a blade now and again.
And at the end of the day, drop a good movie in the box and learn lessons without trying to.

For those a bit slow, here's a free hint:

"We don't go out to meet them; we let them come to us."

"Waaaaaaaait for it...!" - every RSM who ever lived 

*{Two parts gasoline, one part dish soap, and a small quantity of metal flakes/shavings as condensation nuclei. Shake well before use. Warning: wearing cape does not allow user to fly.}


Winston Smith said...

If you wanted to include books, Ender's Game underlying lesson (not made clear in the movie) is that when its time to fight, you do so in a manner that forever destroys your enemy's ability AND will to ever cause you harm again.

Rattler said...

Oh good one

Anonymous said...

'Sgt, Pot that fellow, if you will"

Anonymous said...

Questions about napalm and/or molotovs: I've also heard of mixing some diesel in. Then something about melting Styrofoam peanuts or similar in gasoline? Anyone with experience? I would like to practice but a "test range" is hard to find. I don't really want broken glass down in any of my brush piles. I do save all old whiskey bottles that have threaded caps (Wild Turkey and Gentleman Jack are good ones) for possible future re-use, recycle! I also figured that duct-taping filled bottles inside a few old tires would be worthwhile...

Anonymous said...

I will say those who seem to like flame have a option(legal,@ moment!) of buying a flame thrower to add to ones incendiary collection.That said,not as much fun say as creating empty bottles by having a drink!

Anonymous said...

I read that the Finns, in defense against the USSR, found it best to not use a rag for their Molotovs. They taped two storm matches to the neck of the capped bottle. I have no practical experience in mixing cocktails. YMMV.

Sean said...

The rag in the bottle still works, but you can use laundry (dry) soap, even crumbly dirt to thicken your fuel in the Molotov. I personally put about an inch of used motor oil on top of the thickened fuel as a safety measure. I also tie the end of the rag tightly near the top of the neck of the bottle, rather than stuff it into the bottle. That way you can store some of them, with the cap or cork back in the bottle top. I don't keep them stored around the house as you can imagine. Just have a prep of the necessary parts and such handy. Oh, the thickened fuel will slide right off of armor if you miss the engine compartment. It doesn't necessarily stick. So, if you encounter armor, and have the intestinal fortitude to attack it with a Molotov, don't use thickened fuel. Remember for armor, it's Blind, Halt, and Destroy. Don't neglect to lay in a supply of smoke grenades. They are really great for blinding armor, breaking contact, and covering movements you want to make, and signaling. You can find them on the net, and at stores that cater to paint ball, and air soft goods. And thickened fuel will stick to people. Ask me how I know.

Pat H. said...

We Southern Nationalists are at war, but not with the Yankee Industrialists this time.

This time we're at war with civilization killing communists of which the most virulent are ANTIFA, who were active in Germany during the Weimar Republic. Their black and red flag logo they use today was adopted from ANTIFA of the late 1920s and used until the German National Socialists arrested most of them and put them in work camps. Elena Kagan's family and (((tribe))) were hot and heavily involved in communist activities way back, even before 1900. She's merely the most visible communist today, but not the only one.

Comparing what we face today with what the Yankee Empire's invasion of the south is historically inaccurate. Always keep in mind that northern industrialists funded Lincoln's campaign, that he was one of the top litigators for the Illinois Central Railroad, and had many millionaires bankrolling him.

The upset of this is we Southern Nationalists form a core of anti-communists setting up to defend our lands against them. We're making lists.

Anonymous said...

You should read the book. That's why he was called Ender Wiggins.