Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Calm Down, Get Ahold Of Yourself!

Somebody somewhere, I'm not saying who or where out of politeness, seems to be having a hissy about the President "wanting" civil war.

If you stumble over it, I didn't send you there.

Team Lunatard, right there.

Option B: There is no “Blue Wave”. GOP keeps House and Senate this November, actually picks off a Senate seat or two, and the next day, Trump decides enough is enough, fires Meuller, Rosenstein, and tells Sessions to either start indicting people, or resign as AG as well.

In the ensuing 237 trials, including Obama, Shrillary, two former AGs, and all their minions, and after the House and Senate allocate the first $20B for the border wall,Trump then rides to re-election in 2020 with ease, and the GOP picks up 20 more seats in the House and 5 in the Senate. Ruth Bader-Communist has a heart attack, and Andrew Napolitano is confirmed to SCOTUS 69-30 in a week and a half.

Pres. Trump follows that by cutting all federal loan guarantees for college except for STEM programs, based strictly on merit and grades, and the college tuition bubble bursts nationwide overnight; millions of unemployed liberal professors suddenly have to get paying jobs as barristas and McDonald’s order takers. The military hits enlistment records. The downward pressure on wages compels Congress to drop the minimum wage to $6/hr. The Dow goes to 30,000.Threatened with nuclear annihilation, Iran agrees to stop screwing around, increases oil production for hard cash, and the Saudis respond by upping production to keep market share. Gas hits $2/gallon nationwide. GM and Chevy re-open three plants, and the top-selling car in America is the Chevy Gas-Guzzler, a 12-cyl. 6WD MRAP half-track with a front-end metal crusher that inhales Priuses (Priusii?) and shits them out the back end as little 2’x2’x2′ blocks.

The CDC drops opioid abuse, and starts investigating the sudden explosion of liberals’ heads in 50 states, as their entire empire starts to melt down.

Since we’re talking Fantasyland.

Go big, or go home.


Anonymous said...

well, sir, besides giving us great intellectual insight into the goings on, you are, indeed, entertaining.
thank you.
sic 'em!

Badger said...

In for the advanced-order of the Director's Cut. Spoiler alert: Wherein Big Pharma learns what Most-Favored Nation status is - or else - and US drug prices plummet (along with protection-racket donations to their Blue patrons). Blue is a good color when someone is starved for oxygen because they're doing a Zappaesque Suzy Creamcheese freakout.

Pat H. said...

Fun that read was. Truth, though, is a pick up of one to four Senate seats by Repubs, unfortunately, Olympia Snow isn't one of them.

Anonymous said...

You spelled the name of the Toyota electric car incorrectly. It is officially known as the Toyota Pious, driven by those dedicated to the religious cult of Virtue Signalling.

Phil B

captquag said...

Your lips to God's ear!