Monday, July 2, 2018

Reality, Bitch

Normally, my response would be "Challenge accepted!" Although, strictly speaking, she isn't worth the bullet, so I'd still have to recuse myself from her trolling, if only for personal parsimony.
But this raving loon is going to be a huge part of the reason for the results of the midterms. And then her head will explode!

That after-party spectacle is going to be truly glorious to behold, and one I wouldn't want to miss, even for the momentary pleasure of seeing it happen through a telescopic sight.

I wish MSNBC could give her a nightly show of her own until November 2020.
I hope you live in your burgeoning insanity for decades, Mad Maxine. You deserve no worse fate that that, watched by your adoring lunatards like the three-alarm dumpster fire you've always been your entire shabby wasted life. When you die, likely as not, it won't be as a beloved martyr of the Loonatic Leftards, but rather because even your own relatives/caregivers tire of your endless raving, and gently held a pillow over your weakly squirming body. Sweet dreams, communist screwball. At least you should know it'll be red where you're going next. And oh so deliciously hot.


Anonymous said...

Hitlery or some other leftist will Arkanicide her so she can be a "martyr for the cause".

Aesop said...

Sadly, Shrillary can only manage being sober and standing upright about one day in fourteen, lately.

More's the pity.
The only thing better for Trump in general would be more Shrillary on the news, slobbering falling-down drunk, and ranting in public week in and week out.

It's far more likely they both end up in the same plane crash, and Fat Bill gets the Foundation money, using that windfall to pull the sympathy bimbos to console the "grieving" widower.

D'Narius said...

When your enemy is making a yuuge mistake, don't stop him or give him helpful advice. Encourage him to double down!

Aesop said...

No need.
The media keeps putting her on, because they either think she's helping by throwing gasoline on a DNC in flames, or they're more addicted to the ratings of a dumpster fire than smart enough to realize it's burning their own house down.

Either way, stock up on soda and popcorn, and don't touch that channel.

Dan said...

Trump needs to assign Mad Maxine Secret Service Protection so the left....a group notorious for sacrificing their own....don't cack her to shut her up. Her mindless mumbling does more to drive the undecided into the Trump camp than anything the conservative right could EVER do. And the act of Trump giving her such protection would cause even MORE lefty heads to self detonate.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me how the British cancelled a mission to whack Herr Schicklgruber when they realized he was doing more to seal defeat than they could afford to lose.
Maxine - you go girl!