Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Surf's Up, Bitchez

Looking like the only blue wave anyone will be seeing this year is going to be from Democrat ideas causing ripples when they hit the surface level in the port-a-john.
(Red State) In a poll that’s being touted as “brutal” for Democrats, it appears as though the Republicans are on track to keep the Senate in November’s midterm elections, which would give President Donald Trump the chance to still get nominees through the body if need be.
The poll, being pushed by Axios, looks bad for the Democrats, particularly for Democrats in red states. Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota, Bill Nelson in Florida and Joe Donnelly in Indiana are the three weakest Democrats, who are currently underwater in their re-election races. Republican Dean Heller is also underwater, and Arizona is currently leaning blue after years of electing a Republican senator in John McCain.
Democrat Claire McCaskill of Missouri is also in trouble, up only two points over presumptive Republican opponent Josh Hawley. If this poll stands, that means the Republicans could gain a net of 1-2 seats.
Still, it's early, and elections are a good bit out. But it's a hopeful sign.

One to two senate seats, McCrazy out of the senate forever, and Quisling Ryan a sour memory?
Be still, my beating heart!

Good side: I run the whole plantation here on liberal tears, so there should be a bumper crop this year.

Down side: Progtards are already a short step from frothing insanity 24/7/365/since Marx, but this may be enough to let them think they can throw another epic tantrum when things don't go their way in November. Again.

They haven't stopped wetting their diapers since November 9, 2016, and those things are sagging kind of low, not having been changed in...ever. But this will bring the flat-out craziest ones to the forefront, where they'll doubtless lead the news Usual Suspects' Leftard Propaganda from the media branch of Moonbat Inc., to try - as they've failed to do for over eighteen months - and induce some shame and regret from our side about wiping the streets with their whinging bawling crybaby minions, and laughing at their unhinged antics.

Up side of that: Some hippies need punching, and some would-be domestic terrorists need to get their Darwin Card punched. One can but hope.

Just be circumspect, and watch for lunatards overhead jumping out of buildings.
And if/when this November plays out like 2016 did, have contingency plans in place for a proper after-party. Think of it as a dress rehearsal for the 2020 re-election blow-out.


0007 said...

democrats?!? let's just call them what they are: commiecrats.

Aesop said...

Different Venn circles, gospodin:

All communists are democrats, but all democrats aren't communists.
But with the #Walkaway movement in full swing, the ones who aren't are card-carrying communists are becoming independents and republicans.

Boo frickin' hoo.

RSR said...

The GOP keeping control of the Senate is a near-certain.

The GOP keeping control of the House is odds-against.
Gozales (former Rothenburg) has 68 GOP seats in play to 9 DEM: https://www.insideelections.com/ratings/house

Cook has 99 seats in play with 14 DEM and 85 GOP.

Sabato I'm too lazy to count but they look about the same: http://www.centerforpolitics.org/crystalball/2018-house/

Aesop said...

I doubt they lose the House either, for the same reason the polls in 2016 had Shrillary winning in a walkaway, but it's certainly in play, and Quisling Ryan and his incompetent posse of bitch-RINOs have certainly done everything possible to lose it, from not killing ObozoCare to not funding the border wall, so if they manage to re-install senile Pelosi as Mumbler and Drooler In Chief, I won't be shocked.

As noted in the post, it's still too early to say how solid anything is, but you'll note the talk of a blue wave has become as notable by its absence as talk of impeachment.

RSR said...

Rising gas prices, interest rates, and new import/export tariffs will likely offset any economic gains for the working and middle class. And Americans aren't cashing out on rising property values w/ home equity lines of credit either -- which means rising property values just mean rising property taxes.

Point of this is that economy coupled with local issues is what typically determines the outcome of US House races -- historically in polling, a vast majority of Americans disapprove of Congress but approve of their specific representatives, because of those local issues/factors.

If Democrats attempt to block Trump's most recent nominee, then there is an outside chance that the GOP retains control of the House. If they don't block and if Democrats focus resource on US House races instead of the Senate, and despite the somewhat rare (+~30%) GOP cash advantage, I still think it's likely that Democrats take the US House -- roughly about 3:2 - 2:1 odds in Democrats favor. But by prioritizing the House, they are also giving up some redistricting influence as well, so it makes it less certain that they'll focus intensely on the House, especially with no credible alternative to elderly Pelosi AFAIK. YMMV.

Aesop said...

You're talking about the +/- for working Americans, who will be largely a wash. The millions now going back to work for the first time since 2008 will see their situation improve vastly by contrast, and that, along with #Walkaway voters, promises that House races are liable to be unpleasantly surprising for Democrat candidates.

At any rate, polls the other side of Labor Day, and of likely voters, are liable to be a bit more predictive of how things are going to go.