Thursday, July 5, 2018


h/t WRSA

For those of you of the literati, who may have consumed such military classics as All Quiet On The Western Front, Guadalcanal Diary, and A Rumor Of War, if not lighter fare such as M*A*S*H* or The Short Timers, get over to read the screamingly spot-on antics of the 52nd Gender Fluid Battalion, dateline last week:

Dear Mom,

I’m assigned to the 52nd Gender Fluid Battalion.

Infighting has occurred whenever hard work needs to be done. When heavy lifting is required many start identifying as female. When cooking is required they identify as male.

We’re starving.


If the author, writing under the Twaddle nom de guerre Point E. Elbo, can expand this to a few chapters, I'm saying major book deal, and/or a weekly column at PJ Media.

Where was this genius for the last ten years?!? He's throwing fireballs!

We haven't seen anything that good since Jeff McNelly kept sending Shoe's nephew to Parris Island every summer for camp.

Have no drinks within two paces of your keyboard while reading, and swallow all consumables before clicking over. If not, we are not responsible for your equipment's fate.

And Private Elbo, thank you for your service, you magnificent bastard.


Brenda said...

You are correct. A book deal is a must. This is excellent work.

Tactless Wookie said...

Aesop, your RTWT link appears to be broken. It just takes me to a blogger page I do not appear to have access to.

Otherwise that is epic. I too saw that on WRSA.

Reg T said...

I see you remember the red high heel shoes exercises, but did you remember (or participate in) the wearing of pregnancy simulators?

It's hard to comprehend the absurdity of those two mandates. I would have spent some time in the brig and then mustered out with a bad conduct discharge.