Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Not Including The Federal Bill, Of Course

h/t 90 Miles From Tyranny

This embiggens.

But that just proves that facts and mathematics are hate speech based on white privilege.

{I'm about 99% convinced that "white privilege" is just the updated expression replacing the formerly-used "white man's burden", from back when Kipling was, um,...kippling.}

Do please remember this when those of us in Califrutopia show a marked disdain for your whinging about us, since your gutless bastard reps and senators created the illegal alien problem, but we have to actually pay the bill for it.

Don't worry though; we go completely broke hereabouts in ten years or so, and unlike Uncle we can't print our way out of that kind of debt, so Julio y Maria will be moving to your patch soon enough, and by then they'll have three or eight anchor babies to pack along too.

Think of it as our way of letting y'all pay for the problem you've created, both by design, and malign neglect.

Kind of reminds me of when the county healthcare agency I was working for was going to start laying off doctors and nurses because they were going to be $200M short in operating funds for the next two-year period, and one intrepid questioner asked how much the county was spending on illegal alien health care, what with two babies out of three being born to illegal alien mothers, etc.

Without a moment's hesitation, the county and union reps both stated flatly that the county spent $100M/year on illegal alien care.

And was $200M short for the next two-year budget period.

Remember that when the wait to be seen at the ER is 6 hours.


James M Dakin said...

Not sure how the rest of the states are responsible when it was all federal dictate, AND you guys had the agricultural jobs made possible with federal money irrigation works which drew the illegals in, AND it was your home grown politicians that got rich encouraging more to move there, AND your state is not the only one getting screwed in the deal. Just saying. Love ya, bro.

Anonymous said...

A big shout out on this problem should go to the "Lion of the Senate" Teddy "The Drunk" Kennedy for that debacle of a bill that came out of the Senate in '86, better know as The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, where we got neither Reform nor Control.


Aesop said...

How many amnesty bills have Republicrats tried to pass since 1994? Eight? Nine? I forget...
Who opened the floodgates?
How many immigration crackdowns have (R)-controlled congresses failed to pass?

Just curious.
While we're up, let's see if we can figure out where Lindsay Grahamnesty and Marco Screwyoubio got their reputations and nicknames from...?

The only pols getting rich here have been the blue Ds once the state flipped.
We used to elect Republican presidents, governors, and split the Senate. Until the hordes let in since 1965 started voting in droves 'round about '92.

And the Rs who took Congress in '94 didn't raise a peep when illegal voters stole the district from B-1 Bob Dornan, and they haven't looked back since.

It's okay though, those bills are going to come due, and will be paid with back interest.
Look outside the local Home Depot and tell me how far Assland has spread.

Badger said...

Brief digging at the 2nd source in the graphic shows that, generally, cost per alien is fairly consistent among the states, with disparities being in places like NY or CA (perhaps those locales enacted some extra bak-sheesh, don't know). I'd surmise that the large costs in some states cited are simply a result of that old "cost per" x number present math. (Disclaimer: I learned that stuff pre- Bay of Pigs so it could've been overwrit by revisionist akademia.)

In my neck of the woods, the numbers are primarily 3 sources: Dig/build anytime of year construction ethic, blizzard or not; lots of meat-packing houses; and refugees from Chicongo who got stuck before "welfare to work" was enacted and the washer on the state faucet got repaired.

Anonymous said...

sympathy is in the dictionary--caliprunians voted their reps--who catered to the illegals.

Aesop said...

No, the illegal aliens voted for CA's reps, and the douchebags from 49 other states fiddled while the state flipped from red to blue, which evidently skipped your notice.
Nice try.

Enjoy your presents when they arrive.
And don't worry, they're coming. And as the map shows, the joke's on you, too.
You'll get exactly the sympathy you give, and it'll sound strangely like laughter and contempt at that point.
But then, polls of history show that 1 out of 3 people - even when nailed on crosses - is a wiseass right to the final moment.
Like the guy in quicksand up to his ass laughing at the guy in it up to his chest, you're about to get quite a lesson in what's really funny.

Be sure and tell us how it feels when that $23B from here is suddenly shifted eastward to your patch, and the $40B from just seven SW states starts evening out from sea to shining sea.
I'm sure your coming migra overlords will appreciate your English lessons.