Friday, July 20, 2018

When Stupid People Breed: Lesson #2,018

h/t Cold Fury

Mike's got some thoughts over the newest Mad Maxine meltdown, this latest her deranged whinging over word that the Oath Keepers are going to politely picket outside her South Central L.A. district congressional office at some point soon.

Rep. Maxine Waters warned supporters on Wednesday of potential “armed protests” against her after an extremist group called for ongoing demonstrations outside her office in Los Angeles.
In a lengthy statement issued late Wednesday, Waters, D-Calif., said she’d been notified about forthcoming protests by the Oath Keepers, which she described as “an anti-government militia” that’s staged armed protests in cities across the country.
She warned her supporters against being “baited” into counter-demonstrations or confrontations with the organization, which she said has a track record of “violent and provocative behavior.”
 "You want to defeat arrogant, fascist Lefty scum, be they the violent Antifa IRA-analog or the Democrat-Socialist Party’s Sinn Fein? This is how you do it: you use their own rules against them, up to the very fucking limit and beyond. You cram a triple helping of their own bullshit right down their throats, until they’re choking, gagging, and begging you to stop.
Like it or not, that’s how it’s done. That’s the Chicago Way."

Um, actually, the Chicago Way is exactly what this is not.
This is merely polite civil protest, which is everything the Leftards quite pointedly are not up to. (And pay attention: even Mad Maxine and ABCNNBCBS both pointedly noted "possible" armed protest, which weasel word gets them out of open and demonstrably false accusations in libel court.)

So if we’re going to be clear, the Chicago Way would be doing exactly what full-throated Chavista Mad Maxine accused the Oaf-Keepers of doing: going to protest her at her offices, while heavily armed (which violates both state and local laws.)

Like Mad Maxine’s communist heroes, the Black Panthers, used to do, which is why laws banning open firearms carry were passed in most of populated CA in the 1960s.
(Then hammered home most everywhere else by the antics of the Open Carry fucktards a couple of years back, taking the right away damn near everywhere in public unless you're on your own premises, or at the shooting range, or hunting, or legally defending yourself, if you're one of the precious chosen few with a CA CCW, are one of the Only Ones, or live in one of the sparsely populated free counties hereabouts where CCWs aren't quite as hard to come by as moon rocks or solid gold Aztec religious idols.)

The East Coast Dignity Battalions of her spiritual children/thugistas have already harassed people in public, at dinner, and in private at home at all hours.
The Chicago Way would be follow her people home, to throw rocks through their living room and bedroom windows, and at any establishment they patronize.

They’ve shot up a softball game full of Republican congressmen.
The Chicago Way would be to kill some Democrat congressmen.

Nota bene, I’m not advocating any of that, especially since they’re all illegal, and advocating that last would be a violation of federal law, and trigger a federal investigation, (except, as we’ve seen, when senile communists representing the Dindus of Souf Central do it on national press conferences).

But I just want us to be clear on terms, and what the Chicago Way is, and isn’t.
Connery was pretty clear on the rules in that clip.

What is going to happen outside her office is waste-of-time street theater on hostile territory, in the wrong neighborhood, where the LAPD will studiously look the other way if the protesters are attacked, while arresting them if they so much as jaywalk or drop a gum wrapper on the sidewalk.

It is, in short, a stupid, pointless, and criminally negligent waste of time.

There are better and saucier ways to make a point, all within the law, and none of them so Casper Milquetoast as waddling around the offices Mad Maxine never visits, to stage a rally the MSM will never report on, and do nothing but annoy the local folks and provide a juicy target for hoodrats and her minions to exploit.

(Low-hanging fruit: Mad Maxine has a spendy mansion in Brentwood, twenty miles outside her district. Probably also a DC home, since she's been there for effing ever. Does she have weapons either place? What about anyone in her family, or on her staff?
I ask, because all those red-flag laws would seem to indicate that concerned citizens have now heard her publicly threaten to stalk and harass people, including government officials. This is the sort of reason to call the police, note her clear mental imbalance and criminal intent, and demand, loudly and publicly, that any weapons in her possession, or within her household, in any locale she may inhabit, be pro-actively confiscated pending due process, including a public sanity trial, for the safety of both communities. Right?? And where are the WANTED: posters, describing her multiple crimes in her original incitement, and why aren't they carpeting every flat surface in her congressional district right now, including bus benches and billboards? Does Sabo have to do everything for you people?
So, whiz kids from anywhere, including Oaf Keepers, who's on THAT case? Hmmmmmm??

And speaking of low-hanging fruit, people lost their minds when a banana peel was otherwise-harmlessly discarded outside some segregated black frat at some liberal indoctrination center, IIRC. If entire piles of them aren't turning up everywhere Mad Maxine goes, lives, and works, 24/7/365 until she finally retires or terminally strokes out, well, some folks aren't thinking very hard.)

But going down to the 'Hood legally disarmed, and under Marquess of Queensbury Rules, is stupid, not confrontational. Sticking your head in the lion’s mouth may look badass, right up until the lion pride goes all Siegfried and Roy’s Tiger on you.

We’ve tried even less than that in the past, to no effect whatsoever, but if this is the best that Oaf-Keepers could come up with after two weeks’ careful deliberation since her public meltdown, they need to go sit down, and have that other think they’ve still got coming.

This idea is almost as well-planned and likely to succeed as the Children’s Crusade was, circa 1212 A.D.

If they cancel now, they’re smart but already look stupid for announcing it in the first place.
If they go, they’re prize-winning idiots, and when you play stupid games, you’re liable to win stupid prizes.

This is the definition of lose-lose warfare, conceived of by people who haven’t the first effing clue what they’re about, since ever, as far as I can tell.

Stay well away, and wait for the YouTube videos of them getting their @$$#$ handed to them at worst, or being totally ignored and ineffectual, at best.

Jeez, didn’t these not-so-smart-bombs pay attention to Malheur, or Charlottesville?!?
What does it take to beat the stupid out of some folks?

Wait and see.

The Chicago Way?

"What are you prepared to do?"
"Everything within the law."
"And then what are you prepared to do??"

Do you want to do that? Are you ready to do that?
If not, get back on the porch. And stop trying to be bad-asses on the cheap.
That's just a recipe for putting your dentist's kids through college. If you're lucky.

No offense to Mike, but whoever does event planning for Oaf Keepers ate too many lead paint chips as a kid. And if Oaf Keepers, or anyone else on the right, are so starved for action that this sort of deliberate idiocy looks like a good idea, we still have too many idiots to weed out yet.

But in every clash, Darwin will have his sacrifices, one way or the other.
Don't be one.

And don't forget another timeless maxim of warfare:

If I were unfortunate enough to live in Mad Maxine's district, sure, I'd harass her (but as outlined above, and not by either picketing in the hood outside her piddling office, or fomenting open warfare).

But at the same time, I'd encourage the RNC to pay for her press conferences, and stump for getting her more on-air time. The more of her the rest of the country sees, the easier they'll have it come November. She and Pelosi are worth twenty seats, and if Mad Maxine didn't actually exist in full foaming-at-the-mouth rabid moonbat fashion, we should invent her.


Jesse in DC said...

Patriot Picket serenading Auntie Maxines place in DC. 1st video is a typical DC idiot...

Second video is the Patriot Picket guys doing their thing

J J said...

Stewart Rhodes and his “Guardians of the Republic” have fallen to the same level of usefulness to the left as the militia movement of the ‘90’s. Their ranks are probably full of deep state agents helping them along.

Shingas the Terrible said...

Anonymous said...

Oath Keepers has been infiltrated by feds for years. Rhodes needs to try to clean house.
As far as harassing lefty-loons in the same manner they treat us, I'm against it.
Rallies and protests and stalking etc...are for children, not adults.
Maxine the Mad is very entertaining, and I hope she keeps up the good work. Every time she opens her fat mouth a few more disillusioned leftists break the ranks, and the group as a whole looks even more pitiful and ridiculous.

Mike Hendrix said...

As the saying goes: liberals want conservatives to shut up. Conservatives want liberals to keep talking.