Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Build the G####m Wall!

h/t Daily Wire

For those of you who've served in the military, guard posting and relief works like this:

You get put on your post.
You stay on your post.
You don't sleep on your post.
When someone comes to relieve you, you may leave your post.
Full stop.

That's not how the assclowns in the Border Patrol do it.

The show up for shift change and roll call.
Maybe a half hour after shift change, they wander out to their post.
They fall asleep on their posts.
A half hour before shift change, they wake up and wander back to base.

Under the military method, a post is watched 24/7/forever.

Under the Border patrol model, three times a day, from Brownsville to San Ysidro (and also presumably from Maine to Vancouver, if they even take posts on the Canadian border),
there is nobody on the f##king posts every day for an hour around 8AM, 4PM, and midnight. In every sector, across the entire border, 3X/day, 7 days a week, since...ever.

I'm not making stuff up, I've seen this happy horsesh#t hundreds of times, with my own eyes.
I've driven up to agents on border watch points, and taken pictures of them sleeping in their vehicles, A/C on full blast, and had to honk the horn to wake them up in the middle of the day.
I've watched the day shift guys drive away and leave at 3:30 PM, and then 5 minutes later, 25 dickheads in baseball caps with their water bottles and bag o' shit, or 80# dope bundles in burlap backpacks, all pop up out of the bushes, hop over the fence, brush out the tracks, and head off to a rendezvous with a van at the first road they hit.
I've helped apprehend hundreds of such when they crossed onto private property, and called the rest in to their sector HQ, who catches about 20% of them, about 10% of the time.
BP never having seen the others, they don't record them in their stats, as if they never happened.
(Remember that when they report that apprehensions are up, or down. In most cases, they only count the ones they catch, but they only see about 5-15% of what's actually crossing. The other 80-95% comes across scot-free, unseen, and uncounted.)

And hopefull, after they're long gone, with a multi-mile head start, 45 minutes later, the evening shift guy shows up. Unless someone called in sick that shift.
And that's going back a decade and a half that I know about personally.

So now, fifteen years later, this story from TX last week:

(UNEFFINGBELIEVABLEVILLE) Last week, CBS reporter David Begnaud posted a video online of his tense encounter with a human trafficker at the southern border as he witnessed two migrants guided across the Rio Grande "in broad daylight" just a few hundred yards from a border checkpoint. 
Begnaud  went down to the border at Roma, Texas for a story about plans to survey the land for a future security fence. Stationed at a "lookout point" near a U.S. Customs checkpoint, Begnaud and his producer drove over the international bridge to the Mexican side of the river, leaving the camera crew on the American side. 
That's when Begnaud witnessed a smuggler using a raft to deliver two people across the border to the American side. When Begnaud began to film the illegal crossing on his cell phone, a "scout" approached him from his right, threatening that he was "not safe" and needed to leave, which Begnaud caught on film. The threats from the trafficker grew intense enough that Begnaud and his producer became afraid for their safety and headed back to the border checkpoint. 
The illegal immigrants successfully made it to the American side and disappeared into the woods. As he crossed back to the Mexican side, the man guiding the raft gave the CBS team "the finger," noted Begnaud. 
The incident took place during a shift change at the checkpoint, the human trafficers routinely timing their crossings when they're less likely to be spotted. Begnaud underscored in his report that this all went down "in broad daylight" and with little effort from the traffickers, who were able to simply walk right across the river.
{Emphasis mine. -A.}

And BTW, both the scout and the coyote in this video are full-time paid drug cartel employees. There are no free-lancers doing this anymore; cutting into the cartels' rice bowl gets your head on a fencepost - literally; and the Mexican cops will shoot them simply because if you aren't cartel, you didn't pay the bribe to allow you to cross while they look the other way.

If you can walk two people across, you can walk a load of dope across. Or machineguns and RPGs, or Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists. Or plastic explosives, "dirty" bombs, and WMDs. Or any other damned thing you care to bring. It's a total joke.

This is the exact same half-assed blind man's bluff bullshit that's been going on at the Mexican border for forty mother-f##king YEARS!!!

Why the @$$holes in charge aren't hauled before Congress, deposed on live TV, then fired for cause, up to and including the director of the Border Patrol Assclowns, is a national scandal. Because the Congress and every AG in history have all been in on the kabuki "border security" theater game since Operation Wetback was shut down in the 1950s.

That's why there's dope in your streets selling for less than Big Macs, that's why there's an "opioid epidemic", that's why there are 30-40 MILLION illegal aliens here now (not 11M), and that's why there are 100 of them outside your - and every - Home Depot from Texas to Minnesota and San Francisco to Miami every day, and why you're waiting 6 hours in the ER and paying 4000% of your health insurance premiums compared to a few years ago.

Ask your congressional shitweasel why that is, and why they refused to fund the wall this year, and how they voted on that.

Then stand back and watch people's heads explode.

They'll stop this nonsense when folks start gunning the bastards down crossing the border, and not a minute sooner.

Meanwhile, the last reporter to "accidentally" blow the lid off of this was Lou Dobbs. So expect Begnaud to get fired from CBS, and end up hosting a podcast, in short order, for stumbling over and telling the truth.

The only reason it stopped where I was working is that after one Lou Dobbs video too many, right on the heels of someone telling America that "the border is secure", and then video truth proving he was lying showed up the next day on CNN,

someone with the prominent one-letter initial got on the phone from some white building somewhere in D.C., and the next day after that, there was a BP senior executive, the BP district manager, and a uniformed one-star general from the Corps Of Engineers, all politely asking "how can we make your problem go away, so that someone who shall remain nameless won't find something really bad to do to us?", followed by the hasty construction of 10 miles of 15-foot tall fence, buried ten feet deep, and impassible to anything short of hundreds of pounds of high explosives, which shut down 99.9999% of all illegal crossings in that sector, and particularly at the ranch right in the middle of that stretch which had been starring in Lou Dobbs videos for three years, at that point.

The section on the right stops or slows down almost anything.
They also usually add broken rock "ankle breakers" at the bottom of it,
and it goes down into 10 feet of rebar-reinforced concrete.
The stuff on the left stops vehicles - unless they cut through it with a backpack
oxy-acetylene torch in about 15 minutes.
Or build a vehicle ramp up and over it in about 10.
Or just climb over it or burrow under it in about a minute.
Note the horizontally-set ridges, which aid easy hand-climbing.

Except at both ends of that fence, where the boundary reverts to mil-surplus PSP planking helpfully laid horizontally so as to be easier to climb, or to four-strand barb-wire cattle fence, which can be cut, stepped over, or through in about 5 seconds.


Anonymous said...

Spent my college years working as a security guard at numerous industrial facilities, hospitals, colleges etc. We were mostly there for insurance reasons, staffed by either college kids, HS dropouts or retirees for the most part and even we ran a tighter ship than that. You never left a facility uncovered-EVER! If your relief didn't show (which rarely happened btw even though it was a near minimum wage job) you stayed until the office sent relief. Sleeping was not tolerated. You would be shit canned on the spot if caught sleeping. They took their "we never sleep" motto seriously. Who knew we were more competent than the border patrol.

Anonymous said...

The Border Patrol has been the "token black" in the political game since 1965.
The only changes are the bureaucrats in the agency have gotten really good at empire building so they can sponge really big salaries. Border Patrol Agents get GS-11 pay at the minimum and there are non-supervisory Agents who are GS-12.
From 1876 to 1924, when the BP was formed, the border was secured by the military.
It is national security and does not violate posse comitatus.
Time for some re-arranging.

Anonymous said...

Border Patrol Agents are GS-12s now, and are less effective than they were at GS-9. CBP focuses on "Terrorists and terrorist weapons" at the expense of border enforcement. They keep agitating for more bodies, but are less effective. It's a feedback loop.

Add to this Obama's actions to incentivize the flood of Central Americans illegally entering the US and you have the mess we are in today.

Build the wall. Get serious.

Aesop said...

What they get paid is immaterial.

If their supervisors establish as policy that there will be no one on most of the border for 3 one-hour periods daily, everyone from that level to the top is sabotaging the entire game, and should be fired for cause, and no pension.

In a perfect world, they'd also be federally prosecuted for gross criminal negligence and aiding and abetting illegal immigration and smuggling, and sent to the orange jumpsuit lobby for a decade or two.

Sack the lot of them, and teach the lesson to everyone else graphically what happens when you shoot the agency in the foot, and sell out the country.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that we (yes, we) dont have enough manpower in the field. We have so many people assigned to details (other assignments) and processing, that there are not enough agents working the field. There are stations and areas (we call them zones) which are totally open. On some shifts, there may be only 2 or 3 agents patrolling up to 12 to 20 miles of border. More agents are inside buildings processing or taking care of the family units and unaccompanied minors. Whenever family units show up, that takes the manpower away from patrolling other areas, which the smugglers use to cross the traffic that they really want to get away. You could have a station with over 400 or more assigned agents only assigning 15 agents to patrol their area of the border. The worst feeling in the world is hearing the radio call out a smuggling vehicle loading up aliens, and there being no agents available to intercept that vehicle. So those aliens are just called gottaways.
Not all areas require relief, that is, you dont have to wait for the next shift to arrive before you leave. Some areas do require you to wait for your relief to arrive before you leave.

The problems arise when you have a smuggling case or an alien gets hurt. The agent assigned to work those duties (work the case or go to the hospital to babysit the alien) always gets taken from the field, not from the processing duties. What could solve this? Fire most of the management. Change the culture. Make the all areas wait until relief shows up. Id actually be ok with that if there were enough agents assigned to ensure relief for every agent in the field.

As for the numbers being wrong, everyone knows that. BP numbers show a very large percentage of apprehensions, but there are not enough agents out there to count the "gottaways". That has been reported to OIG and other agencies who monitor CBP, but nothing ever happens. There are a lot of people getting away, along with a lot of narcotics, and who knows what else. So, in the end, you are correct in being upset and thinking that the system sucks. If you want to fix the problem, fire most upper management, and bring in new blood. As for the sleepers, that is not acceptable. But most of the new guys who come in are taking this as a job, not as a calling. So, we need a total culture reset. Nice article.

Aesop said...

My answer to that is today's post.

Anonymous said...

ICE should be demoted to Customs Inspection only. Military control of borders with Lethal Force Authorized should be the new standard. It should be risky to cross the border illegally. When apprehended, individuals entering unlawfully should be treated "administratively", meaning FAST deportation or imprisonment. No appeal of judgement if the result is not resulting in detention over 1 year, since no punishment is taking place, just administrative corrective action.