Sunday, July 22, 2018

Good News, Bad News


MMinWA said...

She's not just reached the point of not giving a fuck about what she looks like when she steps out the door, she's raced past it, turned around, snuck up behind it and clubbed it with a mallet.

Unless she's laying out an upcoming defense strategy in case AG Sessions ever awakens(someone poke him, check his pulse)because I'd buy it seeing get-ups like this if I was on that jury. I think the 2 weeks between hair shampoos really clinches the sale too.

Aesop said...


Usually you only see this level of total apathy in terminal cancer patients.

Given who she is, who's she's married to, and what she can look forward to, I think she'd probably rather have the disease.

Because there's no chemo that's going to fix what she's got.

Klaus said...

I think she is working on the Vincent Gigante " bathrobe defense" really.