Monday, July 9, 2018

Brexit Strangled By May; Britistan Merkeled

Theresa May: Looks like Merkel, acts like Merkel, and now she merkels her
entire country over its clear expressed wishes to the contrary.
While we're on the subject of lexicon, let us note with a sad fulfillment of all our expectations that quisling PM May has merkeled the lands known as (formerly great) Britistan, as she and her merry band of despotic saboteurs torpedoed any chance of the Brexit legislation to actually, you know, be binding on the government.

(CALIPHATE OF BRITISTAN) Brexit is dead –  strangled at the weekend by Prime Minister Theresa May and her cabal of Remainer cronies.

It was a brilliant coup, masterfully conducted with a sadist’s attention to detail.All the ministers in the Cabinet were hauled up to Chequers, the Prime Minister’s country residence, where their phones were confiscated, as though they were naughty children. Then the stubbornly pro-Brexit ones who were rightly disgusted by the shaming sell-out deal May had cobbled together with her virulently Remainer civil servants were given the same choice Rommel was in 1944: cyanide pill or slow career death.

In celebration, perhaps the progtards and jihadis running that madhouse gaggle of idiots could simply celebrate a national holiday in the PM's honor, with red flags, hammer, and sickles, say just after midnight each April 30th? Maybe even name it after her too...?

Anyone with any sense ought to either overthrow that despotic government, or gather their goods and chattels, and flee it permanently, with all due haste.

We will cheer either exercise with equal glee.

If they could work out a deal with Canada, they ought to swap all of May's now-Deplorable untermenschen opposition with Canada's quebecois, and improve the IQ of both countries.

The prospect of Nigel Farage as PM of Canada, and the wholesale Anglicization of that country once and for all, while sending the francophone malcontents back to Britistan to deal with the ongoing jihad is a consummation devoutly to be wished, all around.

If instead the tattered loyalists were to rally around the monarchy and depose the parliament and hang the traitors (something England ought to do every few hundred years or so, just to clean the pipes), and then start slitting the invader's throats, we'd send lawyers, guns and money.

UPDATE: "Dr." Farage has given May's government two weeks to live.


James M Dakin said...

Note sure if we much of a leg to stand on, opening the borders to Other Colors near fifty years ago. Granted, it was a much more peaceful transfer of power but in the end...

T-Rav said...

I guess now that the UK government has showed the voters once and for all who's really in charge, they can get back to the really important stuff, like mocking Trump with a blimp, appointing a Minister of Climastrology, and refereeing turf wars between the various rape-gangs.

And to think, I really wanted to visit Britain back in the day.

Anonymous said...

Someone tell me again why we went to Europe in the 1940s?

AB.Prosper said...

And the moral of this story, do not turn your nation over to childless women.

Anonymous said...

Getting biblical, it's Isaiah 3:12
"As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of the paths.

The real men in Britian were killed off in WW1. What little remnants of their legacy that were saved by the remaining honorable women were destroyed in WW2. Since then it has been a nation of children and women with cuckholded men (no one to train them) as sperm donors. The women will view the Muslims as favorable to their toothless wankers. The SAS should set up breeding benches.

Shingas the Terrible said...

Then explain how Russia and China, Poland or Vietnam, who also lost whole generations in their millions from 1914 to 1945, didn’t fall into multicultural gynocentric ruin?

Grog said...

Let Tommy be in charge of the neck tie party over there, he's earned it.

Anonymous said...

Your examples are all post cleansing.

Every country listed considered themselves at one time to be in "gynocentric ruin" and chose marxism as the solution. Poland is a quaint diversion. Why didn't you use Hungary?

And/Or, maybe its just that no one wants to go to any of these places.

(Watch for the Vietnamese to clean out all the hated Indians who run the money scams behind the scenes for a how-to example.)

Anonymous said...

My daughter traveled to Switzerland and the UK extensively before she got married, and declared most of England to be "A Shithole" comparatively (I can hear the screams and whines now, and don't care). For her honeymoon, she chose Switzerland and avoided the UK entirely, even though we've got loads of family and friends there. She won't be going back to the UK either. Just as we avoid SF, we'll avoid England, and feel JUST fine about those decisions. They don't need our tourist dollars apparently, and Switzerland is always happy to accept them. :)