Monday, July 16, 2018

Go, Diversity

h/t WRSA

From TACB, as Eurostan goes under with barely a burble, a few thoughts on your future SAfricanization here in the US:
Marital rape is legal in the following countries: The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Brunei, Libya, Malawi, Bangladesh, Botswana, Haiti, Ethiopia, China, Iran, Lebanon, Laos, Ivory Coast, Kuwait, Zambia, Yemen, Uganda, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Tajikistan, Ghana, Indonesia, Jordan, Senegal, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Lesotho, Nigeria, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Oman, Myanmar, Morocco, Afghanistan, Algeria, Mongolia, Bahrain, Mali, India (where one-third of men have admitted to forcing their wives into intercourse), Tanzania, or Malaysia; though this isn’t relevant in some of the above nations, spousal rape is concurrent with sharia law, whereby a wife may not refuse her husband unless she is menstruating, in which case she is considered temporarily “impure.” Islamic doctrine also excuses domestic abuse. 
In Lebanon, Bahrain, Jordan, Iraq, Tunisia, Tajikistan, Uruguay, Malaysia, Peru, and the Philippines, rapists may be exonerated if they marry their victims. According to official statistics, migrants in Germany, primarily represented by Iranians, Syrians, Afghanis, Pakistanis, Algerians, and Moroccans, committed an average of nine sex crimes—a day.  
At less than 5% of the population, approximately half of all rapes in Germany are committed by migrants. Over half of all women in Papua New Guinea have been raped, two-thirds have been battered, and up to half of all underage girls are potentially at-risk for sex trafficking. Additionally, girls as young as twelve may be forced into marriage.  
But go on, tell us again how white males are the problem, Professor Grundy. 
And yet the feminists still decry the patriarchy while their sisters are dragged kicking and screaming into the No-Go Zones to be savagely raped and beaten, their families threatened, their nations in flames.


Demographics is destiny.
And that description above is the Diversity being imported here daily.

Deport all the illegals, either self-, or forcibly. The sooner you start, the sooner you finish.
Dreamers, schemers, faux-citizen anchor babies, the lot.
If mommy and daddy were illegal when you were born, so are you. If none of you is naturalized today, you all go. Don't understand the culture you belong to?
Things are tough all over. Get along now, and best wishes back in Shitholia.
If you don't like it, have a revolution there. We'll send you aid. There's no copyright on the US Constitution; anybody anywhere can adopt it.

That, and complete legal immigration moratorium here for 50 years or more.
Followed by a strict return to stringent controls via language, occupation, intelligence, and intent to assimilate.

Or,...cultural suicide.

Pick one.

(A very distant third choice, total dismantling of the welfare state, and allowing immigrants to properly starve to death or self-deport when they can't speak English, hold down a job that feeds them and keeps them off the streets, or stay out of prison, would be something to hope for, but not bloody likely, by which I mean it'd only be likely with bloodshed, global bankruptcy, or both. And you may well get all of the above. We simply cannot subsidize the whole world coming here, pumping out babies, watch them suck the welfare state teat dry, and then buy them a Coke afterwards. What cannot continue, won't.)

I'm not racist, except in favor of the human one; but I am anti-Vandal and anti-Visigoth.
If you love the Diversity of the world so much, move there yourself, and stop trying to import Trashcanistan and Shitholia here. If I wanted to live in a Turd-World sewer run by those with the manners of zoo animals and the IQ of house plants, that's what I'd do. There's 100+ countries like that to chose from right this minute, and the number is growing, not diminishing.

As it is, by dragging hordes of them here, it's just making more likely and earlier the date when there's a reckoning, followed by a national purge, one way or the other.
What's that going to look like?

"Think Bosnia times Rwanda." - Matt Bracken

Have a Monday.


AB.Prosper said...

Spousal rape was legal in the US until a very short time ago

. The criminalization of marital rape in the United States started in the mid-1970s and by 1993 marital rape became a crime in all 50 states, under at least one section of the sexual offense codes. During the 1990s, most states differentiated between the way marital rape and non-marital rape were treated. The laws have continued to change and evolve, with most states reforming their legislation in the 21st century, but differences remain in some states, in particular in South Carolina.

The reason for this is that marriage was assumed to have an open ended sexual consent component attached to it.

There are long standing historical reasons for this, good ones actually but that is another discussion.

That said I agree 100% in an immigration freeze and if we deport anyone with have a legal pretext to use this would also help,

Anonymous said...

The legislature deciding it should shrink the welfare-warfare state is not going to happen. Endless growth in social services without bankruptcy is not going to happen. Americans tolerating riots by the diversity, or Venezuelan starvation, is not going to happen. Which leaves the collapse to various-sized compounds of like-minded, some of them large, as what IS going to happen. We might anticipate one of those compounds will be called "Utah".

Used to be, unpopular tax collectors could be tarred and feathered and run out of town, and the revolutionaries would not lose their normal lives. No longer. This compresses the global reset into a faster, sharper shock with more overshoot. Overall, technology has a liberating and decentralizing effect. That means the technological singularity will drive towards maximum liberty. The cost and anonymity of putting homemade pistols on homemade drones keeps doing down. When the penalty for just getting along in life is increased past the penalty for revolution, swarms of flying monkeys will be sent against the oppressors. Invest now in drones big enough to carry IMAX cameras, the live action is going to be spectacular when the political dam breaks.