Monday, July 23, 2018

It's Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature

h/t Kenny

Public Psychosis Department:

(Diversity Navy via WaPoo) A biological female who transitioned to become a male is experiencing the other side of the gender coin, and is being accused of committing what feminists allege are male behavior sins.
“I was an outspoken radical feminist,” before transitioning, 52-year-old San Diego resident Zander Keig told The Washington Post Friday.
Keig now works as a clinical social work case manager at San Diego’s Naval Medical Center. She started transitioning in 2005.
She told WaPo that she was encouraged to speak up loudly and often when she was a woman, but now that she looks like and identifies as a man, she gets accused of “mansplaining,” “taking up too much space” or “asserting my white male heterosexual privilege,” by outspoken feminists like her former self.

Sorry Snowflakes: It doesn't matter if you take buckets full of hormones, or even have a surgeon do an addadicktomy, you're never going to "transition" to being a man. She's a male like Rachel Dolezal is black, or Elizabeth Warren is Indian: it's merely a form of untreated psychosis.

"Hello, Cultural Appropriation Police? I'd like to report a crime..."

It's a free country; you can even deny reality.
You just don't get to avoid the consequences of denying reality. Which, in this case, is her feminazi friends not liking her, because her denial cuts into their fantasies, and steps on their toes.

The question of her sex was settled for this loudmouthed whackjob 53 years ago, in the womb.

That reality is harsh, but it's always fair. She can claim any one of 57 genders she wants, but she doesn't get to lay off her personality disorders and rampant psychosis on the one thing she knows nothing about, firsthand: the male sex.

So even though she doesn't really have one, she's just guilty of being a dick.

And now she's finding out the hard way it's also not nice to try to fool Mother Nature.

Somebody should tell her to transition back: loudmouth pushy androgynous women are about as rare as white on rice, in most cities, especially in 'Dago. Even more so on board a Navy base. She'll fit in just fine there. If it makes her feel better, she can even still dress like a grown-up tomboy, and no one will care.

They'll just have to deal with the reality that she's really just an ugly overbearing butch lesbian, rather than a dude, and she'll have to take responsibility for her own actions, instead of trying to blame her attempted adopted gender.


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