Tuesday, July 3, 2018

4th of July : 242 And Counting

Tomorrow's a holiday, boys and girls, which is a contraction of "holy day", and this one is about as close to being sacred as civic religion permits.

If you're reading this in the United States of America, you live in the bar-none freest country on the planet, ever, in recorded human history. No mealy-mouthing or weasel words, and if you didn't know that, even as bad as things have sometimes gotten, take a wander to any port of entry, or Key West, and ask Bill Whittle's perennial question:

"Which way are the rafts headed?"

Tomorrow being the anniversary of its founding, turn your damned computers off, and go celebrate it in your own way, ideally with family and like-minded friends.

Barring any major catastrophes, the world's usual sh*t can wait until Thursday to be shoveled. The Leftardian hordes seem to be so stunned, gob-smacked, cod-walloped, and shell-shocked from the last couple of weeks' progress they haven't gotten up to much worth ridiculing anyways. At any rate, nothing that can't wait until another day.

So go, relax, recreate, and otherwise celebrate the day with both the silliness and solemnity the occasion demands.


The Gray Man said...

The wife and kids and I are going to the parents' house for a cookout and swim in the pool, followed by heading home for shooting guns in the yard for a bit, then on to the local festivities (food, music, fireworks) in my rural town (pop. 400 or so). Should be a good day. I'll be on the lookout for any AntiFa fucks, but they've had a nearly non-existent presence in my neck of the woods pretty much since they invented themselves.

The Gray Man said...

Oh, and I'll be carrying an extra magazine. Not because I expect to need it, but because I CAN!

Badger said...

Enjoy as well sir. Folks should read that (relatively short) wonderfully written document, penned as it was with the shooting already going on for some time. Family close - remind them why (or tell the little ones, they won't get it in school).

Anonymous said...

Freiheit uber Alles!!
Free people are armed - armed people are free.
Better to perish in the struggle against tyranny than survive to see defeat.

Historian said...

Shot. And hit what I shot at.

Taught. Friends and family.


Ate. Did not need dinner.


Most importantly, everyone present read the Declaration, and discussed the meaning thereof.